Serenity stood at the end of the aisle waiting for her music to begin. She was not nervous at all. This was her destiny to be with this man for the rest of her life. Her wedding dress was like that of Neo Queen Serenities but it was laced with diamonds and gold. Her hair had pearls adoring around her crown. She wore no veil so her angel wings could adorn her back freely.

The familiar tone rang through the garden as she proceeded down the white laid carpet to her prince.

Xander's eyes were red, literally. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. His Serenity was an angel with long wings and silver hair. Her white dress hugged her curves beautifully. He would marry her today. That was the plan.

Serenity reached the alter as friends and family looked on. Prince Endymion stood tall and proud as his beautiful bride reached him. He took her hands and started in to her eyes. This is what he had been dreaming of forever.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Did you really think that you could take her away from me?" Xander approached from the back aisle. His bronze hair looked wild, his eyes were red and he wore pure black armor sword in hand.

A gasp could be heard in the on looking crowd. The Senshi immediately transformed and Endymion drew his sword.

"Don't even try it!" Xander still approached but the Wise Man used his power to enhance the gravity on everyone at the wedding. No one could move and people let out cries at the painful pull. All they could do was watch.

Xander pushed Endymion out of the way. "Stupid fool. You can't take her away from me. She will marry me now. You will sit and watch and then I will kill you."

He turned to Serenity and pulled out a ring. "I found this upstairs near the fire." He picked up her hand gently and pulled off Endymion's engagement ring and placed his on instead. He turned to Endymion who was lying on the ground and dropped the ring on his face. "Pathetic"

"Marry her quickly!" Wise Man yelled from above.

"I will not marry you." Serenity said forcefully.

"Yes, you will love. Or I will kill everyone in this room."

He grabbed her arm forcefully and turned to the priest. "Marry us now" he demanded.

"LET GO OF HER!" Yelled a girls voice from the back.

A golden arrow flew through the sky and hit the Wise Man square in the chest. He fell from the sky and the gravity pull was released. Endymion quickly got up and drew his sword evoking battle with Xander. The Scouts and Generals came in and started battle with the Wise Man.

He called on three youma to come and destroy the scouts. Serenity held a force field around the civilians who attended the wedding. She was almost helpless because she couldn't protect them and fight at the same time.






The battle roared on as the Scots and Generals powers were released. Endymion fought Xander but he was strong than he thought he would be. "You took her from me Darien. I will kill you today"

"Don't be so sure Xander. She was never yours to begin with. She is mine!"

"When I kill you I will marry her! I will do things to her you wish you would have."

This infuriated Endymion his blows came faster and quicker knocking Xander to the ground. He was about to deliver the final blow when someone screamed NO!

A sixteen-year-old girl with pink ordangos dressed in a pink scout uniform ran to the Prince. "No! Don't I can heal him! He has been placed under Wise Man's spell."

"She lifted her hands and borrowed power from Serenity's Crystal. Her hair went from pink to silver, her eyes from red to sky blue. The power washed over Xander cleaning him from any evil power that resided in his body. He lay almost lifeless on the floor. Endymion quickly bound his hands and feet.

The Wise Man was furious! "No! NO!" His youma had been destroyed and Xander was now defeated. He brought a ball of energy to his hands and was about to release it on Endymion and the silver haired girl.

Another light arrow shot out and hit the Wise Man in the back. "DON'T TOUCH MY SISTER!" A males voice yelled angrily.

Something told Serenity to let go of the shield and transform. As soon and she transformed and new shield appeared over the crowed. It was being held by the silver haired girl. Her arms continued to borrow the power from Celestial Sailor Moon and keep everyone safe.

Celestial Sailor Moon ran over to Endymion. "HOW DARE YOU DO THIS AGAIN!" Celestial Sailor Moon seethed anger toward the floating black man.

He gave an evil laugh "Oh, Princess. Just because you defeated me in the future does not mean you defeated me in the past. I know my past and present and future. It was all part of my plan and now it is RUINED! I will kill all of you!"

Power came out of his fingertips. Prince Endymion pulled out the Golden Crystal and gave power to it. Celestial Sailor Moon pulled out her Crystal and changed in to her Queen Gown and gave her power to it. Together the gold and silver intertwined creating a great light that immediately destroyed the younger Wise Man. He didn't even see it coming. " I guess he didn't see that part of the future." Endymion smirked.

The Sailor Scouts and Generals looked over to their Prince and Princess immediately rushing to them.

A boy with black hair and baby blue eyes walked toward the group the girl with silver hair followed behind. As soon as they came with in five feet the Golden Crystal flew out of Endymion's hands in to the boys and the Silver Crystal flew out of Serenity's in to the girls.

"What is going on?" Mina whispered.

The girl giggled and the boy smirked. The black haired boy holding the Golden Crystal spoke up. "We are here to explain a few things and do what we do best. Save the world.." he gave the girl a high five.

Pluto stepped up to the children and gave them a look. The boy sighed. "Of course we will be as in direct as possible. If that is possible" He shot Pluto a look.

Serenity looked on at the girl. Tears welled in her eyes and she ran to her and held her close. "My baby' she whispered.

"What about me!" The boy exclaimed and a gasp was heard from the on looking Scouts and Generals. Endymion slowly approached Serenity and the children. He examined them closely.

The girl was a little shorter than Serenity. Her eyes were baby blue and her hair silver. She had alabaster skin and was beautiful. She reminded him of Serenity when she was sixteen, but her hair was pink before with red eyes. It changed when she used the power.

The boy was tall and well built. His eyes were also baby blue but his hair was ebony. He wore golden and black armor with a black cape lined with gold. In his hand was a golden bow and across his back were arrows that were illuminated.

"Time for explanations." Endymion demanded.

The children stood firm. They knew that demanding tone.

"Go on Rini. You can explain better than I can." The boy told the girl. Serenity stepped away from the child and went and stood at Endymion's side. The scouts drew in behind their Queen and the Generals behind their King.

"Well, mother told me to explain it this way witch was incredibly evasive but she can be very cryptic at times. We deducted the rest for ourselves. She thinks she is being funny when she makes up figure things out on our own, but this is one crazy story about two different futures. She told me that we must use the time key to go in to the past to make the lady in white marry the prince with black hair. She told me that along time ago he broke her heart but it was for the best."

"For the best?" Serenity looked at Endymion.

"Yes, for the best." Xander's voice spoke up from the back where he was bound. "I saw it all in the Wise Man's head after he changed me. There was a king with lavender hair who couldn't protect his wife. He had some how never developed his power or something. His wife lay dying inside a crystal chamber of some sort. Some how she gave him a dream to change the future so that he could save her. I guess she felt it was her fault. The Wise Man saw this plan and made some guy with white hair tell Sailor Moon that he gave the King the dreams and that he killed their daughter because he never loved her and he resented their future together."

"WHAT!" Serenity cried. She had done all of this.

"It is the truth." The boy said. " The Queen was so powerful that the King never had time to develop his own power. So when disaster hit the King was almost powerless against the evil with out her. She knew it was her fault so she told him to break them apart knowing that they would find each other again. At least that is how the bed time story goes."

"The future would have been destroyed anyway. No one would have been able to protect it and the Queen would go to Cosmos." The girl explained.

Serenity pulled away. She had seen part of the future where she was Cosmos. A being that roamed the Galaxy forever because she couldn't pass on the crystal. So much death. So much loneliness.

"I don't understand" Said Endymion. He hadn't been there during that time. He sort of understood from what Serenity had told him that day in the conference room.

"In the future that the Queen changed she would have no heir to pass on the crystal to. The daughter that she thought she lost was half Lunarian and half Terran and therefore she would never be able to control the power on her own. They made her a Pink Heart crystal but that's a different story all together. The Queen would have to watch everyone she loved die while she continued to live alone."

"So, how did it change" He asked.

The boy and the girl smirked looking at each other. "The future changed. The king developed his own powers and became as powerful as his Queen. They had twins. One a boy who was one hundred percent Terran and one a girl who was one hundred percent Lunarian."

"It makes sense. She can control the Silver Crystal and he can control the Golden Crystal. Once again bringing balance to the universe." Amy said.

"So these are our…" Endymion looked at the kids and smiled. He grabbed Serenity from the waist and held her close kissing her temple.

"Something's never change." The boy spat. "But, this won't happen unless you two get married. Plus, we have to go."

"We love you. " The girl said as her hair changed back to pink.

"WAIT!" Endymion cried. The two teens turned to them.

"About this lavender hair! Do I…"

"The boy laughed. Mom says you can thank her later for changing that." And they faded away.

"Thank Kami" Serenity and Endymion sighed together.

"Darien… I am so sorry. I didn't know that I changed the future. I didn't know that I would of held you back forever." She began to cry.

"It is okay. This is how our future is now. It is perfect because of you and your quick thinking. You had faith in me. You knew that we would be together again. That is all that matters. Now, can we get married so we can go make some twins?"

She slapped him in the rib cage. He gave out a hearty chuckle. "What about Xander?"

Darien walked over to Xander who was by the alter. "Your fired."