Happy Birthday, Here's Your Hamburger!!

A Mario Party 4 inspired Oneshot


The party cube Toad and his friends found was incredibly fun, as they had said. The boards each of the five party leaders had designed really put the part in party, especially Goomba's Casino. But the best part were the presents were the presents the party leaders had hidden for everyone. It was just so fun taking the small box from the cart and watching it blow up right in front of them. Through the dust, the present appears! Everyone forgot their surprise pretty quickly and showed joy at the gift and the giver.

Currently, it was Wario's turn to find his presents. He had been eying the presents Mario, Daisy, Waluigi and Donkey Kong had already got and was looking forward to his time of receiving.

After all, no one loves taking things more then Wario!

"Yeah!" Wario laughed. "Imma gotta win!" he added triumphantly as he bested Boo at Mystical Match 'Em. Boo shook his head sadly and looked down. There was a burst of white light and they were back at the stage. Boo looked at Wario and laughed.

"Congrats, Wario! And now..."

The curtains behind Wario pulled away and showed that same cart he had seen before. On it was a small box, all wrapped up and looking pretty. The fat man pumped his fists in excitement.

"Here's your present!" Boo cackled.

Wario took the box and, as expected, it blew up in his face. Once the dust had cleared, he finally saw it...

...an extra large hamburger.

"What?! Wario gets a HAMBURGER for his birthday?" Wario gaped at the floating food.

Boo nodded. "Happy Birthday, here's your hamburger!"

"Waaah!" Wario was shaken. He had expected a new bike, coins, treasure, something FLASHY that would satisfy his greedy heart. It was his BIRTHDAY after all.

Boo laughed. "What's wrong, flesh puppet? I thought you liked hamburgers! E-hee-hee."

Wario didn't answer, he just stuffed the burger in his mouth and ate it all in one bite. While he was still chewing, he looked at Boo and said, "Wario expected COINS or TREASURE for his birthday, not food! Next time, give me a hundred coins!"

Boo wiped the splattered saliva and chunks of ground beef off his face in disgust. "That's the last time I ever give YOU a present."


I admit, I laughed so hard when I saw Wario's present from Boo. A hamburger, of all things. Seriously. Then again, it IS Boo.

I know the presents were mainly doll houses, but I didn't like that idea too much to be used in the fanfic world. It seemed to make more sense to make some of the presents real and not accessories. Besides, what would the characters (aside from Peach and Daisy, perhaps) do with a DOLL HOUSE? Even Mario knows that using it as a decoration is pointless, especially since he's never home. Or rarely ever.

Also, I can actually see Boo giving an actual hamburger to Wario. Because he's BOO.

(thought of the story) I hate how the characters in Mario Party almost always refer to themselves in the third person. "Yeah, Peachie's the winner!" "Wahaha! Waluigi's Number One!" "Yeah! Daisy's the winner!" I'm really glad it changed in Mario Party 6. Still, aside from third person referrals, Mario Party 4 remains my favourite. Mario Party 6 is a close second, since the replay value is so awesome.

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-Moonlit Assassin