Title: The Opposite of Romance (prompts: rain, romance, lily, sunlit days, addicted)
Word Count: 100
Rated: G


Harry inhaled, savoring the scent of lilies that wafted from Ginny's hair. He idly compared the present to the hazy memories from before. It seemed a lifetime had passed since those sunlit days when they first dated.

"Knut for your thoughts?"

"I'm addicted to you."


"Absolutely addicted to you," he clarified.

"You romantic."

"I try," he smirked, waggling his eyebrows suggestively when she looked up at him.

She giggled, "Not to rain on your parade, but that's the complete opposite of romantic."

His face fell, and he pouted at her.

"I love you anyway." She kissed his pout away.