Toonville Episode 2: TDA Returns!

After so long, I made the 2nd episode. I was busy on Total Cartoon Island, which you should review on.

EDIT: Forgot some stuff.

(At the movie lot from TDA. A bus drives to the place. Peter, Stewie, Brian, Chowder, Mung, Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Perry and the TDI gang are at the movie lot)

Noah: So you're sure this is the right destination?

Duncan: It says so. (Chris McLean is at the other side of the entrance of the lot)

Chris M.: (Sighs) Them? They seem to have company.

Owen: Hey, Chris!

Peter: Thanks for the invitation, though.

Chris M.: What invitation?

Peter: The one you gave us 31!

Chris M.: I didn't send anything this week.

Peter: Let's stay, Brian. (Brian is on the ground, blood is under him) Brian?

Chris M.: Whoa! That's never happened!

Gwen: Didn't see that coming!

Peter: Yeah… Run like hell! (Everybody runs around)

Tyler: AHH!!!!!! (Runs in the make up cam) (Whimpers) AH! (A razor blade decapitates Tyler. Lindsay walks in)

Lindsay: Oh, no! Taylor's beheaded!

Peter: Let's go!

Lindsay: Okay! (The remaining people are seen on a screen. A laugh is heard. Doofenshmirtz is sitting in a chair)

Doofenshmirtz: How great is this plan? (Starts laughing hardly)

Mung: C'mon! Ferb, you… (Ferb is gone) Ferb?

(The shark infested pool from "Beach Blanket Bogus" from TDA appears, which has a pool of blood instead of water. The gang walks near it)

Peter: Oh, boy. Hey, where's Stewie, Chowder and Beth?

(Meanwhile, in the make up cam room)

Stewie: We'll be safe in here. (Missiles appear to be attacking the make up cam. The make up cam blows up)

Peter: Uh-oh! (Beth falls near the gang and is burnt)

Beth: Ouch!

Owen: I'll eat myself if I have to. Do I have to?

Peter: Yeah, if you want. (Owen starts eating himself)

Gwen: Oh…kay.

Justin: Hey, wait! Didn't we go by bus?

Peter: Yeah. Wait! We can leave through there. (Sees the entrance)

Noah: We shoulda left earlier.

Peter: Sorry!

Trent: C'mon! You can trust me!

Katie: Trust you? We'll get killed!

Owen: (Is just a head) Yeah!

Peter: Let me help with that head, buddy. (Eats the last of Owen)

Owen: (In Peter) Hey!

Trent: Well, later. (Trent, Leshawna, Eva, Justin, Cody, Geoff, Bridgette, Harold and D.J. leave the movie lot and survive)

Katie: Wait, I-- (Stops. Lindsay and Beth are shot like Brian)

Ezekiel: Oh, no! (A helicopter runs by and the blades slice Candace up)

Candace: AH!!! (Dies)

Noah: Look, we should just go back and—(Sees a bear) Crap. AHHHH!!!!!!! (Heather joins him and they run)

Bear: (Roars and kills the screaming couple)

Peter: Sharks! Sharks!

Katie & Sadie: AHHHHHH!!! (The sharks maul the duo)

Gwen: Huh? (Sees Doofenshmirtz at his balcony)

Doofenshmirtz Inc. Singers: Doofenshmirtz in his balcony!!

Doofenshmirtz: (Laughing) Good luck, peasants! (Perry bursts into the balcony)

Perry Singers: PERRY!

Doofenshmirtz: P-P-Perry the Platypus?! (Perry beats him up) WHOA!!! CURSE YOU, PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!!

Phineas: Oh, there you are, Perry. (Sees Perry, as he is not looking like an agent. Perry chatters)

Peter: Let's go. (The survivors leave)