Rewriting History

Summary: Whenever Harry does something drastic, he always ends up in a bad situation. Time-travel-fic.

Pairing/s: None.

Warnings: Harry was never in love with Ginny (They were only very good friends), blood and violence at some part in the story. Harry a bit out-of-character. It follows pretty much the books, except for the Harry and Ginny-love, some minor details and the ending battle (lots of character-death there). Severus Snape's life-history is different. And this is a time-travel story. Did I get everything now? Probably not, but who cares? You'll find out soon enough.

Disclaimers: I don't own Harry Potter.

On with the show.


UPDATED 2012-02-22


Chapter One

The war was over. The Light had won. Cheers, screams, tears. Everything was a blur for 17-year old Harry Potter. He could not even bring a smile to his lips when he saw the people's happy faces. He could not feel joy in his chest when all he wanted to do was curl up and cry.

They were dead. Ron and Hermione… dead, gone. Eternally young and forever remembered as two youngsters in love who fought for the right thing. Fought for the right thing, died too early. If he had only been quicker…

The right thing… Harry could not really bring himself to feel they died for the right thing. They said they would die for him. Idiotic. They died in vain. Just like so many others. Names and faces went past his face but three of them kept haunting him.

Ron, smiling widely. Ron's hand coming to rest on his shoulder always calmed him down.

Hermione, scolding gently. Her hugs were the best, just as long as Molly Weasley didn't find out about that particular detail.

Severus Snape, empty eyes. White hand clutching his own, blood dribbling out from the man's mouth. Never want to see that again.

His old potions professor haunted him the most. Harry could not think for one minute before his thoughts returned to the man. What had made him that way? What had made him so strange and impossible to deal with?

The teen, now man, escaped the Great Hall and walked through the empty corridors. The portraits were celebrating as well, but he paid no attention to them. He let his feet carry him and only stopped as he realized he had gone up to the Astronomy Tower. He hugged himself as he stepped into the now chilly room. He looked over the grounds, eyes sad and downcast. Now without the noise, the only thing he could think of was all the people who had died.

Fred and Ron; the Weasleys would be devastated. Hermione, the only child in her family. He didn't even know their name, so would they ever find out about her death? Cho, poor Cho; she had been a role-model to many other students and now the young woman had died. Remus and Tonks… their child now left alone in the world, just as Harry had been.

But his main focus was still Severus. Wait, since when did the man become Severus? Well, no matter; he was still just as dead.

Who would mourn him? If Harry remembered right, the man's parents were dead. Everyone still thought he was Dark but Harry had copied the memories he had seen, the memories Severus had given him before the man died, and sent them to the Ministry already with a note with his signature. The man deserved the honours of being a valuable spy and for saving Harry Potter throughout the years.

Harry suddenly realized he did not want this. He did not want them dead, any of them. Bloody hell, he even wanted the snarky man back so they just could glare at each other! He wanted to change it, he wanted to change it all.

"I don't want this," he whispered. "I don't want this at all."

If you begin all over, you must know you will no longer be the one who will seek out the Dark Lord and vanish him. It will be another Harry Potter.

"I know," Harry said and closed his eyes. "I will help. I will do anything to help to finish that man all over again, I know I can do that. I just want to make everything alright again."

Severus Snape was destroyed long ago.

"Then I'll go back and fix him."

You cannot just go back. Once you go back, you must stay.

"Fine," he whispered.

And for once, Fate obeyed to his wish.


Does this even deserve being called a chapter? Nope, but I'm posting it either way!

Chapter two: Where will Harry end up? And what happens?

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