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(A.N: Believe it or not this is based on a conversation I actually had with my friend the other day…)

Numbnut Geography
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"Yomi, what's the capital of Beijing?"

Yomi was by now used to Tomo's odd questions, but that one was so random that it caught her a little by surprise. She, Tomo and Osaka had been sitting in her room studying (or at least Yomi had been, she didn't know about the two Numbnuts) in silence, and now Tomo suddenly came out with that.

"Tomo, there is no capital of Beijing. Beijing is the capital of China," she said slowly.

"Ah thought Rome was the capital of China" Osaka piped up.

Yomi mentally groaned. Why had she even entertained a discussion with these two? Any conversations with them would inevitably go off on such an odd tangent that it would take Yomi's brain a good month to fully recover afterwards.

"No, Rome is the capital of Italy."

"So where's China?" Tomo asked.

"You seriously didn't just ask me that, did you?"

"Yeah. Is China in Africa? Oh wait a sec, Africa's a country. It's that other one that begins with an A, isn't it?"

"The bunnies have taken ovah China," Osaka said dreamily before going back to staring out the window.

"You mean Asia. And yes, it's in Asia; it's very near Japan," Yomi sighed. "And Africa is a continent, not a country."

"What's a continent? I thought they were the same thing…"

"No. To put it simply, Tomo, a continent is made up of lots of countries. But some countries are part of two continents, like Russia, which is so big that it's part of Europe and part of Asia."

"Owwwie. Stop it, my head hurts already. Way too complicated!" Tomo howled.

"I noticed," Yomi said dryly. "Do you never pay attention in geography?"

"Geography? Isn't that all about stones and stuff."

"No, Tomo, that's geology." Yomi silently prayed that the other girl would shut up soon before she was forced to slap her.

"Oh, ok. So is Japan in Asia?"

Yomi resisted the urge to slam someone's head into the table. "Yes, Tomo. Japan is in Asia. Right, look at my wall. What do you see there?"

"A lot of white paint?" Tomo said blankly.

Yomi growled. "Do you see the world map up there?"

"Oh yeah!" Tomo laughed.

"Think you can find Japan on there?"

"Of course. I'm Tomo the great! I can do everything perfectly!" she cheered, jumping to her feet. "Iiiiit's… THERE!"

Yomi looked at where the other girl was pointing and wondered whether she would start crying in frustration in a few moments.

"Tomo, that is not Japan; that is Kazakhstan."

Tomo looked at the map, frowned, smiled and said, "Oh well. Who wants tea?"

"I think we've come to the conclusion that both of you are going to completely fail the geography exam," Yomi groaned, deciding to block any further Tomo-and-Osaka-comments from her hearing; not doing so would be very dangerous to her health, she decided.