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Warning: Spoilers for volume 14. Takes place two years since Fuuto met Mayu for the first time.

Summary: Fuuto goes to Darashaal with Mayu, Ranga, Madeline and the Star Beasts in order to rescue Atisha from the mad spirit of Mahadi and Naga.

"Let's go...to Darashaal."

"To 'the edge of the World'!"

Fuuto took a deep breath, looking up at the great doors of the throne room; the last barrier to the last confrontation. Inside, the other part of his soul, Atisha, was waiting for him and Mayu. However, as he had seen on the broadcast, Atisha was currently possessed by the forty-fourth Darashaal Priest-king who should have ceased to exist, Mahatiba. Naaga, the powerful Guardian Beast and Garuda's rival, was the mastermind. He wanted to release the demonic powers long sealed within the soul of the Priest-king and control the world.

Fuuto was not worried though. He had allies by his side, the fourteenth Darashaal Priest-king, the young girl Ranga; and the priestess of the twenty-sixth Priest-king, the warrior woman Madeline. There were his Guardian Beasts by his side. There was Mayu, his priestess. No...his and Atisha's. He couldn't forget - him and Atisha were fragments of the same soul. And they came here to save Atisha.

The group was walking down the halls of Darashaal.

"It's so quiet..Where have all the followers and servants gone to?" Matirin murmured.

"The power of us star beasts are deteriorating." Garuda said quietly. Oukou, Hanuman and Genrou had sombre expressions upon their faces. Souki and Hakuyou-kou were equally grave.

Fuuto was quiet, as he prepared himself for the inevitable confrontation. He remembered Atisha's distorted face as Mahadiba, the spirit of the 44th Priest-king, made his demands through him.

Fuuto threw open the great doors to the throne room. He then returned to Mayu's wheelchair and pushed it into the dark room. Madeline and Ranga walked by either of his sides. Ranga frowned slightly. This Darashaal felt so different from the one she had lived in for many years. Instead of being filled with light and the hustle-bustle of followers, the room was dim.

The only people were at the center of the room, near the huge old throne which had stood there through the ages. The possessed Atisha was sitting upon the throne. The various Star beasts under Naga such as Lamia were there as well. Naga himself was right by his side.

Fuuto withdrew his hands from the wheelchair and clenched his fists. "Atisha...I, no, we have come to save you."

A/N: Somewhat of a continuation from volume 14...

Some Character profiles from volume 14:


Kamishina Fuuto.

Age 16.

Meiou Academy High School Division 1st year.

Two years ago, a bird monster Garuda told him that he was the 42nd Priest-king(hou-ou) of a small country in Central Asia, Darashaal. Since then, he has gone through various unbelievable experiences....


Mahadiba Shurikta

The 44th Priest-king born around 45 years after Fuuto's time. He manifested a huge amount of power, however he is not able to control himself. Went into a rampage seeking his older brother.


Amitaba Shurikta

Mahadi's older twin brother and also the priest of the Priest-King. In order to stop the destruction of the world by his younger brother's rampage, he changed history. In the process, he erased himself from existence.