Chapter 1: The lantern in the back yard.

Their battle had waged for many hours and both combatants were exhausted but the yellow clad ninja warrior had taken too much of a beating and simply stood where he was, bloody and bruised, his clothing torn where he had been hit, sliced, and tossed. The green clad warrior was in even worse condition. His clothing was more torn and bloody than the yellow clad ninja, the green and white symbol on his uniform was torn off completely, exposing the torn flesh beneath.

As the yellow clad ninja stood there swaying and the green clad warrior stared at him, a deep booming voice cried out: "FINISH HIM". As if driven by the voices words, the green clad warrior walked toward the yellow clad ninja, grabbed him by the collar, threw him into the air, then from the ring on his finger a hammer materialized, and smashed the ninja over the head and into the ground like a nail until he was buried in the ground up to his head. Then the booming voice cried out: "HEROIC BRUTALITY. GREEN LANTERN WINS".

"And I win again Charlie.", said the young man who had been playing as Green Lantern set down his controller, opened a two liter bottle of coca-cola, and took a long draught. Charlie, the young man who was controlling the yellow clad ninja, tossed his controller onto the couch next to him and opened his two liter of soda and took a drink. "How do you keep killing me Larry?", asked Charlie as Larry continued to drink from his two liter. Ten minutes later, Larry finally took the empty bottle away from his lips, took a much needed deep breath, and tossed the empty bottle in the trash can next to him. "Because the Green Lantern's awesome.", said Larry picking up his controller and taking them back to the character select menu.

"He's not that great.", said Charlie selecting Kano while Larry adjusted the Green Lantern ring he had purchased from an online store that sold stuff from the eighties and selected Green Lantern again. "It's a good thing my parents are gone for the weekend or we'd be in trouble.", said Larry. "Yeah this is getting intense.", said Charlie. "That, and the volume on the TV is turned way up.", said Larry. The screen darkened and re-lighted with the two combatants standing on the volcanic battlefield. "Ready?", asked Larry as the characters went through their before battle animations. The booming voice yelled "FIGHT!!". But before the two teens could start their fight there was a loud crash outside and a loud cracking sound. "What the fuck was that?", yelled both teens looking in the direction of the sound.

Larry cautiously pulled aside the blinds and stepped away. There were hundreds of spider web cracks in the double sheeted glass. "Holy shit", said Charlie and Larry at the same time. Charlie moved forward and extended his hand as if to touch the glass, but Larry caught his arm. "What are you retarded? Don't touch it with your hand.", said Larry jerking Charlie's arm back. Walking over to an old cabinet, he grabbed a weight lifting bar that he had gotten from his brother as a birthday gift. Hefting the bar in his left hand, he brought it over and tapped it against the glass, which shattered and fell to the floor. Putting their shoes on, the two teens walked cautiously outside toward the glowing green object. "Whoa.", said Larry astonished. Sitting in a crater three feet deep was a small, glowing green lantern. "You gotta be shitting me.", said Larry

As the two approached the lantern it's glow faded until, a few seconds later, it went out completely. "Weird.", said Charlie as he reached for the handle of the lantern. But before his fingers could even curl around the handle, it reignited and from within the lantern a small voice emanated. "Two likeliest replacements found. Transporting candidates back to Oa for screening.", said the voice from the lantern as it's glow grew blindingly bright, causing both teens to shield their eyes. A green bubble formed around them, then shrank into nothing, the glow faded, and the two teens were gone.

First chapter is done. I think I'm gonna have fun with this one. And I am using my real name and the name of one of my friends for this fic.

"Kazdan Paratus is much more powerful than you. I do not expect you to survive. But if you do, you will be one step closer to your destiny"- Darth Vader giving Starkiller information on his next target.