Well, I decided to just do an epilogue. It seemed to fit better with where I stopped in the last chapter. R&R


Epilogue: Six Months Later

Major Holly Short walked into her new office and smiled to herself. Ever since she had agreed to go out with Trouble, everything had been going well. She had three more successful recons on her record, and seven new records that showed off her pod skills.

That one day, when Holly and Trouble had gone apartment hunting, had produced a spacious, well-light, but terribly expensive apartment, i.e. one that Trouble could barely afford with his commander's incredibly large salary. However, real estate was in large demand in Haven, and the beautiful apartment was the only one available that had more than one room. During their date that night, admittedly after a few nettle beers, Trouble had asked if Holly wanted to split the cost and room with him. Holly, obviously, had said yes. Although they had originally slept in two separate beds, the two very quickly downsized to just one.

Holly was jolted from her thoughts when the door to her office. A deep, familiar voice asked, "Ready?"

Holly replied, grinning, "Yeah. Let's go home," and pecked Trouble on the cheek.

A smiling Commander Kelp led her towards their apartment. He had something special to do at dinner that night…


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