It's always interesting to take the walk in the walls of insane asylum. Every 5-15 years I make a list and go on the tour. Looking for those who were trapped in their bodies because of gifts no human can survive. You see on every thousand patients you can find one with gift that didn't broke them, yet.

Sometimes their abilities are dormant and they continue with life without any knowledge about it. Other isn't so lucky when they talent begin to awake there is 1000 to 1 possibilities that it won't kill them immediately or destroyed their minds.

But I look for those who are hiding within themselves. That what happen to that little girl, Alice. She was ensnared within her own mind, feeling something and not knowing what it will be.

Here I came because of the rumors from some medics about sleeping boy. It's rather ironic and I start to feel like some bloody Prince from fairy-tales who wake up sleeping beauties only sweet kisses was substituted for venomous bites.

Ah, this is his ward. The room has only one bed, with sleeping teenager boy curling in himself like a small kitten and old table with round spots from cups or vases.

His wavy black hair was hanging from the bed. Well, he had been staying here for 6 years and doctors didn't care about how long it gets. I don't think he will change very much his skin is so white it almost unnatural for human. He is rather petite also and he won't have a chance to build some muscles.

It's time to begin.

I touched his face and enter his mind.

I don't have ability to read the mind, but I could see all that happened to the one's I touched. This experience is not the same as when someone watched TV, no I sense all what they feel, I become them. Oh, I can turn them without this, but with my first gifted was some problems. He couldn't live normal so with my second I manipulate his memory. They couldn't remember anything from their life, but main events that build their characters was the same.

I'm manipulator and know perfect that you just can't create entirely new persona. I know, I did this mistake in the past. And it was necessary to fix/destroy what I made.

My little gifted have some of the most fantastic dreams I saw. Magic, dead parents, Chosen One. It seems that he build this world on his mother night tales.

In his childhood memories his gift wakes up for the first time. At first his mother was very worried and a year or so she bring him to every possible hospital, however doctors couldn't help him and little one with every day became more and more withdraw from their life. Lily and James Potter was very young couple they loved each other dearly but didn't want all their life spent with ill child.

Harry lived in this hospital for 8 years now. It seems that his mind couldn't accept betrayal of his parents, so in his dream word they died protecting him.

From what I have seen and felt, he has a powerful gift. Also I don't think that he could turn table in the pig. It is rather similar to mine. Where I can manipulate something (his mind), he could inject his power in something and make it in his puppets.

I let go of him and took his file, which was stolen earlier. Last visit from his parents was 4 years. They have two more children each was under close observation, but it was decided that they don't have this mental illness of the oldest child.

I left the file on the table; it contains all information about him and his family. I don't do something like that but he will find about them anyway. And it will be better in the long run. He must decide himself what to do about it.

- Welcome to the word, my 6 gifted, - I softly whisper in his ear and sink my teeth into the neck satisfying my hunger for that sweet scent.


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I know that Alice was turn by vampire who worked in asylum in order to protect her from James. But this is AU.

I don't know what pairings will be, but Edward will be with Bella, doesn't mean that I like her.

There are some thoughts about Alice/Jasper/Harry or Harry/ and some male from Volturi.