It happened 2 months ago.

She looked so happy and carefree, so pure and angelic… She was an angel… She was his little angel. She was playing with her prized newest jester doll, Reala, daydreaming about herself being with her beloved prince in a wonderful land… And they would both be flying jesters, bringing happiness and laughter wherever they would go, without any caring in the world. This was his daughter, NiGHTS, this was his perfect little girl… Right before seeing her father covered with something red and sticky, in his underground workshop… With all of those giant human looking dolls, around him. There were hundreds of them, all with funny faces, all covered with that red paint, just like daddy dearest. She sweetly smiled at her father, she now understood why both her mother and herself were not allowed to enter in his workshop… It was because he was collecting all those beautiful dolls for her… And he was repairing them, too! Her innocent and bright eyes met with her father's strangely widened and terrified ones, she could only guess it was because she disobeyed him, spoiling the big surprise. With her ever so sweet voice, she expressed her sincere gratitude to her beloved parent.

"Oh thank you for the dolls, You are the best daddy ever!!!"


As the dream ended, the human blood addicted fox found himself floating into a void of pure black nothingness… Screaming his lungs out of pure terror.

It's been a couple of days since Tails's mysterious disappearance from this plan of existence… Along with those weird plumbers. Needless to say, Sonic was desperate. He looked all over the land in search of his former little brother but to no avail. With guilt floundering out of his tears, he came back home, already fearing the moment he would have to tell the others about his departure… Cleverly omitting the details.

Ulala never won the Pulitzer, her career making reportage was sequestrated by G.U.N. itself for security reasons… She was not happy with that. A certain cameraman aka infiltrated agent, couldn't help but chuckle within himself in amusement.

No one ever knew about the mysterious Anubis cult that was wiped out in the desert or the disgraced city they used to terrorize… But, for some reason, I can already tell that their role was not quite fulfilled yet.

Cosmo and NiGHTS were no where to be found, just like Void, Blaze and their daughter, Lumina.

As for Snake, he decided to sneak into the not so secret Dr Eggman's laboratory, in search of some vital informations.

Despite his elderly years, the old mercenary was still quite agile in his personal sneaking suit, although its tightness was pretty painful sometimes.

He didn't have enormous problems in the infiltration process, it's not like there could be found some active security system or the like. He easily reached the lab and quickly approached the laptop he'd seen from before. He began navigating the former empire's network. Snake smirked, if there was something that could ever survive a nuclear holocaust, it was the good old Web. Expertly hacking a few security walls, he was able to find the original blueprints of Eggman's greatest (and most feared) creations: the first ever Badnik, the prototype of the Roboticizer based on Dr Gerald Robotnik's Chaos channeling machine, and of course, Project: Doomsday… Then, things started to be more interesting as Solid Snake found all the data related to Project: Shadow, specifically, about its DNA sample donator… Maurice Hedgehog, currently known as Sonic. The files the man read basically told him the whole background story of the Mobian from his discovery in the abandoned Ark, to his robotization and escape from the doctor's grasp. Finding the truth about that particular subject was, indeed, satisfying in the retired soldier's mind, but that was not what he was looking for… Then his interest fell on a small icon placed on the farthest angle of the screen, it was simply labeled, PB. He selected that icon, only to find himself face to face with none other than Eggman's mustached and grinning, round face telling him that a password was required. That managed to irritate him considerably and not just because he couldn't immediately access to those files but he was also forced to endure the disturbing view of that very annoying face. Over the next few hours, he tried in vain to type the rightful code… He began with words like "Eggman" or "Genius", to frustration caused insults like "Douchebag" and "Assman", to ridiculous long sentences like "I hate that hedgehog" or "You will die"… None of them worked. Consumed by despair, he ultimately typed the two accursed words that have been his nightmare for the last couple of decades, "Master Hand"… And the access was granted. Visibly shocked by this, Snake eagerly began reading the files' content. There was a blueprint of a strange device… It had the shape of a pipe or something similar, only more ominous, and it was dubbed, Project: Babel. There also was some rather approximate data about the 7 Chaos Emeralds and there unlimited potentials… And finally, the doctor's personal journal. Its earliest log was 20 years in the making, 10 years before the establishment of his Eggman Empire and the Great War.

Snake began his reading.

Dr Ivo Julian Robotnik – Project: Babel head researcher – 03/30/3334.

It has been a success! Our first experiment with the time and space continuum, it has been an amazing and unexpected success… And all thanks to that light blue emerald I found when I was a kid. Who would have ever imagined what a single Chaos Emerald was capable of? Project: Shadow was just the beginning of it all… But this, this right here, is the TRUE potential of those miraculous artifacts!

It has come… God's right hand, has come to us, even for just a short time. If we will be able to collect all the emeralds, then we could achieve what that fool this project has been named after, hadn't been able to accomplish…

A portal... To God himself!!!

A cold, freezing shiver of divine fear went through his abused spine, as his terror filled eyes distanced themselves from the disfiguring informations he had the extreme misfortune to read. It was a heavy burden, the fearful realization that he, his comrades and even all those civilians, had been nothing more than sacrificial pawns to test the strength of a higher being. Little did he know that that could have very well been his last thought ever. An unmistakable clicking sound was heard by his still refined hearing system as he slowly turned his head, only to find himself face to face with an old acquaintance of him… And his handgun.

"You…" He could only say, before the gun's lethal bang filled the air with its definitive noise.

O Fortuna

velut luna

statu variabilis,

semper crescis

aut decrescis;

vita detestabilis

nunc obdurat

et tunc curat

ludo mentis aciem,



dissolvit ut glaciem.

"Sir? May I disturb you?"

"Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait… WAIT!!! Let me hear the next part!"

Sors immanis

et inanis,

rota tu volubilis,

status malus,

vana salus

semper dissolubilis;


et velata

mihi quoque niteris;

nunc per ludum

dorsum nudum

fero tui sceleris.

"Uhm… Sir?"

"ARGH! Shut up, you metal face… You are more obnoxious than a pair of termite infested pants! Here's the conclusion!"

Sors salutis

et virtutis

mihi nunc contraria;

est affectus

et defectus

semper in angaria.

hac in hora

sine mora

cordae pulsum tangite!

quod per sortem

sternit fortem,

mecum omnes plangite!

"Aaaaah… I just love this song. Do you know how much I love this song? I love it more than World War II!!!"

"… Can I speak now, sir?"

"Sure, my friend."

"The plumbers have the emeralds."

"…. So, Lucario didn't destroy humanity? Everything has gone according to my brilliant plan?"


"MARVELOUS!!! And what about… Him?"

"He's ended up in another dimension… Just as you planned."

"Eeh eeh eeh eeh… This is so exciting. Go and do your chores… As for me, I think I'm gonna dance happily for a while. Oh! I almost forgot. Will you please set Master Hand free for a while, he needs to have some fun too… The poor thing."

"I will… Farewell, sir."

"I wish you Fortuna… Ciao!"

He looked so bored. Bored and unsatisfied. Things have gotten pretty dull around these parts, as he could tell. Aside from a few pointless festival to celebrate their own God and Creator, there was nothing really interesting to do in that small, sleeping village of his. Sure, he had his hobbies, he could jump from a tree to another and perform short flying sessions with his long puffy ears… He could grab objects and animals bigger than him and just launch them for the sheer fun of it, but other than that… Everything, in this dream land, in this natural paradise, was just as boring as school. He was young, he wanted something exciting to do… He wanted to do adventurous things, just like those people of his grandpa's stories. As he lay his back on a giant, fresh leaf, he sighed within himself out of pure annoyance. If only there was a friend to play with.

As if on cue, something fell from the sky… Or better, someone. Caught by a sudden curiosity, the young boy descended from his improvised bed and darted towards the zone where this certain someone may have crash landed. When he arrived, a very disturbing spectacle was there to await him…

A creature that resembled a yellow / orange fox was lying with his face on the ground, with a rather deep, bleeding wound on the left side of his head, right under the ear. Two simple things the kid could immediately notice:

1) This guy desperately needed some help;

2) He had two tails… And that was totally cool!

With some effort, the unknown boy managed to raise the wounded fox from the ground, he was a little bigger than he used to be, therefore he guessed he was also older.

For a few seconds, the fox's big blue eyes opened and fixed themselves over the foreign figure that was so generously helping him. The image was blurry at first, but than it managed to regain some of its steadiness. The boy who was raising him, looked like a Mobian, in the Kitsune's damaged head, except that he seemed to be different from any kind he used to know… First of all, he was dressed. He wore a blue tracksuit with an enormous zip in the middle, a blue beret on his head with an image of Pac-Man on it (everybody knew Pac-Man), bluer short pants and red boots. His face's fur was essentially black, except for his small snout, his orange eyes were almost feline-like and a couple of loosed bangs hanged down from his forehead… And then, there were the ears. They were longer than a bunny's, with peculiar puffy wads at their end. All in all, this kid resembled a weird cross between a cat, a dog and a rabbit, but somehow, every feature was well placed in him.

With all the strength he had left, Tails managed to ask him The Question.

"W-who… Are… You?"

The boy's answer was immediate.

"I'm Klonoa."

And then, his wounded guest fainted again.

A/N: Continues on "Peripeteia".