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Here we come to the real end of the road. I won't get all nostalgic and whatnot for you. Once again this is pretty short but I think it will give everyone, including Bella, the closure that is needed.

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Ten Years Later


"Mom the mails here!" my son yelled at me as he threw the pieces of mail onto the kitchen counter.

"Thank's sweetie, where's your sister?" I asked, as I thumbed through the different envelopes.

"She's playing down the street with Emily," he said before grabbing something from the fridge and bounding upstairs.

I shook my head, my life was a whirlwind and I loved every moment of it. After Emily was born the tiny house we had all shared seemed even smaller. We figured since Chris and Renee were finally behind bars we could come out of hiding.

We had moved to a quaint little house in a small town of Forks, Washington. Esme found the place very enduring and it's constant state of green made her glow with happiness. Rose and I couldn't stand the idea of us being too far away and she soon moved to the house just down the street.

Life settled down considerably after that. Emily and Emmett were often subjected to play dates together while Rose and I talked over our problems. I began to take pictures for the town; weddings, baby showers, basically anything people wanted photographed I was there. Rose opened her own restaurant and soon was the talk of the town with her delicious meals. Edward continued to run his job through telephone and the internet. Sometimes he would have to take a business trip but they were few and far between.

Alice and Jasper moved to Forks as well, and Alice was soon the town designer. She did everything from interior decorating to wedding planning, and anything inbetween. Alice and Jasper had recently had their first child, little Patton, named after General Patton of course. Jasper had wanted to call him Custard after Colonel Custard, but Alice refused to let him. She said that no child of hers would be named after such a disgusting yellow color.

Edward and I too had added another member to our family, little Angela Cullen. She was my little Jelly bean now, and I loved to tell her stories of her aunt Angela. She was 8 now, and recently told me that while she liked the stories, it was no longer cool for her to hear bedtime stories.

I laughed to myself at the reminder of how quickly my children were growing up as I pulled a specific envelope out of the pile. I ran my fingers lightly over the edges. I knew what it was but I wasn't quite ready to open it yet.

"Hey honey, what's that?" Edward asked as he walked into the kitchen planting a loving kiss on my forehead.

"Oh nothing important, hey I think I'm gonna go visit Angela's grave, do you mind watching the kids?"

"Of course no, you sure everything's alright?"

"Positive," I promised as I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

It was a twenty minute drive to where Edward and I had finally found a place to put Angela's headstone. I turned the music on softly as I laid the envelope in the seat right next to mine and began to drive towards my sister.

I thought through everything we had been through. Although Chris had appeared dead after Rose shot him, he was barely alive, and fought for his life in the intensive care for months. We were disappointed to say the least, and though he was locked up we always wished more justice could be done for all he had done to me and our family. Despite all Renee had done she had only received life in jail, but Chris was sentenced to death. Of course we were relieved to hear that, but his death had been postponed many times and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.

Thankfully Misty was found and now lived under an assumed name somewhere. I wasn't allowed to know where I was in case one of Chris's lackys found me and tried to find her as well. I missed her but was at least thankful that she was safe now. The authorities had allowed us to speak before she was sent away, and we said our teary goodbyes.

I pulled up to the grave site in no time and quickly stepped out of the car, sure to grab the envelope as well.

"Jellie, it's here," I whispered as I sat on the grass next to her headstone.

I ran my fingers over her name as always, saying my hello to her. I sat there for a long time, a million thoughts running through my head as I toyed with the paper on the envelope.

"This enveloped holds a lot of answers to things for me," I said, knowing my sister could hear me.

I sat staring at the typed up address labels. Did the person printing these labels know how much meaning each letter beneath them would hold? This was the closure I had been waiting for for a long time.

I don't know how long I sat there, but I suddenly realized there was someone else there with me. I looked up to find Rose standing a few feet behind me.

"I heard you were here," she said plainly, as though she were meeting me for coffee.

"I got it in the mail today," I told her, and she nodded her head as though she too had received the same envelope as I had.

"Do you want me here when you open it?" she asked, one again ready to be my support system.

"You know what, I don't want to open it," I said, smiling as I stood from the ground brushing the grass from my clothes, "it doesn't even matter to me."

I rested the enveloped containing Chris's death date against my sisters headstone as I walked away. He was already dead to me, and my new life had already begun.

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