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The Science of Magic - Chapter One - Of a broken TARDIS and a mental tree

The Doctor snored contentedly as the TARDIS flew over the Milky Way. Nothing was wrong. Everything was just perfect.

That was, of course, until a small alarm bell started to scream at him.

He snapped awake in an instant with an angry look. It was the, "Whoever just woke me up better run away quickly." Look. He focused on the little alarm, and contemplated it sourly.

And, with a satisfied smile, brought his fist down upon it. It smashed underneath his hand.

'Much better.' He said to himself, replaced his feet upon the TARDIS controls, and prepared for more sleep.

That, of course, was when things started to hurdle out of control. The TARDIS spun to the left and shuddered violently, knocking him out of his chair.

'RIGHT! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!' He bellowed to himself, and fell upon the controls, twisting any knob and jabbing any button angrily within his reach. It was to no avail, the TARDIS flung itself from one side to the other, until, finally…it stopped.

The Doctor's eyes slid around himself. He was still thrown out against the TARDIS's controls, and his knuckles had turned white from gripping the edges. His eyes scanned the TARDIS, and found that most of its numerous wires were spilling at of the console, and it gave out many gurgles of confusion. That'll take a while to fix. He thought sourly. What can I do? I don't want to get bored. He shuddered at the sheer possibility.

He looked behind him, and saw his coat, just waiting to be put on. Go on. It seemed to say coyly. You know you want to.

Of course, The Doctor didn't believe in that sort of thing.

But he put it on anyway, and opened the TARDIS door a tiny fraction.

What he saw was most reassuring; there was a ground. He slunk out, and liked what he saw. All around him was a bright, blue sky, and birds chirped from the trees, which were suspended in autumn. The Doctor squinted; there appeared to be a rather majestic castle in the distance. To its left, appeared to be a dark, mysterious forest. Who knows what could be inside…? Said a little voice in his head.

'I think I'll like it here.' The Doctor said firmly with a grin. He strode over towards the nearest tree, with all the intentions of sitting under it to resume his interrupted kip. What ever had brought him here could be found out about in several hours time.

He looked up at the tree. It was knotted in several places, and quite stocky. He couldn't brush off the feeling that it was watching him intently. Going against his better sense of judgement, he sat under it anyway. He crossed his arms behind his head and closed his eyes.

A breeze tickled his nose, and made him sneeze.

Other than that, there were no interruptions.

Except for the great branch that came down with an ear splitting crash, just to his left.

The Doctor jumped up with a start, and looked up in a healthy mixture of awe and absolute panic at the tree which was making several attempts to squash him flat. He jumped out of the tree's reach as it finally gave up. He looked back to cast it an angry look; it seemed to give a nonchalant shrug.

'Which bloody tree attacks people randomly?' He questioned the air in front of him moodily as he sauntered off, his hands stuffed in his coat pockets.