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Bella POV

I had to admit, Edward with boxers on his head was pretty funny. Especially since they were covering one of his eyes. Hee hee. I kind of felt bad for him though, and I also knew something was going to happen to Mike. Torture, kicked into the pit of death, chased by rabid squeirrels, something along those lines.
I glanced at Edward. It seemed that he and Alice were having a silent conversation, and before I could say anything, Alice got a huge grin on her face and smirked toward Edward. This couldn't be good.

"Rosalie." Edward spoke clearly, his melodic voice ringing throughout the gym.

"Edward." Rosalie purred.

"Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to put some type of edible-sunstance all over Emmett's stomach and choose one girl in this room to lick it off."

The room fell silent. Rosalie's face was one of shock and fury. Shury. Or fock. Okay, not fock.

Every girl in the room looked hopeful, except for me and Alice. Eric looked hopeful too. Scary.

"Bella. And I choose peanut butter." Rosalie grimaced. I gaped at her. Why me?! I can see why she would rather me than all of the other girls, fawning over Emmett, but still?! Emmett was practically my big brother! Even through all of my panicking, I noticed how Edward's eyes widened the tiniest amount at the mention of peanut butter. Huh.

"W-wait! Umm..." I sputtered, trying to find an excuse. "We don't have any peanut butter! I won't be able to do it." I smiled, proud of myself for finding a way out.

"I have some." Eric Yorkie spoke up.

I was marveling at my brilliance for dodging the dare, when I actually realized what Eric said. What?! How the hell did he randomly have peanut butter? Did he carry it around in his back pack all the time? I wondered what other crap he had in there...

Eric walked across the circle, carrying the offending jar of peanut butter. He threw it toward the Cullen Cots where it landed by Edward, who jumped to his feet in a millisecond, eyes wide.
All the humans (including me) stared at him funny.

He looked freaked out. It looked funny because the boxers were still on his head. "I, uh, I'm really allergic to peanut butter. Can't get it near me." He turned around and shuffled over, a little further away from the cots, atleast four feet away. I would definetly ask him about this later. Vampires can't be allergic to anything...can they?
He shot me a distressed look that said 'Later'.

Everyone just stared. Mike got a little smirk on his face.

Emmett chuckled, obviously not amused as he would have been if this was the first time Edward had flipped out like this over peanut butter. So it wasn't new to the Cullens apparently.

Emmett sat up and slowly took his shirt off, while the majority of the female poulation salivated. I grimaced. There was no one who could ignore Emmett's physique, or deny that it was great, but he was my soon-to-be brother-in-law! As Rosalie smeared peanut butter all over Emmett's stomach, I watched Edward who seemed like he was regretting this dare. He didn't want to see his fiance licking his brother's stomach anymore than I wanted to do it. Or maybe I was mistaken, and he was just regretting the dare because of the peanut butter.

I timidly crawled over to Emmett's stomach. Ew. Ew ew ew. I stuck my tongue out, closed my eyes, and dived in. Emmett started laughing.

"Emmett, stop laughing. You're making your stomach move." I grumbled, feeling the squishy peanut butter in my mouth. And it wasn't even the good, crunchy kind.

I finished licking up the last bit, relieved that this was over with. I had thought this was Rosalie's dare! But I guess it would be pretty hard to watch any girl licking Edward's tummy. Hee hee. I said tummy.

Ugh, now I had peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth, and all in my teeth. It was going to take forever to get it out!

We had thrown the peanut butter back to Eric, and were now moving on. Edward was inching back over to us, wrinkling his nose when he caught scent of Emmett who smelled strongly of peanut butter.

Rosalie looked up. "Mike, I dare you to let me throw a basketball at you." She said bluntly. Ohhh...kaaay.

Mike's eyes got big. "You didn't even ask me if I wanted tru-" He started, but he was cut off.

"Do I look like I care?"

"Err- not really, but-"


Rosalie went and got a ball from the huge sports equipment basket.

Mike scrambled to his feet. Rosalie took one quick look at him and flicked her wrist. Next thing I knew, Mike's nose was bleeding. Again. Hopefully she didn't rebreak it.

The whole gym started laughing. Even Jessica, most likely because she was still sore from when Mike said I was the cutest girl in school. Ew.

By now, it was pretty obvious the main people playing were the Cullens, Mike, Jessica, and myself. The war going on between the Cullens and Mike was pretty obvious too.

Mike, with tissue stuffed up his nose, called on Edward.

"Truth or dare, Cullen? Nevermind. I'll choose for you. Dare. I dare you to make out with Bella for two minutes."

Oh, okay this wasn't going to be so bad...wait, what?! Did Mike just dare his arch enemy to make out with his fiance?! This didn't make any sense!

Edward's eyes narrowed at Mike. "I can't."

What? Well, why not? He sure didn't have any problems with PDA lately. (A/N: PDA= Public Displays of Affection)

"It's a dare. You have to do it."

"Not if... it endangers someone's health."

Everyone was looking back and forth between Edward and Mike, a confuzzled look on their faces. Until Emmett burst out laughing.

"Ha ha- Bella, it's 'cause of the peanut butter in your mouth! Ha!" Oh! Was that why?

Mike smirked at Edward. "But you can't be allergic to peanut butter only. If you're alergic to peanut butter, you have to be allergic to all peanuts."

Edward's eyes narrowed even more, but it looked like they had an ounce of defeat in them.
"I am."

Mike laughed a creepy little laugh.
"But you see, you aren't! You're lying! Bella was eating salted peanuts in a jar just earlier during kareoke, and you were sitting right next to her, even feeding them to her! If you're that allergic to peanuts, you wouldn't be able to get near them! So is it true, that Edward Cullen, is afraid of peanut butter?"

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