The End

Hmmm...yeah hi, so you probably wondering what the hell is going, and no there is no chapter here but just as the title said this is the end of Midnight Wings.

Now, now before you jump to conclusions hear me out. I've been becoming so busy in the last few months with moving, graduating etc...and I decided to stop writing. Now I don't want you to think that I'm punishing those who left me bad reviews, no, to be honest since after I've returned from Europe on August I was contemplating the idea of dropping Midnight Wings, that's why I took so long to update but then I received so many private messages urging me to update therefore, I pushed forward and updated. So why now? Let just say I've been waiting for an excuse to stop writing this fic and the bashing reviews did it for me.

Now let me clarify few points, many of you are complaining how this is like Her Existence, with mad Enishi wanting to rape and torture Kaoru, well let me tell you that I planned to kill Enishi next chapter, so you see, I did not plan for Kaoru to be captured and raped and tortured and raped and tortured and raped and tortured. I thought everyone understood that Enishi is not the final villain here, he is just another victim of Yumi, and he will die knowing that for two years he had served and helped the woman who had murdered his sister. And Kaoru would NOT have suspected Kenshin, you see she is naive and confused in my story, but not stupid, she would know that one of them is lying –or two of them- but she would not have jumped to conclusions. In the next chapter she would have known that Kenshin is her mate and they would have worked it from there and have a peaceful time till Soujiro appears. Well I planned to have the final chapters concentrating on Yumi, Soujiro and Kaoru and how it's all related to her mother's death blah blah blah.

Anywho I thought I would clear some points. I'm really sorry for this, I know there are some who are enjoying my work, but as I've said I am starting to get too busy and writing long chapters takes a lot of my time. I don't like what I'm doing, as I've said before not the kind of girl who likes to leave things undone, but it can't be helped this time.

I really would like to thank all those who supported me, and I'm really really sorry. As for the bashers, thanks for giving me the final push.

Take care, who knows I might see you in the future.