For Better or Worst


Naruto looked up from his place on the couch as his boyfriend entered their apartment, he smiled, Sasuke was carrying dinner in, of course it was Ramen, Naruto closed his computer and put it up on the table.

"Is that Miso Ramen?" Naruto asked taking a whiff

"You should know, you ordered it dope." Sasuke said sitting down next to his boyfriend.

"Don't call me a dope, teme" Naruto said with a cute pout, which cause Sasuke to turn his head fast in order to prevent a massive nose bleed.

"Eat up" Sasuke order

"What about you?" Naruto asked

"I don't eat ramen, we've been over this, dope." Sasuke said

"STOP CALLING ME THAT" Naruto shouted

"QUIET IN THERE BOYS" the next door neighbor yelled

"Sorry Mrs. Anko" Naruto said

"Bitch" Sasuke whispered

"She's really a nice lady" Naruto said

"Hn" Sasuke said

"So what was this secret you had for me?" Naruto asked in between bites

"Ah, now I remember, next week my family is having a family trip to Vegas, and my parents said I could bring someone, I want to bring you, seeing how you have off of school. Right?" Sasuke asked

"Of course, teme" Naruto said, "Who all will be there?"

"My brother, Itachi, and my parents. If I have to deal with them alone I will go crazy" Sasuke replied

"Ok, I don't think I got anything planed." Naruto said

"Sure you don't. I mean what could be better then spending a whole week in Vegas with your boyfriend? Baka" Sasuke questioned

"Don't call me that, and it's not just my boyfriend but my boyfriend's family as well. Maybe I have other plans, I mean Gaara-nii could call saying he wants to spend time." Naruto replied playfully, watching the look of jealousy cross Sasuke's face.

"If you want to spend the week with him instead of me, I can't help but feel sorry for you seeing how my guest and I have a privet suite." Sasuke said

"With room service?" Naruto asked hopefully

"Of course, Baka, my family is in a five star hotel." Sasuke said

"Stop calling me that" Naruto snapped "I guess I could come with, I mean I would have to call all my other boyfriends and tell them I won't be able to have them over seeing how I won't be home."

"Other boyfriends? NARUTO!" Sasuke snapped

"Just joking teme" Naruto replied

"Don't call me that" Sasuke snapped

Naruto put the empty ramen dish down, he looked up at Sasuke and said "Sasuke, I'm hungry"

"How can you still be hungry, you ate your order and mine." Sasuke said

"No, Sasuke listen to me, I'm hungry" Naruto said with the emphases on I'm hungry.

Sasuke looked up at his blond boyfriend, and noticed the look on Naruto's face, with an pervertive gleam in his eye, he leaned into his blond boyfriend's lips capturing them in a passionate kiss, tongues fighting for dominance while Sasuke pushed Naruto back against the couch. Naruto slipped his fingers in to the jelled down hair of the young Uchiha, tugging slightly at the skull, causing the older man to groan into the kiss. Sasuke pulled away for only a moment to remove Naruto's loud orange shirt, and his button down shirt. Naruto leaned up and took a pale pink nipple in his mouth, swirling his very talented tongue around the hardening nipple. Sasuke gasped as his lover continued his torture of Sasuke's body.

"Nar…Naruto" Sasuke gasped

"Yes teme?" Naruto asked flicking his tongue over the harden nub, as he ran a gentle palm down the front of Sasuke's body, dipping into the front of the pants, wrapping his hand around Sasuke's silky smooth hard length.

"God Nar……Naruto" Sasuke moaned

"Want something?" Naruto asked, running his thumb over the tip of Sasuke's cock.

Sasuke bit his lower lip, and nodded.

"You have to tell me what you want, or I can't help you" Naruto said playfully

"I want….*pant* you …..*pant* to suck me *moan*" Sasuke replied

"No" Naruto said removing his hand

"No?" Sasuke asked

"Nope, you don't want me to do that." Naruto said

"Why not?" Sasuke asked breathlessly

"Simple, you want to shove your huge cock in me, and I want to ride it." Naruto said

"Your right" Sasuke said lifting the blond and carried him into their bedroom.

*~* Time Skip: A couple hours later *~*

Sasuke climbed out of bed, careful not to wake the sleeping blond, he found his boxers in the dark, and slipped into the kitchen, not only was he hungry he had to call his mother.

"Hi mom" Sasuke said

"Oh Sasuke, how are you dear?" she questioned

"Good, Naruto said he would love to come to Vegas" Sasuke said

"Why didn't you invite someone you're seeing instead of your roommate?" she asked

Sasuke barely kept the sigh from his mouth, the one thing the Uchiha boys kept from their mother was both of her babies were in fact very gay, they like the female species of the world by they preferred the male gender more.

"Because mom, I haven't met anyone I could spending the rest of my life with." Sasuke lied

"Oh we'll just have to keep looking, oh I invited the pink-haired girl from down the road with us, she says she could make it.

"That's great mom, look I'm going to go, I was getting ready for bed. Night" Sasuke said and hung up the phone, not even to bother listen to his mother about the next door neighbor, he shuddered Sakura Haruno, was the most ugly woman in the world, between her and her best friend Ino, his life as a child was hell, everyday they would want to play house and he couldn't stand it.

While Sasuke was talking with his mom, Naruto crept quietly into their room, and curled up under covers, he couldn't believe Sasuke hadn't told his mother they were lovers, it had been almost 4 years since they started dating, and yet he had only met Sasuke's parents a roommate, not the man that shared the bed of their youngest son.