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Ugh. Today was boring, just like any other school day. I guess school became incredibly dull when vampires and werewolves came into my life. But at least I had Edward with me.

We were in the cafeteria and Edward was getting food for me, when I saw Alice's little pixie face go blank and stare into space. I wondered what vision she was seeing. Hopefully it wasn't something like shopping, or some other cruel and unusual form of punishment.

"What is it, Alice?" Emmett asked eagerly, because Alice now had a huge grin spreading across her face. I heard Edward groan as he came up from behind me.

"Oh no! That's going to be horrible."

"What is it?" I asked, now curious, and a little worried about what Alice had seen.

"The school is going to get snowed in and they're going to make us spend the night in this hell hole." He replied, setting my food down in front of me.

"And Mrs. Cope is going to everyone's houses to get their pajamas (A/N I couldn't help but put something about pajamas in here, could I?)!" She's only treating us like that because the freshmen and the sophomores are on a field trip. So she is personally going to our houses and getting our pajamas! But Charlie's still at work, Bella, so it's a good thing I bring pajamas to school everyday!" Alice said excitedly.

"Alice, why do you even have pajamas with you? You don't even sleep!" I said to her.

"Hush, Bella! Pajamas are stylish!"

As soon as she finished saying that, we heard a voice coming from the over-head speakers.

"Ahem…Attention students, the school has been snowed in, and you are all required to sleep overnight in the school. Mrs. Cope is out right now collecting your sleep-wear from your houses. That is all. Thank you." click.

The cafeteria erupted into shouts of joy and groans came from the less enthusiastic. I was one of the groaners. This was going to be a long day.

* * *

"Bella!" Alice yelled. "I brought the greatest pajamas ever for you!" She held up some blue, very short, short-shorts, and a tank-top to match. I sighed. It was now 5:00 P.M, and if it were a normal day (for me at least) where I didn't have to spend the whole day and night in school, I would have been at my house with Edward, or at the Cullen's.

But, instead, I was stuck in a school bathroom, with a bunch of babbling girls, talking about guys, and pajamas, and guys in pajamas. It was annoying beyond end.

"Go put them on!" Alice ordered as she thrust the pajamas into my arms, and pushed me into the bathroom stall.

I guess I did like the pajamas, but they were the kind of thing I would wear when Edward and I were alone in my room. Not the kind I would have worn in front of the whole school. But, these were the only ones Alice had with her, that would fit me (or so she said…). So I was stuck with these.

Alice, Rosalie, and I walked out of the girl's bathroom and into the hall. We walked down to the gym, where we would be sleeping. There weren't that many people in our senior class, so we didn't need a lot of cots. The cots were arranged in a circle and had no names on them or anything, so I assumed you just picked one and sat down.

The cots were about two feet apart from each other. I picked a random one and sat down on it. Wrong move. I should have waited for Edward and his brothers to get out of the bathroom, because here came Mike.

He sat down on the cot to the left of me (what a surprise) and smiled.

"Hey Bella!" He said, using a what-he-thought was an attractive voice.

"Err, hi Mike..."

"I like your PJ's. Do you like mine?" He asked, trying to be sexy.

I looked at his clothes. He was wearing red basket-ball shorts, and a black tank top. Ugh.

"Um, sure, they look great…" I told him.

To my surprise, he reached over and placed a hand on my too short, short-shorts. Then he started running his hand up and down my leg.

"That feels 100% cotton…" He said, just as Edward, Jasper, and Emmett walked in the gym, looking like gods in their pajama pants and tight white shirts, that showed off their muscles.

Edward was behind Mike in an instant, quicker than I could see. Rosalie glared at him for going so fast.

Mike didn't even know Edward was behind him, and continued rubbing his hand up and down my leg. I felt like I was going to barf.

"Newton, what the hell are you doing?" Edward asked, very loudly.

Mike was definitely not expecting Edward to be behind him, because he jumped and yelped at the sound of Edward's smooth, honey-like, menacing voice. But he turned around to face him, and pretended not to be scared.

"Oh hey, Cullen. Bella was just telling me that she loved my PJs." He said, standing up to face him, and puffing his chest out.

By now, everyone had gotten back from changing, and most had already picked out a cot, but all of them were staring at us.

"So would you like to explain why your hand was running up my girlfriend's leg?" He asked, in a voice that sounded like it was drizzled in poison. Or would the right word be venom….?

Mike couldn't respond to that, so he ended up saying the first thing that came to his mind.

".You and me, Cullen. Fight. Right here, right now." Mike said loudly.

Edward didn't look shocked or angry or anything. Okay, he looked a little angry, but he was definitely hiding most of it.

"Okay." Edward replied, simply. There were loud gasps from everyone. Did they honestly think Mike could do any damage to Edward?....Well, now that I thought about it, I guess Mike would be strong, for human standards. But, I wasn't used to human standards, so Mike looked like a jello-sculpture compared to Edward.

Mike didn't expect this answer.

"Umm…O-o-kay.." He stammered out, as he brought his fist in the air, pulling it back, getting ready for it to snap forward and hit Edward's jaw.

But before Mike could punch him, Edward did one, swift, graceful, movement, with his fist, and Mike went flying across the gym. Edward was definitely holding back. If you had been watching, you wouldn't think of him as vampire-strong, but you would think of him as strongest-man-in-the-world strong.

Everyone stared in shock for a moment, but the silence was broken by Emmett and Jasper's cheers 'Go Edward' and 'Whoo! That's my bro!'

Then Edward came and sat down on the cot next to me. Everyone still had their eyes on him.

Then we heard sobs. It took me a moment to figure out that the sobs were coming from Mike. Mike was crying! I did kind of feel bad for him. After all, I wouldn't want to get punched by an angry vampire.

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