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I walk back to dusk manor. Hands full with master Lucifer's next prey. Just like always master Lucifer sent me, his favorite witch to get his next human, but only because I can read their mind. See master Lucifer dosen't like to get humans himself, and he wouldn't trust me if I wasn't extremely weak.

I drop my master's prey the instant I know she has to do with Luke. He doesn't like it when he has to deal with other vampires. However, it would probably be better for the girl if I did. I can't help but remember the time when I was Lucifer's.

"Zara!" Lucifer yelled at me. "You're lateā€¦ again" "I-I'm sorry, but" I said as I grapple for excuses. "No buts" he said interrupting me as he backed me into a corner. "For this you'll pay" he almost whispered. He was in a bad mood that day.

I shouldn't get lost in my memories, they're too painful. I walk back to dusk manor, Luke will just have to do with my blood instead.