A/N: Ok, here it is. This my first attempt at fan fiction. Hope you enjoy.


It was a beautiful spring day in Chicago, not a cloud in sight, a little windy, but that was to be expected. Our family church was decorated in various shades of pink and white. I had to admit, this was fabulous. Well done, me. It was truly breathtaking. Rose and I were in lovely pink strapless gowns and four inch heels. Standing tall at 5'2", I was always at my best, except for today.

The knot in my stomach was refusing to let up.

Putting on a smile, I slowly walked the aisle behind Rose. My nerves were getting the best of me, and I couldn't figure out why. Discreetly, I glanced around the church to see if anything was out of place. Flowers? Check. Priest? Check. Wedding party? Check. Groom? Check. Bride? I had just left her, so unless she was sprinting towards the back door…check. Rings? Oh my God, did I have the ring? Yes, there it was…around my thumb. Check.

Maybe it was because it was my little brother. I was always too protective over him. That had to be it. Everything else was immaculate. I began to stare at him as I finished my stroll down the aisle. He seemed calm…too calm. He should be a bundle of nerves, right? I was, Jasper was, and we were/are madly in love. This just seemed to be like any other day to him.

I took my place beside Rose and turned to see the lucky girl. She was indeed lucky. I never thought their relationship would make it this far. Edward was lonely, that much was obvious. It was only natural he'd want to find someone to share his life with. I'm sure the fact that Emmett and I were both married off in the past two years, didn't help him. He was left alone in the house we grew up in with our parents. He was ready to get out, settle down, and start his new life. Or at least, he thinks he's ready.

The wedding march began and everyone rose from their seats as the bride was revealed. She was beautiful. The only comment I had for her. It's not that I didn't like her, it's just beauty was all she brought to the table. I had no idea if the happy couple had anything in common at all. They had only known each other for a couple of months.

She was all smiles as she floated down the aisle on the arm of her father. The bride and Edward joined hands and stepped forward to the priest. Meanwhile, I began deep breathing to release the knot. If I had to deal with this uncomfortable feeling for the duration of a Catholic wedding, I was going to be in for a long couple of hours. Why was this happening?

While the priest began, I stole a glance at my husband. Our eyes met and I immediately felt better. Jasper always had a way of calming me. The knot was still there, and became painful when the priest announced: "Speak now or forever hold your peace." Should I speak? No. I couldn't do that to Edward. He would never forgive me. I went back to staring at Jasper, continuing to get lost in his fabulous blue eyes, and allowing his calming influence to wash my nervousness away.

"Alice." I heard a whisper in the distance. I shook myself from my connection with Jasper to find Tanya staring at me. "I need the ring."

"Oh! Yes, of course," I handed her the ring that had been on my thumb and vaguely heard her vows to my brother. The knot was not having that. It had returned with a vengeance. Had he already exchanged his vows? Yes, Tanya had her ring on already. I was beginning to get sick. Just a few minutes more to hang on. I glanced at Jasper again, only this time it was having no effect. Panic began to rise through me.

"Are you okay?" Rose whispered in my ear. She placed her hand on the small of my back to steady me. I wasn't aware I was losing my balance, but was instantly grateful for the support. I shook my head slightly, so as to not draw too much attention.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Edward and Tanya both smiled and kissed gently. It was over. Nothing went wrong. I should feel better now. But it was oh so much worse.

"I'm going to be sick," I whispered to Rose urgently. She said nothing, but grabbed my hand leading me to the side exit quickly. I heard people gasping at our actions and I was sure Tanya would be pissed that her wedding party just bolted from the wedding. I couldn't think of that now, only finding the nearest trash can.

"Alice, what's wrong?" Rose asked just as the contents of my stomach unceremoniously hit the trash can. I gripped the can for dear life. I was sweating …I never sweat.

"I don't know," I gasped, "but something is terribly wrong."