Ronnie never left Danielle's bedside over the next few days, Stacey and Callum going back for frequent updates. Andy, Danielle's adopted father still hadn't made it to Walford. Maybe he couldn't face it.

Suddenly, Danielle's hand, clutched in Ronnie's, twitched.

"Danielle?" Ronnie's head snapped up.

Her eyes were still closed. She still looked like an angel.

"Danielle? If you can hear me, sweetie, hold my hand. Or squeeze it. Or something." Ronnie pleaded.

Danielle's hand twitched again and Ronnie jumped from her seat. "Rox! Roxy she's waking up!"

Roxy looked up from her place by the wall, dashed out and came back with a doctor who checked Danielle over.

"Danielle?" he said, shining a small light in her eye for a response, and her eye followed the light. "There seems to be a response. If we are lucky on this day, she should wake up."

Ronnie smiled. "And I'll get my baby back?"

"If she'll let you, yes." the doctor said and walked out.

Ronnie held her hand again and ran her other hand through Danielle's hair softly, brushing it off her face. She gently pressed a kiss to her forehead, which made her eyes flicker. Moments later, Danielle opened her eyes fully.

"Danielle?" Ronnie said softly, smiling.

Danielle looked at her. The last thing she remembered were a pair of headlights heading her way. She supposed one good thing came from it. Her mother had come after her. Called her 'baby'.

Ronnie wrapped her arms tightly around her daughter.

Danielle weakly put her arms around her, "Mum…" she whispered.

"I'm here. I'm here I'm not going anywhere."

Roxy stood watching her sister and her niece smiling. Finally her sister was whole again, maybe Danielle would change the icy persona of Veronica Mitchell that everyone knew and saw and turn her into the true, loving caring Ronnie she knew and loved. She turned and walked out once more to tell a nurse that Danielle was awake.

Danielle gazed up at Ronnie, smiling.

Stacey ran in, pleased and glad that her best friend was alive, awake and well.

"Careful, Stace, she has just woken up." Charlie said gently.

"I don't care." Stacey grinned, pushing Ronnie out the way and hugged her.

Danielle hugged back, laughing slightly. "You don't get rid of me that easily."

"Good. When you're fully better you can come back and live with us again." Stacey said.

Ronnie felt a sudden pang of jealousy and hurt. Here Stacey was barging in and taking her daughter away from her just like everyone else. But then she remembered everything had to be on Danielle's terms. Whatever she decided, she would go along with it.

Danielle turned to her mother, torn about her decision and Ronnie could see that.

"It's your choice Danielle. I'll still be here for you and I'll still be your mum even if you go back with Stacey and Charlie."

Danielle nodded, though she was still torn. She wanted to be close to her mother, and her best friend, but she knew it had to be one or the other.

"How about this." Charlie piped up. "Danielle comes to stay with us while the two of you build up your relationship, and then in the future, whether it be a month, 3 months or even a year, she can move in with you."

Ronnie nodded and smiled.

Danielle nodded also. "That would be nice." she mirrored her mother's smile.

"It won't happen over night. We all know that's a given. But you can't be separated now." Charlie said.

"I couldn't even dream of that." Ronnie said.

"And if you hurt her I will personally kill you." Stacey said.

"I won't. I know I haven't been a good person, but you'll have to learn to trust me. I've been waiting for this day my whole life. Being reunited with her, not the accident." Ronnie told her.

A few hours later, the doctors had told Danielle she could go home.

Charlie got the cab ready outside the hospital, Stacey had grabbed Danielle's bag and Ronnie helped Danielle out and into the car.

Charlie drove back to the Square.

Unbeknownst to Danielle that Phil had 'gotten rid' of Archie, so she was anxious to see everyone outside the Vic with a welcome home banner, she was scared he was in the crowd

Ronnie held her daughter's hand, smiling softly. "Are you alright?" she asked.

Danielle nodded and slowly got out of the cab when Charlie had come to a stop.

Ronnie helped her and walked round to the crowd outside the pub with her.

Peggy pulled Danielle into a hug. "You alright darlin'?"

Danielle hugged back. "Yeah. Just a bit strange that's all."

"Well we'll let you settle back in. anything you need, anything at all. Don't you worry,. Just say the word, alright? You're family now, not just a neighbour." Peggy said.

"Okay." Danielle smiled.

"And don't worry. You won't be seeing much of Archie anymore." Peggy added, smiling proudly at Phil, who still hadn't told her he'd let him go.

Once Danielle had settled back into normal life, or as normal as life can be on the Square. She and Stacey were back on the stall within a few days of her being back.

Danielle went into the café to get their usual morning drinks.

"It's great to see you back on your feet Danielle, don't take too much on at once, though" Jane smiled.

"Yeah alright, love. She's not dead is she. She's not wheelchair bound." Ian said with a sour look on his face, obviously still reeling from how he was treated weeks before.

"Yeah you'd probably want that, Ian. But you are just one person. One little person who still lives in the Dark Ages and you treat Jane like the dirt on your shoes. And one day, sooner or later, she'll realise that." Danielle said. "By the way, I'll have two tea's to go please." she added, looking pointedly at him.

Jane said nothing, sneaking a grateful glance at her while Ian sulkily made the two cups of tea.

"That'll be £2.50." he smirked."

"For two naffy cups of tea in paper cups?!" she said incredulously, raising an eyebrow. "It's 40p for one. For two it's 80p. Do not insult my intelligence, you can get stuffed if you think I'm payin' that. There's a quid, keep the change and go hide under a rock." she said, slamming a pound coin on the counter, taking the polystyrene cups and stalked out.

"You can definitely tell she's a Mitchell. In a few short days, she's gone from someone who wouldn't say boo to a goose to a flamin' Ronnie Mitchell clone." Ian said.

"Ian. Shut up." Jane said and slapped him before walking out.

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