Here it is ladies and gentleman. Another chapter of Yellow, Green, and the friends in between. Thanks to all who supported me in the wake of my friends death. It means a lot. Anyway, here be the next chapter.

Chapter 4: Aftermath

The great hall in the Green Lantern Academy was deathly quiet as the Guardians of the Universe sealed the capsules emblazoned with the Green Lantern Corps symbol. "And so we commit our fallen comrades to the depths of space.", Althen said. The capsules were then launched into space. Larry stood stock still, saluting his fallen brothers in arms. "This will conclude the memorial ceremony.", Althen declared. The saluting members of the Green Lantern Corps. lowered their salutes and began to clear out of the great hall. Larry began to follow when Guy tapped him on the shoulder. "The Council wants to talk to you. Follow me.", he said, strolling down the corridor followed by Larry, traveling into the center of Oa. After walking for what felt like hours with only a short exchange between the two ("There a reason we're walking and not flying?" "I like making things difficult." "Ah") they reached a set of enormous double doors, the Green Lantern crest adorning it. Guy bowed mockingly. "Right through the doors sir.", he said with a phony British accent.

"Very funny Gardner.", Larry said, ruffling Guy's hair. "I'm only gonna let that go 'cause this is important.", said Guy as the doors opened and Larry walked in. The room was completely dark. Before Larry's eyes could adjust the area around him lit up, revealing the Guardians of the Universe, the space under them illuminated by a bright green light. "Lawrence Soper. You have proven yourself to be strong of heart, quick of mind, and, above all else, without fear.", one said. "Your abilities on the battlefield were tested when you faced Sinestro and his forces.", said another. "Based upon this assessment of your abilities we have decided to forgo your training, and welcome you into the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps.", Althen said. The guardians lifted their arms, and a ball of green light materialized above Larry. The light faded, revealing a Green Lantern Power Battery and Ring. Larry grasped the ring, sliding onto the middle finger of his left hand and gripping the Battery by the handle.

"Now recite The Oath.", Althen said. And once again, Larry recited the best known poem in the universe:

In brightest day, in blackest night

No evil shall escape my sight,

Let those who worship evil's might,

Beware my power--

Green Lanterns light!

In a flash of light the ring activated. When it faded, Larry was wearing his own interpretation of a Green Lantern uniform. A pair of green Converse sneakers adorned his feet while black jeans covered his lower half. He wore a black t-shirt with the Green Lantern symbol emblazoned on the front, overtop of this he wore a green overcoat. On his head were a pair of wraparound sunglasses that covered his eyes while a green headband covered the top of his head. He bowed to the Guardians. "Thank you for this honor.", he said. "You are most welcome. Our only regret is that Charles could not be here or we would have promoted both of you.", Althen said. Larry nodded. "You are dismissed Lantern Soper." The lead Guardian said. Larry bowed again and left the room, his coat swaying behind him.

"Looking snazzy kid. Looks like you're official.", said Gardner, looking over Larry's new clothes. His sunglasses faded to nothingness as he walked. "Let's get some food, I'm starving.", said Larry. They made quick time to the cafeteria, taking a table. Guy ordered breakfast while Larry ordered dinner. Larry ordered two fried chicken breasts with carrots and broccoli (He'd been trying to balance is diet so he could lose weight) while Gardner ordered an all American breakfast (poached eggs, bacon, sausages, and toast. the chef made sure he got Gardner's order right.) Their meal consumed, the two wandered the corridors until they came to a room with large pads on the floor. "Kid. You did good. I've tangled with Sin before and they don't come much tougher, except for that Deathstroke guy. But it's time to send you home.", Gardner said. Larry stared at him. "What for?", he asked. "Shore leave kid.", Gardner explained, "After everything you been through, I made sure the Guardians gave you some time to take it all in.", Guy finished, pressing a few buttons on a panel near the pads.

Larry sighed, his exhaustion clear. "That might actually be a good idea. Thanks.", he said. Gardner smiled. "I'll drop by your place in a couple of months. Then we'll take you out on a few missions, get your feet wet.", Guy said. "Sounds fun.", said Larry. Four rings of green light enveloped him, followed by a flash of light. When it faded, Larry was gone.


Charlie groaned, his head throbbing and his chest feeling like someone dropped an anvil on it. He opened his eye's and came face to face with a savage looking monster of a being. He screamed, rolling to his feet and taking off. He made it less than ten steps before and arm reached out and grabbed him. He tried to struggle, but soon realized there were figures surrounding him, all wearing the same uniform, the uniform of the Sinestro Corps. "I see you've met our drill sergeant Arkillo.", a voice behind him said. He turned around and holding him in a yellow vice, was Sinestro. "Let me go.", Charlie said. The vice re-formed into a chair that strapped Charlie to it. "For what? So you can go back to the rules and regulations of the Green Lantern Corps.?", said Sinestro floating closer to Charlie.

"No. So I can get back to my brother.", Charlie said. Sinestro chuckled. "You mean the friend that, along with those little blue freaks, tells you how to use the power you've been given?", he asked. Charlie looked away. "He knows more about it than I do.", he said reluctantly. "True. But it was power that was given to you. Who was he to tell you how to use it?", Sinestro asked him. Charlie looked him dead in the eye. "He knows what's right. He knows the difference between right and wrong.", he said. " It's not up to him though. It is your power. You are the one who decides what the right thing to do is.", Sinestro said. He held out his hand and opened it. Hovering above his palm, suspended in a yellow aura, was a yellow power ring. "Join me. And you can use your power however you wish. I have only one condition. Obey me, as a subordinate obeys a commanding officer.", Sinestro practically whispered. One of the straps holding Charlie's arm in place loosened enough for Charlie to move his arm.

He stared at the ring, his expression stoic. Finally, after ten minutes, he picked up the ring. Sinestro smiled, and the chair holding Charlie dissolved. Charlie slipped the yellow ring onto his right middle finger. "Charles Schertle. You have the capacity to spread great Fear. Recite the oath of my Corps. And you can spread fear across the galaxy.", Sinestro said. Charlie raised the hand the ring was on, and spoke:

In blackest day, in brightest night,

Beware your fears made into light

Let those who try to stop what's right,

Burn like my power--

Sinestro's might!

In a flash of yellow light his ring activated. When it faded, Charlie was wearing a Sinestro Corps uniform. "What do I have to do?", he asked the purple alien. Sinestro smiled.


A blast of green light filled the basement of house number 10. When it faded Larry looked around. The glass in his back door was fixed. The crater caused by the lantern crashing in the back yard, gone. He looked at his TV, it was still on, the screen darkened from the Xbox 360 sitting idle for too long, the characters from his and Charlie's Mortal Kombat vs. DC universe still standing ready for battle. Larry killed the power on the 360 and laid down to sleep.

"You know what my father was? A WHEEL! The FIRST wheel! And do you know what he transformed into? NOTHING! But he did so with honor"-- Jetfire from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. I've seen the movie three times and if you haven't seen it at least once GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW!!! I"M NOT KIDDING GO!!!