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Ronnie clutched on to Danielle's broken body, sobbing, screaming saying she's dead over and over.

"No, maybe she's not dead." Stacey said softly, stepping toward her and kneeling down.

"Get away!" Ronnie screamed, shoving her back roughly.

"Look, you either want me to check she's okay or you do, it's your choice." Stacey saidRonnie nodded slightly, laying Danielle gently to the ground whilst Roxy called an ambulance. "It's gonna be okay baby. I won't leave you, I promise." Ronnie whispered as Stacey checked for a pulse.

"It's weak..." Stacey said. "Get an ambulance."

"There's one on the way." Roxy said "You hear that Ron, she's gonna be fine. You'll see."

Ronnie couldn't speak and she cuddled Danielle's cooling body to her once more, crying.

Soon the ambulance arrived.

"Okay sweetheart, my name's Amera you need to let us get to this young lady so we can help her." the female paramedic, Amera told Ronnie gently. She lead Ronnie over to Stacey while she went back to her colleague, he was checking her over.

"Darling? My name's James, can you hear me?" he asked Danielle, checking if she was conscious. He shook his head, "We need to get her to the hospital, and quick." he said and he and Amera helped Danielle into the back of the ambulance.

Ronnie wrenched herself from Stacey's loose grip and threw herself into the ambulance beside Danielle, not wanting to be apart from her daughter.

Roxy, Stacey and Janine were left standing by the train station.

"Come on, we'd better go tell everyone else." Roxy looked at Stacey as she spoke.

Stacey nodded. "You get your family and I'll tell Mo and Charlie.. Mum don't need to know."

"It's ok Danielle… mummy's here. And I'm never leaving you again, so you've got to keep your half of the promise and never leave me, okay?" she told her gently. "I am so sorry I gave you away. And all those awful things I said and did… I'm so sorry… If I had known…" she whispered, brushing the stray hairs away from her forehead and gently stroking her hair as they were driven away.

The ambulance pelted down the empty roads at full speed to the hospital.

Once there, Danielle was wrenched from Ronnie's sight once more as the paramedics rushed her into the rescusitation room, telling various doctors and nurses in confusing medical gabble about what they had to deal with, and they then set to work on keeping the little life there was left inside Danielle's struggling body, and putting more life inside the young teen's body.

All Ronnie could do was stand behind the doors, watching as they had stripped away her daughter's dress to they could put strange redish pink pads on her chest and shock her heart into beating, and she clutched at the locket around her neck.

"Danielle… you can't go now…" she whispered.

Roxy, Jack, Peggy & Phil had appeared ten minutes later, and they had gently pulled Ronnie to the relative's room. Ronnie sat numbly in her sister's arms, Peggy was badgering, asking a passing nurse about Danielle's progression while Phil & Jack were plotting on how to make Archie have his comeuppance.

"You'd think with the amount of people running round this place, someone would know what's going on with Danielle…" Peggy sighed, sitting down.

Ronnie just stared at the floor, barely hearing her aunt's complaints, her cousin's planning or her sister's comforting words.

"Miss Mitchell?"

The voice seemed so far away, and seemed like an eternity to be heard.

"Miss Mitchell?"

The second time, Ronnie's head snapped up.

"Miss Jones is stable, but because there's a chance she'd slip into a coma and her condition could deteriorate, we will have to watch her for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours." the nurse by the door said.

"It's Mitchell." Ronnie snapped. "Her name is Danielle Mitchell! She's the baby I gave away! The baby I should have been protecting! The baby I should have believed when she told me earlier I was her mum! The baby I will NEVER let out of my sight ever again!"

"Ron…" Roxy said softly, rubbing her sister's arm.

Ronnie took a deep breath. "Can I see her?"

"Once we see proof of who you really are to her." the nurse said.

"Rox… In dad's things, there should be the adoption papers.. I know you'd rather not touch them now but they are the only proof I have…" Ronnie said.

Roxy nodded and ran out.

Ronnie got up and walked to the room her daughter had now been taken to. She stared at the pale form of the young blonde in the hospital bed, hooked up to various machines and wires, through the window, clutching at both lockets, her hands shaking.

Roxy jumped into her car, drove to the Vic, ran inside, pushed past Ian who shouted "Oi!" after her and she pelted up the stairs.

"Uh Roxy." Billy said.

"Not now, Billy, eh." Roxy snapped, running into Peggy's bedroom, turning out all the drawers that had Archie's possessions in, tossing things from the wardrobe and searching under the furniture in the room frantically. "He can't… wouldn't do that to Ronnie… Though.. I dunno what he'd do anymore…" she muttered and ran into the living room and searched the drawers and cabinets in the room. She sighed and gave up after a bit, slumping in the chair.

Billy came in.

"Has dad come back at all since we've been at the hospital?" she looked at Billy.

"I heard some movement, but I was watching over Amy, she's been crying. I just thought it was Ian moving about." Billy said.

Roxy gave a frustrated sigh and stood up. "Alright… Thanks Billy." she said and walked out and drove back to the hospital. She walked back to Ronnie. "He took it…" she said.

"What?!" Ronnie gasped. "But… it…"

"I think Danielle brought some things with her.." Stacey, who had got there with Charlie while Roxy was gone, put in.

Phil gave her a strange look.

"Well she would've needed proof of who she was wouldn't she!" she snapped.

"But that would only prove her adopted name! Not the fact I'm her mum…!" Ronnie said. "He truly is EVIL! Why… why would he want to hurt Danielle? What's she done to him? Why would he want to keep hurting me I don't understand!"

"Because since you were fourteen he hasn't been able to control your life, just like he has done with the rest of us… I should have just listened to you Ron…" Roxy said.

"Don't you do that. Don't you blame yourself Roxanne Mitchell." Ronnie said, walking in to the room her daughter was in, ignoring the nurse telling her to leave.

"You really shouldn't be in here Miss Mitchell." she said.

Ronnie suddenly stopped, turned round, her eyes raging with anger, anger at herself, anger at the nurse wittering on about what she can and can't do and anger at her father for causing her this hell. "DANIELLE IS MY DAUGHTER AND IF I WANT TO SEE HER I WILL! AND YOU'D BETTER GET USED TO ME BECAUSE I WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL I KNOW SHE IS AWAKE, SAFE AND WELL ENOUGH TO COME HOME WITH ME WHERE SHE BELONGS!!" she shouted.