Chapter 1

Back to the future

It's a funny thing, life. You never know what you want or when you think you do your never fully satisfied when you do get it. Of course you make plans and try to stick by them but since when has life been predictable.

I grew up in Forks, Washington. It's a very small, wet community tucked away on the Olympic peninsular. I grew up with my dad Charlie and mom Renee both were well know and loved within he town of Forks. Charlie was chief of police and Renee a teacher. Their relationship was rocky at the best of time but we dealt with it as a family and I'm happy to say they're still together.

I attended Fork's high school with my best childhood friends anyone could ever have. First the was Emmett Mcarthy, the school sports star and complete dork. He was my big brother, spent most of his life around my house with my dad, he was actually my cousin but practically live with me. Charlie and him were more like father and son since Emmett never really had a dad and his mom, well the less said about her the better. Emmett moved in with my family for the his senior year and we live like a family.

Renee and Charlie actually adopted him, offically making him a Swan.

Then we had the Hales/Whitlocks. Rosalie Hale, high school queen bee and one of my best friends. Really didn't live up the blonde cheer leading stereotype and was dating Emmett. Then we have Jasper Whitlock, history buff and group agony aunt. Rosalie's mom met Jasper's dad a couple of years back and moved to Fork's although Rose and Jazz weren't actually related they looked very similar and were know as brother and sister, both a year older than me.

Now the Cullen's. Alice Cullen part time pixie and sister to me in many ways. Loved to shop and did most of her waking hours. The Cullen's were well know for their money. Carlisle Cullen a world famous doctor and Esme Cullen interior designer to the stars moved here from Chicago to bring their children up, neither look old enough to have children. Both Carlisle and Esme were kind and very caring, I loved them like a second set of parents.

Last and certainly not least we had Edward Cullen, Alice's twin brother. Unbelievably beautiful with the most amazing green eyes. Every guy wanted to look like him and all the girls wanted to be with him. Emmett's and Jasper's best friend. He was caring, quiet, sensitive, funny and my first love. Edward and I dated for most our teenage years.

He was my first date, first love, first kiss, I even lost my virginity to him. I loved him so much that I broke my heart when we split up. He went to LA to study pre-med and I went to New York to study literature. We tried hard to stay together but college got harder and so did our relationship. So after almost a whole year of having a long distance relationship we called it a day. I didn't date again until after college.

I lost contact with everyone after a few years, last I heard Alice was in Italy with top fashion designers living her dream. Jasper in the army, based somewhere in Afghanistan at the moment but living with his long term girlfriend in Texas. Carlisle and Esme moved to LA a couple of years back, so I had lost all contact with the Cullen's. The last I heard of Edward, he was engaged. Good for him.

I talk to Charlie and Renee but not as often as I should. Emmett is still in Washington with Rose, they had married straight out of high school and have two daughters Brooke who's six and Reece who's four. Rose is a stay at home mom. Emmett is working with the Seattle Sea-hawks as a sports writer and Emmett and I are still close, so I visit him, Rose and girls on my very rare trips home.

When I finished college I started working for a publishing company and slowly made my way up. That where I met Ian. The son of the CEO of the company we quickly fell in love and moved in together. After two years of dating he proposed and I accepted. Ian was a top lawyer and owned many of his own companies. He looked very similar to Edward, which everyone in my family commented on. They even shared the strange colour green eyes but I love Ian for Ian, his Edward qualities were just nice to look at.

It was 3 months before our wedding that I found out I was expecting. Both our families were ecstatic when we found out it was a boy. Charlie was glad to have a grandson after two granddaughters and Emmett was already planning on being the best uncle in the world, both of them together my son never had a chance of being anything other than a mad sports fan.

We posponed the wedding to early July so the our baby could attend. When little Charlie was born on July 21st I couldn't of been happier he had his dad's eyes. I was engaged the an amazing man and had the most beautifulest baby boy. Life was perfect.

I was also an idiot to think this would last. On June 28th Ian, his father and few male friends died in a plane crash. They were returning home from his bachelor party when they hit a bad storm and crash. Baby Charlie was just days old.

I was now a 26 year old, single mother of one. Ian and his dad left me all their companies, since Ian's mom died when he was younger. My family flew out to help me sort out everything. I couldn't look at baby Charlie without breaking down, he didn't have a dad. Rosalie was a god send and nurse him for me. Charlie and Renee sorted out my money and Emmett helped me with the funeral arrangements.

I sold most the companies left to me and the many houses which I now owned this left me with a lot of money. Baby Charlie had a trust fund which would make Paris Hilton green with envy. I created trust fund for both my nieces with equal amounts. I bought Emmett, Rose and the girls a house which they tried to refuse but I wouldn't hear of it. It was grand just like I know Rosalie loves. I wanted to buy my parents a house but I know I wouldn't win that argument, they love Fork's to much.

Baby Charlie was now 3 months old and I was lost. I didn't need to work so I chose not to, I couldn't face reality. Renee insisted that I move closer to home and I was in no state of mind to argue and to be honest I didn't mind.

So now here I am. Hello Seattle.

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