Recovery of the Mind

Summary: Spending a summer with two Slytherins weren't so bad. But how will those two Slytherins react when their former master, before dying, leaves their anchor Harry Potter in a shape no one could imagine? And how will they heal him? Non-slash.

Pairing/s: None.

Warnings: Blood, violence, some other things.

Disclaimers: I don't own Harry Potter.

Alright, this story is out of character kinda a story. Harry is not the same, Severus is not the same, Draco is not the same, many are not the same. Voldemort is still a bastard (unlike my usual stories), Dumbledore is nice (haven't done that in like forever) and some other things. So be prepared for that.

Happens after Sirius dies.

This chapter is focusing on the summer, so no mayor action in here.


Chapter One

Harry had first thought spending a summer with Professor Severus Snape was going to be the end of the world. He had prepared himself for insults, hurting remarks and glares. Why he had to be under Snape's wings due to the blood wards at the Dursleys failing when they threw him out he had no idea. Dumbledore had said the man had the strongest wards he had ever seen on a house, and that Harry would be safe there. Harry himself had not enjoyed the images he had seen when he knew he had to spend a whole summer with the man.

All he got though was a slightly grumpy man who made sure that he ate three times a day, kept his hair and room neat, and the only rules were not enter Severus' bedroom without permission (except in an emergency), not enter the potions lab without permission and don't run in the manor.

And after one week of heavy nightmares of Sirius dying all over again, Harry found himself looking at the real Severus Snape. And liked the man immediately. The oddness of his humour, the depths of his laughter, his genuine interest in healing and perhaps obsession with potions… Harry felt he had found a friend. A real friend.


"Harry!" Severus' voice sounded nervous.

The teen rose up from his chair in the library, went out in the hall and nearly collided with the man.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Draco Malfoy is coming to spend a few weeks here," Severus said. "He refused the Dark Lord, and Narcissa wished to hide him until he got back to Hogwarts."

Draco Malfoy… Harry's rival and sworn enemy. Or at least the teen had been that. Now Harry knew it was childish emotions playing a big part in that rivalry. And then maybe both denial and pretending that Draco was still a prick.

He did the only thing he felt was right; he shrugged, and said:

"Okay. He touch my stuff without my permission, I kill him."

Severus raised an eyebrow but said nothing.


Normally Harry and Draco would have been at each other's throats nonstop but to his surprise Harry did not feel anything hostile against the blonde when said teen appeared on the doorstep with a bandage over his left eye, his hair tousled and not washed for days, and a severe limping to his right leg. The teen did not even snarl 'Potter' at him; instead he murmured a tired 'Hi' before almost falling into Harry's arms. The raven-haired teen's startled yelp brought Severus to the front door within moments.

After that day, they were no longer enemies. Harry found out the truth. How frightened Draco had been of his father all his life. How Narcissa tried to protect her child the best she could but now had to flee the country. She would have taken Draco with her if it had not been for he had to finish his education. She would not let him drag behind just because she wanted to feel safe. She left him in the care of Severus.

Severus himself had not answered his master's summons, and was now considered a traitor. So until the world was rid of Voldemort, the man could not show his face outside the wards of his manor or Hogwarts. That put some pressure on Harry, because he knew Severus liked being outside.


Draco and Harry could end up in the most strangest, and sometimes, most embarrassing positions at times. They fought a lot, friendly fighting, when they were bored and more often than not they rested for a while where they had stopped.

So it was no surprise when Severus came wandering into the living room to see Draco sprawled out over the fur carpet, Harry resting his head on the blonde's stomach. They both were dosing in a light nap. The potions master arched an eyebrow at the sight, shook his head and sat down.

Draco woke up first to see Harry still sleeping. Without his glasses (Severus had helped Harry fix his vision), somehow the raven-haired teen managed to appear younger. And since he was so short and scrawny already, Draco felt like he was looking at a ten-year old when Harry was curled up like that.

He idly stroke the black hair, knowing that during nightmares Harry liked it. It calmed him down. Although now he seemed to be fine.

"Still in dreamland?" Severus asked as he looked at Draco's half-lidded eyes.

Draco shook his head sleepily, continuing to look at Harry. After a while he said quietly:

"He looks like a child."

"That he does," Severus agreed. "Something that made you think of this in particular?"

"No, it's just… this is the one supposed to kill Voldemort." Draco was not afraid of the name. He would never become afraid of it. "And he looks like a ten-year old sleeping with his head on my stomach."

"Really now?"

"You guys are talking about me, aren't you?" Harry slurred out.

"Not at all," Severus said with a faint smile.

"How can you believe that?" Draco asked.

"Heard you… and I don't look like a ten-year old," the teen protested weakly.

"Oh, sorry," Draco said. "I meant eight-year old."

"Be lucky, you horrible brat, that I'm too tired to beat you."

"Brat? You're younger than me," Draco said in amusement.

"Hn," was Harry's long and productive answer before he fell asleep again.


Harry knew none of his friends understood what was going on at the manor. Everyone expected him to hate both Severus and Draco, everyone expected him to come flying after having broken free from the manor. Therefore it was a surprise when they got a letter where he stated he was fine, he had loads of fun and that he could finally beat Severus in chess.

That did not make sense at all. After hearing a lot of complaining, and having run out of both ear-plugs and excuses, Albus went to see if everything was well. He knew it was but decided to indulge Harry's friends, Hermione and Ron, the rest of the Weasley clan and the Order.

The sight that met him when he stepped out from the fire-place made him want to burst into uncontrollable laughter.

"Not a word," Severus growled menacingly, as menacing as he could be when his hair was coloured pink, his robes bright blue and his skin green. He did not sound very dangerous once you looked at him. His pink eyebrow was twitching, making Albus slowly become blue in his face in his effort to not laugh in his poor potions master's face. It was hard work though.

"I presume it was young Harry's work?" the aged man managed to ask, holding onto his side in another effort to not start laughing.

"Actually, they ganged up on me," Severus grumbled. "They claimed it was revenge for all those horrible potions lessons I had thrown upon them last year."

A camera's flash blinded them momentarily, and in the next moment Severus was flying towards the doors, screaming bloody murder.

Hearing twin shrieks on the other side, and the sound of feet climbing the stairs very fast, Albus came to the conclusion the boys used their Quidditch skills to the best to avoid one livid Severus Snape. Reassured the man was out of hearing-distance, a snort broke loose from the aged man. Followed by another. Followed by a very un-Albus-like giggle. Before he finally collapsed in a chair, howling in laughter.


Albus had calmed down by the time he heard two people run the stairs, downwards he believed. His eyes widened slightly. Were they still chased?

Two shrieking teens ran into the living room, saw Albus and decided he was the best shield. They both darted in behind them and Dumbledore stared bewildered at them. Severus entered, looking out of breath and gasped out:

"How bloody long can you two run?!"

"Much longer than you!" Harry said, poking his head out to watch the man.

"Yeah! You need to start exercise!" Draco said, doing the same as Harry. The potions master growled and they ducked behind Albus again.

"Can you please change me back?" Severus said in defeat. "I've looked like this for better part of the morning."

The two teens looked at each other, still grasping the headmaster's robes a bit, and then shrugged. They both looked at Severus, their heads on each side of the aged man and snapped their fingers at the same time. The man was surrounded by smoke. When Severus became visible again, he looked like normal. He slumped his shoulders in relief and finally was able to greet Albus.

"Why are you here?" Harry asked the headmaster curiously.

"Oh, there were so many people harassing me about my decision of sending you to Severus that they managed to convince me go to here and see if you were alright."

Harry felt a small amount of dread going through him. What if Dumbledore decided he was going away from Severus and Draco? Harry was not going to leave though, no mater what anyone said.

"And as I can see," Albus said, "you seem to be doing just fine. Now, if you would let go of my robes… ah, thank you very much. Is it too much trouble to ask for some tea? I have no wish to return too early to them; they will be rather upset and of course not believe when I tell them. Plus I still am waiting for fresh ear-plugs to protect my poor ears from them."

"How about a Firewhiskey?" Severus asked. "And no, you two can't taste."

"Damn," the teens muttered.


Draco and Harry shared a room, and it made no sense for Severus. The boys were sixteen now, so why did they share a room? The potions master knew from experience he liked to have a room of his own when he was in their age.

When he had not been to Harry's room (also Draco's now) for a long time (due to the nightmares Harry had Severus often went there to calm the teen down) the potions master decided to peek inside a late night after he had finished his potion for the day. The sight surprised him a bit.

Alright for two boys, teens, to share a room. It was more rare for two boys to share a bed. True, it was a four-poster bed but still… Severus walked closer, his feet making no sound on the soft carpet and his robe swishing ever so gently.

Harry was lying on Draco's outstretched arm on his side, facing the blonde. Draco was lying on his back, one of his arms across his stomach and the other one acting like the raven's pillow. They were in Draco's bed so Harry had taken his covers and blankets from his bed and bundled himself up while Draco had his own covers and blankets. They both looked oddly at peace.

Severus left, and closed the door softly behind himself.


What do you think? This was just a chapter to explain Harry's relationship with the two Slytherins. Next chapter will be more action.

Chapter two: Sixth year starts, argues erupts and Voldemort is planning something…

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