Chapter One

The Orphan

At the Kurosaki Clinic, life was at its normal dragging pace, at the present moment Isshin Kurosaki and his daughters were tending to a room, getting ready for the patient they were suppose to be receiving anytime now. A patient Isshin had decided was best retrieved by his son Ichigo Kurosaki.

"Where is he?!" Isshin demanded looking at his watch. "I thought I told him to be back here by three!""Here he comes!" Yuzu pointed out leaning out the door.

"Quickly!" Isshin ordered turning to Yuzu and Karin. "Do your father a favor and change into these cute little-"

"PERVERT!" Karin growled slapping the nurse outfits out of her father's hands.

"You're so~ mean to me Karin!" Isshin sobbed.

"Why do you have to act like this?!" Karin demanded stomping on her Dad's back, which he had left exposed in his dramatic ways.

Isshin covered his head to the assault, in the background Yuzu held her hand up to her mouth and tried to mutter an ending, but it was no use. While Karin continued to pound on their father, Ichigo entered with a young, spiky, white haired boy behind him. The boy looked curiously at Karin then at the house around them. Rolling his eyes Ichigo cracked his knuckles and dove into the middle of the mess.

After breaking it up Ichigo called everyone's attention to the male that had come with him. Instantly Karin's attention became transfixed by the boy's strange sea-green eyes. Studying him she realized he was just a bit taller than her, but also small compared to the other boys Karin seen Ichigo hanging out with. There was just one major difference between the boys Ichigo hung out with and this one, this one was far more attractive than any of her brother's friends.

"This is Hitsugaya Toushirou" Ichigo said looking down at the file in his hand. "They're not entirely sure of his age or any other background information. The reason they sent him to us is because he has no memories and basically is a kid learning everything all over again. Although, subconsciously he can read and talk, though he doesn't seem to be doing a lot of that" pausing Ichigo leaned closer so that his family could hear him, but Hitsugaya wouldn't be able to. "He's the victim of a violent crime, everyone in his family was killed, he's the only one that survived, and he was lucky to."

The family nodded, then turned back to look at Hitsugaya, who was still standing by the door with his thumbs hooked into his jean pockets. Grinning Isshin turned his complete attention to Hitsugaya.

"Greetings!" Isshin grinned suddenly getting a glint in his eye. "I'm the head of the house hold, the ever wonderf-oof!"

"Get over yourself" Ichigo growled rubbing his foot back and forth on the back of his father's head. "Jeez, he's not even here five minutes and already your seducing him."

"I AM NOT!" Isshin snarled popping up with a undercut punch to Ichigo's chin.

"Why you BASTARD!" Ichigo growled moving in for a punch.

Yuzu took the file from Ichigo and watched in horror as her brother and father went at it like they always did.

"Guys, cut it out" she cried.

"Leave them alone Yuzu" Karin muttered taking the file. "It'll leave more time for Hitsugaya to adjust."

"Uh… oh…" Yuzu turned to the youth.

Hitsugaya was currently watching the fight between father and son with questioning eyes. Karin wondered what was crossing his mind at this precise moment but decided she wasn't going to bother him with questions. Instead she nudged Yuzu and directed Yuzu's attention to the kitchen.

"Oh!" Yuzu cried. "Are you hungry? I can cook some lunch"

Hitsugaya turned his attention to Karin and Yuzu, blinking he suddenly looked down at his stomach when it let out a small gurgle as if to answer Yuzu. Yuzu instantly brightened up, happy to return to her haven and begin cooking, her favorite hobby. Karin smiled weakly, reaching out she grabbed Hitsugaya's wrist and pulled him into the kitchen. In the background Ichigo and Isshin were still fighting it out like a bunch of fools.

Ignoring the commotion Karin lead Hitsugaya over to the table and set him in the seat that was between her and Ichigo. She figured it would be the best place to sit him if he suddenly had to go to the bathroom or forgot his table manners and needed to be reminded about them.

"What should I make for lunch?" Yuzu asked.

"Dunno" Karin responded walking over to the fridge. "Want a soda?" she asked turning to Hitsugaya.

"Soda?" he asked quietly.

Karin barely managed to hide the shiver that ran through her spine. His voice was so mature, while also being soft and good natured. Swallowing she tried to remind herself that she wasn't any simple girl, that she just felt sorry for him and that's why he was getting to her so bad. Even though he was a complete lady's killer there was no way Karin could be falling for him that easily. Taking a deep breath Karin walked over to the table and set a can of Pepsi down in front of Hitsugaya.

"This is soda, it comes in cans and bottles" Karin explained. "You open them using this tab, see?" Karin asked popping open her can. "Don't shake it or drop it though or else it'll explode all over the place."

Nodding Hitsugaya reached out and popped the top on his soda, grasping it he brought it to his lips and took a swig. Karin guessed that he liked the taste because he instantly brought the can up to his mouth once more and took a fair amount. Though Yuzu and Isshin would usually yell about something like that Karin decided to let it go, besides, it wasn't doing him any harm. Not that it would, not unless he went crazy and drank more than a twelve pack in an hour's time. Which Karin had done before because of a dare, she still remembered the consequences as if it were yesterday.


Yuzu instantly looked up from her cooking and Karin turned her attention to the door. Not even a minute later Ichigo came stomping into the room, went over to the fridge, grabbed a Dr. Pepper, popped the top and guzzled half of it down. All the while he could be heard muttering under his breath about something he didn't like. After another few seconds Isshin walked into the kitchen, foot marks and a black eye were clearly visible on his face. Karin even swore she seen a tooth missing, but it was hard to tell with the wads of toilet paper Isshin had in his one nostril to try and stop the bleeding.

Ignoring the entrance of their father Ichigo slipped into his seat and guzzled down a bit more of his drink, he glanced at Hitsugaya then at Yuzu and Karin.

"Why's he sitting there?"

"Just in case he forgot table manners" Yuzu answered seeming to know Karin's motive. "It's not going to be any trouble is it?"

"No" Ichigo said then belched into his hand. "Excuse me, it's a good idea."

"Speaking of teaching" Isshin began. "Since Hitsugaya forgot a lot of things he's going to need someone to show him the ropes and how things work. I can teach him about personal hygien-"

Isshin slipped out of his chair and fell onto the floor with a loud thwunk. Not even a second later he popped up instantly holding his cheek and glared at Ichigo, who was now just pulling back his fist.

"What was that for?!!" Isshin roared.

"You're an old pervert!" Ichigo snarled spinning to face their father.

"Someone needs to teach him!"

"He can figure it out!"

"How can you be so cruel son?! He's obviously a child in need of our love and- oof!"

Yuzu sighed and placed a hand on her cheek, Karin ignored it and took another sip of her Pepsi, acting as if nothing was wrong. By now she was used to the fights between Ichigo and their father, but sometimes one fight over another took the cake. Karin had a feeling this was going to be one of those fights.

"How do you expect him to grow into a big, strong man like me?!" Isshin asked.

"Who would want to be like you?!"

"Ichigo you're so~ cruel!" Isshin cried, instantly he fell against the giant poster of his departed wife. "Oh mother, where did I go wrong?!"

"Why don't Karin and I teach him how to do things?" Yuzu asked placing a plate in front of Hitsugaya.