Street lights. Lots of them. Standing in two rows. Either side of the street. They're shining down cones of light onto the pavement. Lighting up the path with intermittent gaps between. I'm walking this time; my arm looped through Harry's one and holding his hand. We'd decided to get out of the house again. This time to a restaurant Harry got a reservation for.

I don't think either of us could have put up with much more Molly bitching before one of us killed her. It was probably going to be me, since that was where her ranting was aimed, but Harry seemed to be getting more fed up as well.

I'd woken up next to Harry when the first sunlight made its way through the window. It was a wonderful feeling, our bodies together I had to share it with him. I woke him with a kiss and we made love long into the morning.

It's peaceful now. There's less cars on the roads and the last settlings of warmth are still in the air from before the sun went down. It's only a short walk though and we arrive at the restaurant quickly. We sit opposite each other near a large window that over looks a large park area.

By the time our desert arrives, I'm sitting on his lap. The restaurant is almost empty now as he feeds me the last spoonful of his ice cream. I dip my finger in the melted remains and dab it on his nose. He does the same before kissing it off. I can see him smile and know he's expecting me to do the same. I don't think I will for the moment.

He realizes I'm not going to and pokes me gently in my sides. He continues his tickling until I comply and lick the ice cream off, still laughing as he flicks more melted ice cream at me.

We're the last to leave the restaurant in the end and I'm sure I have ice cream in my hair right now. We're about half way home and several cracks sound around us. We both know what it is. I reach for my wand. But feel my body freeze up. The familiar runny egg feeling of a disillusionment charm runs over me. I realize that Harry cast both. Using the time the new arrivals take to adjust in order to hide me from harm. I fall over into a hedge.

I'm going to kill that bloody noble prat!

"Potter!" I can see from here that there is at least ten of them. They're Death Eaters. Which means the next line will be obvious. "You'll pay for killing our Lord."

"Draco? So nice to see you." he sounds confident so I will try to be too. My confidence fades fast as the night is lit with spells. I look to where Harry was only to see him gone, he's moved behind two. He makes quick work of them with a wide arc cutting hex then moves again as more spell fire follows him. I can't see him now and try with all my might to remove the full body bind. Harry jumps across my vision. Spells trailing continuously from his wand. He can fight.

He can fight well!

Numbers are still on the Death Eaters side and I see him get hit with a blasting curse to the chest. I try to cry out for the first time only to realize I'm silenced too. He's slower now and I can feel tears of fear forming in my eyes. More spells and screams. I see him get hit once more before I can't see anyone. Only traded spells.

It stops.


Oh god, no.


He's alive? He is! He's crawling over to me now. Oh god, he's hurt bad. He releases the spells on me and I dive off the ground immediately; my muscles already coiled to do so.

"Harry!" I hold his shoulders still and lay him facing upwards in my lap. I'm starting to babble incoherent words and expletives as I put pressure on the large wound in his chest. I realize quickly that I'm still a witch and pull out my wand. I use all the healing spells I know and curse myself for not knowing more. He can't die. He can't!

Some of the wound is healed but I know this is more than just a flesh wound. I repeat the spells and send up a few flares in desperation. I feel his hand suddenly cup my cheek and force myself to look into his face for the first time since the fight. He's smiling at me but I can see the pain hidden in his eyes.

Noble prat! Why didn't he let me fight?

"I couldn't bear to let you get hurt, Tonks." My throat catches as he answers the question that I must have projected on my face. Tears are falling down my face as I look into his hurting eyes. Hurt I can't stop.

I feel so useless

"I couldn't keep my promise. Tonks. I'm sorry." He takes a deep breath. "I'll wait for you on the other side. After your long, full, life. I'll be waiting." His eyes dim along with the colour and feeling. My body is numb as I watch his last breath slip away.

I don't hear help come at last. Don't see them run towards me. Don't feel them carry me away, wrap me in a towel. Don't taste the hot chocolate as it scalds my frozen tongue. Everywhere is moving. The house is busy. No one notices me slip away. No one except a pair of old brown eyes.


Dangling legs. Mine. Bare from the knee down. High heeled shoe. One has gone missing. The ground beneath me. Four stories away. So little distance, from here. The tramp has left. Moved on. The street lights seem dimmer now he's gone. One is broken. The garbage has been moved.

"Tonks?" I look over my shoulder and smile sadly when I see Remus five metres away. "How are you feeling?" I wipe the tears from my eyes as I smile at him reassuringly.

"I'm fine." Part of, knowing what is to come, thinks this is the truth. Remus doesn't. He looks at me unconvinced. "We met here." I feel the need to talk; to explain my future actions. "Almost forty eight hours ago, now. He told me he loved me. I loved him back."

He looks worried. I think he might know what I'm planning.

"It's been like a dream, these past two days." I stop; nothing left I can describe properly. He takes a hesitant step forward and I swing myself around to face him.

"Tonks, are you sure you're…?"

"I'm fine, Remus." I tell him again. "After all. He said he'd wait." I pull my feet up, straight, and tip my head back. I hear the wind rushing past my ears. I see the upside down horizon. I hear Remus call my name and I look up to see him just a second to late to catch me. I smile as I feel the ground approach from behind.


Strong arms catch my fall and I know I'm safe now.

He's here.

And he'll never leave me again.


And I'm rather sad now. The melancholy type of sad. Happy sad. That's it.


This is the end of my first person project and I really am happy with the way it went. I hope you like it and aren't going to send me letter bombs for some reason.

Signing off,