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And lastly (I think), I would like to assume that most of you don't know what vicissitude is. Here you are, dears: Vicissitude; noun; something that obstructs progress and requires great effort to overcome; a change or variation; difficulty. Basically, life.

And did I forget to mention Neji/TenTen? . . . I'm incapable of writing any other pairing. *shame*

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TenTen did not usually like to display her clothes and undergarments to all of Konoha. . . but her dryer was broken.

And luckily, she had had a back up plan.

Outside, she had strung a wire from two trees and begun to hang her wet and soapy clothes on it.

It was not a breezy day, something TenTen was thankful for, so hopefully her clothes would not magically turn up into the hands of someone she knew.

TenTen was stringing up her underwear and bras when she heard a shout from the main road.

She looked over her shoulder to see Lee bounding towards her, appearing cheerful.

She removed the clothespins from her mouth and greeted Lee.

"What are you doing?" he questioned, staring curiously at the clothesline.

"Hanging my clothes to dry. My dryer broke down," TenTen replied, taking a pin and finishing hanging up a sports bra.

Lee squinted at something.

"What are those?" asked Lee, pointing at the object in question.

TenTen barely glanced at it.

"Boxer shorts."

Lee mused some more, examining the thing very carefully.

"I've seen those before," he proclaimed, shaking his finger as his mind searched for that particular memory.

TenTen scoffed shortly.

"No, you haven't," she dismissed, picking up a shirt.

"Yes. . . I have. . ."

TenTen stared up at Lee, trying to figure out where he might've seen them previously.

In their contemplation, they almost didn't see Neji appear, looking pale in the bright sunshine.

"What are you two doing?" inquired Neji, studying their far-away expressions.

"Neji, good," Lee began, regarding his friend, "where have I seen these before?"

Lee pointed to the dark boxer shorts hanging on the simple clothesline.

Neji blanched and snatched them off the line.

"Hey!" TenTen yelled in protest at the jostling of her clothes.

She turned to Neji, ready to reprimand him before recalling why he was embarrassed.

"Oh," she breathed.

TenTen flushed and moved past her two friends, continuing to hang up her clothes.

"Do you remember it, Neji? Where have I seen those?"

Neji swallowed past the stone in his throat and gripped the boxers harder.

"That's because they're mine, Lee," Neji forced out, gritting his teeth.

Lee's thick eyebrows furrowed.

"But why were they in with TenTen's clothes?"

Impatiently, Neji responded, "Remember that mission in the Lightning Country? And the clothes mix up we all had?"

"Oh, yes, that's right!" exclaimed Lee, happy his memory had been restored.

"Lee?" called TenTen a few feet away. "Do you mind going and getting Master Wong at t he appliance shop? I need him to fix my dryer."

Lee nodded obligingly and set off, whistling to himself contentedly.

Neji waited until Lee was out of sight before walking over to TenTen.

"That was close," she whispered, sighing. "I'm sorry. I should've been more careful."

Neji nodded but smirked a second later.

"Do you mind holding these for safe keeping?" he queried, holding the boxers out to her.

TenTen grinned and shook her head, taking them silently.

She bit her lip before saying, "So, how long should I keep these for you? I'll start to wear them if you don't take them home."

Neji raised an eyebrow and leaned down to softly say in her ear, "I'll pick them up tonight, then."

"I'll be waiting."

With a smile and a perched eyebrow, Neji left, hardly containing his excitement of the fun they would have in a few short hours.

Neji hoped she would be wearing his boxers.

I was tempted to say, Only his boxers, at the end, but I thought it a bit extreme.

Lying to Lee!?!?!?

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