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Jacob & Bella go to ride the motorcycles for the first time, but see 'Sam's gang' about to jump off the cliff, oblivious to the recreational sport cliff-diving Bella attempts to stop them, only to uncover more mythical truths, werewolf's.

She Wolf

The Quileute legends state that only females turn into werewolves. What happens to the wolves imprints? What happens when the Cullen's move to La Push for the first time and there's currently no treaty in place?

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Chapter 22 – Forever and Always – 1 YEAR LATER


"I swear to god Paul if you even think about it I will kick your big bum" Hannah yelled at Paul who was carrying her on his back over to the sea. Hannah was struggling and let out the occasion scream but Paul didn't let go. He placed her in the water and ran off. I chuckled and shook my head. Everyone else was laughing as Hannah walked back over to us dripping wet; Paul was nowhere to be seen. Probably hiding, I thought.

"Come here Hannah" Bella called over to her and wrapped her in a dry towel. Hannah had a scowl on her face as she looked around the beach trying to spot Paul. I wrapped the towel around her shoulders and hugged her close to me.

"He is dead when I see him next" She mumbled. I chuckled again. Everyone was used to this constant war between Hannah and Paul. It was a friendly war but believe me they are the worst. Both will prank each other when they least expect it. Paul's pranks are always the most evil and Bella always helped her get him back.

"Come on let's get back to the fire" It was Saturday night and we were currently at one of our weekly bonfires. The pack is still as close as ever even though wolf duties are no longer needed. We do still phase just for something to do and we have all remained the same age, except Sam and Emily. Sam no longer phases because he wants to have a normal life with his two children. That's what I want, children with Bella. I don't want to move fast though. Bella had only just left college and we only just got married a month ago. I can't wait through; I want to start my family now. Bella has never mentioned it, however, and I don't want to be the one to bring it up in case that is not what she wants. Bella was so good with Hannah and I knew she would make the perfect mum someday; I just wanted to know how soon that day would come.

"He's over there" Bella growled as she pointed over by the trees where Paul was now stood with his tongue stuck out at us. Hannah set off running towards him shouting; Paul started to run towards her. This caused Hannah to stop in her tracks. She suddenly turned around and stared sprinting back to Bella and I. "Bella, help" She screamed. I laughed as Bella wrapped her up in her arms.

"Paul, stop it now. God, Hannah is only 6 years old and your scaring her silly. Grow up" Bella scowled at him. By the corner of my eye I could see Hannah smirk and stick her tongue out at Paul. I chuckled as Bella carried on her rant and Hannah pulled faces at Paul who looked terrified of Bella.

"Baby, I think Paul has learnt his lesson" Paul nodded in agreement and cast me a look of thankfulness.

We all made out way back to the bonfire where everyone was talking and eating happily. We were all like a big happy family now, I don't know what I would do without these people and it is one of the main reasons why I love been a wolf, the other is finding my Bella.

"Sorry J, I have to steal your wife for a minute." Leah smiled at me and pulled Bella away, leaving me with Hannah. Leah had warmed up to us all just like Seth had said. We understood what she was going through and why she acted like she did. Anyone would have acted like that if they had found out they were the only girl in a pack full of male wolves. Ever since, Leah and Bella have been the best of friends, along with Neisse. Leah was actually the maid of honour at our wedding and Paul was my best man. Paul took the job seriously and never left me alone!

I sat down on the sand and Hannah walked over to Nessie. Hannah had accidently found out about wolves when Paul couldn't help but talk about it, not knowing that she didn't know. She was a little shocked at first but soon got over it and asked Bella eagerly if fairies existed too. Bella told her that they did, which got her really excited, until Paul laughed and said "Fairies are not real midget" That was the start of the war. Not because he told her that fairies weren't real, no, she was mad because he called her midget.

Bella walked back over to me after about ten minutes. "I need to talk to you" She told me nervously as she pulled on my hand to follow her towards the woods. I noticed that Leah gave her thumbs up as we walked past. What was all that about?

We sat down behind a tree so that we could no longer see the other but we could here there laughter and chatting.

"I really don't know how you are going to take this" Bella whispered faintly.

"Bella what is it?" I asked, worry flooding through me. Is she ill? Is she going to leave me? My breath stuck in my throat at the thought.

"I-I'm" She took a deep breath when she couldn't form the words. Her eyes were trained on her hands when she finally spoke the words that filled my heart with every amazing emotion that anyone in this world would want to feel. "I'm Pregnant."

"You're pregnant?" I asked to be sure that I hadn't heard her wrong. She nodded and I felt relief cover my heart. "Bella this is amazing" I breathed looking out into the woods. Thoughts were flowing though my heart at speeds unknown. Is it a boy or a girl? Would the little one look like Bella or me? God, I hope she or he looks like Bella.

"You're okay with this?" Bella asked looking at me for the first time since she told me the news. I nodded confused by her question. Why would I not be alright with this? I huge smile spread across her face. "Thank God" She clung to me tightly. "I worried that you wouldn't want this" She told me sighing.

"Of course I want your child." I told her. "How far along are you?"

She pulled away and smiled. "I found out a week ago that I am five months into the pregnancy and I didn't even know. Carlisle saw that I looked ill and examined me. He realised I was pregnant, so I took all the examinations and I am due in 4 months." She smiled happily. She reached into her purse and started to ruffle through it. She eventually pulled out a piece of paper. "This is the scan" She handed it to me and I felt a grin appear on my face as I look at the form of our baby. "Do you want to know what gender?" She asked. My head shot up. She could tell by the look on my face that I wanted to know. "It's a boy" I grinned and looked at the scan picture again. My little boy. "I wish you were there when I had the scan but like I said I didn't know" She told me worriedly.

"Its fine Bella" My life just kept getting better and better and its all thanks to this woman in front of me. "Thank you for making me a dad Bella" I hugged her close and pressed my lips to her forehead. "I want to do what Sam has done. I want to give you phasing and be a proper family" I told her. She just nodded and we fell in silence.

"I've thought of a name, but I want you to have a say in it" She told me as we held each other.

"Any name is fine with me" I laughed.

"Okay, I was thinking about naming him Charlie" She whispered. I looked down at her and she had her eyes on the scan. I saw a tear fall down her face. I knew it still hurt her to think about her dad, she was the same at our wedding when she realized that Charlie wasn't there to walk her down the aisle. Jacob did it instead.

"Charlie is a perfect name for him" I wiped the tear from her face and her eyes rolled up to meet mine.

She smiled. "What would I ever do without you Jared?" She let out a shaky laugh.

"You will never be without me" I told her then pressed my lips to hers. This is what I live for.




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