This is an idea that came to me when i was watching an old episode of NCIS.


People always say "accidents happen" well my accident happened 4 and a half years ago and so far it's been the best accident I ever had.

McGee and I used to "date" and one time we forgot to use a condom, I got pregnant and found out after we broke up, we decided that we'd not get back together, because that would cause problems we'd just be two friends who had a kid.

When Connor was born, things were hard for a while McGee camped out on the sofa which was nearly as annoying as Connor waking up every night at 3am, but when we got in to a routine things worked better, now things are gonna get harder.

I've kinda had this crush on Gibbs for like ages and as it turns out he likes me too, but we've agreed to not act on it until we spoke to Tim and then Tim and I spoke to Connor, how do you explain to the father of your child that you want to date his boss, friend, mentor and then how do you explain to a four year old why uncle Jethro is kissing Mommy somewhere that isn't her cheek or why uncle Jethro is having a slumber party?


It's just the intro that's in Abby's POV the rest of the story will be in the 3rd person. Tell me what you think.