Apparently fanfiction didn't make it obvious as to what I updated yesterday (that'll be my fault though, I moved the note to chapter 1 so that any new readers would see it instead of reading the entire novel just to find out it's being rewritten.)

So to anyone who got an email, checked, but couldn't see what I'd done, here's the message at the end as well!


Well hello there! Long time no speak! I don't know how many of you this will reach, seeing as it's been several years and all, but to any of you still hanging about and interested…

…I am currently 17 chapters into a rewrite of Wilted Rose! A rewrite has been something I've wanted to do for a long time, but as you may remember, I am lazy. I have also been busy, for those who care, writing a YA fantasy novel that I am self-publishing at some point this year. You can check out my Author page for info about that should you wish.

Back to the topic at hand: Wilted Rose was by far my most successful fanfiction (how I dunno - It's terrible! But I'm glad you guys enjoyed regardless!) I hope that the rewrite will be well received. (I won't be hounding you all to review this time, though. Oh, how I cringed as I re-read my author notes that pestered for them like a drug addict asking for crack! Ugh!)

The rewrite is a bit sexier, and this time, I think Wilted Rose actually will be deserving of its M rating. Some parts are still very similar, and some parts have changed here and there. Seeing as I started writing WR eight years ago, I think we can say the writing will have improved (though I will admit I put a lot less effort into fanfiction than original writing – sorrynotsorry!)

Give me a month or so to finish and tidy it up a bit - maybe less if you're lucky – and I'll start uploading it to my account. I haven't decided on an upload plan yet but probably two or three times a week seeing as it's all pre-written (no waiting an entire year for the ending this time!)

If you're interested, add me to your alerts (if you haven't already) to see when it's up. I hope some of you will join me in the new – albeit very similar – adventure.

Love, Jenni (I spell my name with an 'i' now!) xxx