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Gabriella Montez had a secret.

And it was a secret she carried with her every day.

And if anyone found out she was sure to be put into her box and buried quicker than you could say Albuquerque.

Which was where she lived. It was a small town, somewhere in the world. Her world to be exact. Her whole life was living there. Well she didn't have much of a life. She only had one person that she would consider her life. And he was sitting right infront of her.

It wasn't right. It was never meant to happen. But it did. And she couldn't help but to continue. She knew it was wrong, she really did. But it was one of them situations when you're head says something but your heart feels something and does something completely different.

That's how she explained it anyways.

Not that anyone would ever ask.

Well apart from her best friends.

"And what would that be Miss Montez?" She finally realised she was sitting in her psychology class. And she had completely zoned out. Great. It was nearly lunchtime on a Friday. What else would the teacher expect? She hated Gabriella anyways.

Her golden blonde hair which was curled messily draped all the way down to her breasts. And her almost black eyes stared at Gabriella with her chestnut coloured eyebrows rose. Well.... at least Gabriella had eyebrows that matched her hair colour! That was the best that she could come up with? How horrific. The teacher's glossed lips were pursed together almost in a pout? Aimed cockily at Gabriella. The woman was sickly thin. It had to be a size zero skinny. But she was also curved, Gabriella didn't get it. She had rounded breasts and a butt that stuck out. But she was still sickly thin? Stupid, stupid woman! She was wearing a beige casual dress. It fell perfectly on her frame and her long skinny legs seemed to go on for miles and miles and miles. And her black heels made her all the more taller to Gabriella who was only what barely over 5 foot? And the woman's outfit was dusted off with a long pendent that ended above her belly button. All of this made Gabriella come to a conclusion....

Who the fuck dressed like that for work?

Someone who was trying to impress the guys in her classes. And, fuck it worked. All of the guys in the school just practically stopped breathing when she walked past them and if they were sitting in the front row in her class? They would practically be drooling. It was funny that all of the girls were coincidently sitting at the back of the room?

All Gabriella knew was that she despised the woman.

The woman she had come to know as Miss Marsh.

"Miss Montez..." She added for a second time, her high pitched tone was forceful as it bored into Gabriella's little ears.

"Um, the psychosexual stages of development are made up of the oral stage, the anal stage the phallic stage, the latency stage and the genital stage." The deep voice entered her ears. She turned her head to the left and felt her black curls drape over her olive skin.

And that was her boyfriend.

Ashley Tate.

He smiled brightly at her and she smiled weakly. At least he had saved her right?

"Thank you Mr Tate. Mr Bolton what do you think about Sigmund Freud." Funny enough. Mr Bolton was sitting on the front row, right in her line of view as she rested her butt against the wooden desk almost seductively. Did she mention how much she fucking hated her?

But then perfection lifted his perfect head up. He sat up right in his chair, even just the back of his chestnut hair that was styled alone just made her heart speed up. She saw his perfect defined built shoulders shrug upwards. "I think he was a freak that was obsessed with sex."

A round of laughter burst out around the classroom, her own sweet laughter broke out of her mouth and she earned a glare from her boyfriend who was sitting beside the window, 2 rows over from her, and 1 seat infront of her.

"Yeah I agree with that Miss M." The god like's best friend added. He was sitting behind Troy Bolton. His springy afro which had a life of its own moved forward as did his body and his coloured hand reached onto Troy's hair. Damn if only she was in arms length of him.

As soon as her giggles had stopped forming from her mouth she felt an object placed in her skirt pocket start to vibrate violently, she reached down slyly and almost groaned in annoyance when she read the name on the front of the screen.


She didn't even want to press the button, but she was sure that he would be watching her. Like he always was. She looked down at the screen under her desk.

I can't wait to see you tonight x

She smiled slightly and used her skills to type on the cell phone while the horrible specimen at the front of the class was ranting on about Freud. Her eyes drifted to the clock, the long black hand pointed to the number 10 and the little black hand pointed between the 11 and the 12. At least she only had 5 minutes left to sit in this fucking hell hole.

Her text to her 'boyfriend' had read. What's happening tonight?

And if it was on cue barely a minute later her thigh started to buzz underneath the table. She pulled the cell phone out and looked at his reply.

I thought you could come round? I've barely seen you. I miss you babe

She didn't like him calling her babe. She didn't like him calling her anything. She sighed and typed back a reply. I'll see what I can do.

Her deep chocolate eyes shifted over to his figure. He was good looking, gorgeous, she would give him that. He was tall, not that you could see that right then. But he was over 6 feet tall. He towered over her and he almost had to pick her up just so she could kiss him. He had almost black hair, just maybe a shade lighter than her own and it was spiked and gathered slightly at the front. His figure was to die for; she used to think so anyway. He played football so he was extremely built. His arms almost crushed her when he put his arms around her. His apple coloured eyes always seemed to be on her. It was if when she was having a conversation with anyone and he was over at the other end of the classroom, or cafeteria his eyes would always be on her.

Annoyance had now risen in her small body. She could feel that the red had collected around her irises, which of course meant danger. That was the thing about her. She was sweet, she was kind, and you could go to her with any kind of problem. But you didn't want to get on Gabriella Montez's bad side. She had the temper of a raging banshee. She felt tense. She felt like all of her defined muscles had shrunken in her body. But that was calmed when a high pitched voice drilled through her ears.

"Calm down." The whisper came from at the side of her and immediately Gabriella's body calmed. He could notice couldn't he? If he was watching her all of the time he was bound to know when she was annoyed. But he usually just let her be to let her calm down. When they had first started going out over a year ago he hadn't let her cool off. It resulted in a black eye.

Gabriella turned her head to the side slightly to be greeted by a pair of soothing brown eyes. Lighter than Gabriella's though. Much lighter, they were a more hazel colour, but the brown was more dominating than the green. Her new brunette hairstyle still looked weird to Gabriella. Yesterday she was bright blonde, blonder than blonde and today? Her hair was a rich brown. But it made her skin look more tanned. And it didn't make her look as plastic. But she was also one of her best friends.

Sharpay Evans.

She was very high maintenance. And filthy rich, but underneath all of the money and the demands she was a down to earth, sweet, kind girl. Gabriella had been friends with her since 3rd grade along with her other best friend Taylor. Of course Taylor and Sharpay knew her secret.

"Can't help it..." She whispered harshly but she could feel the anger loosely slipping from her body.

"Well I told you what to do.." The new fresh brunette shrugged her shoulders as if it was obvious, but her statement must have been louder than she intended. Maybe? Because both of their voices were cut off by....

"Miss Evans. Miss Montez. How many times have I told you, if I see you muttering in my class one more time it'll be detention for the pair of you." Her voice was just irritating. Did she actually just say something then because all Gabriella heard was yadda yadda fucking yadda!

"Whatever." Sharpay mumbled.

The familiar sound of the bell rang through her ears and Gabriella never thought she had been more relieved. As quick as she could she picked up her books and ran out of the classroom before feeling a touch on her arm. She turned to face the source of the mystery person and her breath was caught in her throat at the sight of him.

"Can I talk to you a minute?" His husky voice asked her, nothing more did she want was to obey to his command. But she couldn't, could she?

Before she had chance to talk looked down at his hand that had a grasp around her wrist.

"I think you should remove your hands from my girl don't you? Bolton." Ashley almost snarled. Troy's eyes snapped to her own. His beautiful, stunning piercing azure spheres rose with annoyance and anger. She shook her head slightly, so Ashley wouldn't see.

Ashley laced his hand through hers as if he was flaunting to the world that she was his and nobody else's. It made her want to vomit. "Um, Troy I have to go but I'll see you later."

She walked out of the classroom with Ashley behind her as if he was shielding her. Little did she see that Ashley had mouthed "you won't" to Troy and Troy was still standing there motionlessly.

All she did was keep her head low, so she wouldn't piss him off.

Troy Bolton had a secret.

It was a secret that he carried with him every day.

And the only reason nobody really knew about the secret was because he wasn't sure what would happen. He couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't end up bad. So he kept his mouth shut.

But tonight of all nights it was driving him insane.

The way that fucker had looked at him when he had spoken to Gabriella. What a fucking dick! To say Troy hated him was an understatement. They had been in a war since around 5th grade and it had been ongoing ever since. And when Troy had found out that he was going out with Gabriella? Yeah he wanted to fucking beat the shit out of him. It wasn't just because Ashley had Gabriella, well he didn't even have her. She could never be Ashley's but he just hated him even more knowing that he put his hands on her and could hold her when she was crying, it made him jealous to the pit of his stomach.

"Dude cheer up it might not happen." His cheery best friend attempted to cheer him up but it wouldn't happen. Chad's elbow rammed into Troy's ribs and Troy could feel that the alcohol was getting to Chad quicker than usual.

Troy just groaned in response. He couldn't help it though. He really couldn't. Troy Bolton and Chad Danforth had been best friends since preschool, they were practically like brothers. It was a norm that wherever Troy went Chad went too. They were practically inseparable. Always had been. Well that was until Chad had started going out with Taylor Mckessie. She was Gabriella's best friend. So it meant that wherever Chad was with Taylor, Troy ended up being there. So to say that they were close together all of the time was an understatement.

Currently? Troy was at some ass's party. He had been invited to, with his friends he should be having a good time right? But he wasn't.

"Hey Troy.." Sharpay casually greeted him and she rested her plastic cup down onto the table.

"Hey Shar you alright?" He asked. He was close with Sharpay. Really close with her, they practically told each other everything.

She also knew about his secret.

"Yeah I'm fine. Who died?" She asked with a slight sympathetic smile on her face. She'd always pick him up when he was in moods like this.

His eyebrows rose, as if he was trying to tell her. He was tired. He wanted to go home. He wanted to go to bed, but there was an ounce of hope inside of him. Just a tiny bit, telling him to hang on. "Ugh." Her distressed tone echoed through his ears as he watched her fire daggers at guys who were walking past.

"What's up?" He asked while wiping his tired face, as if he was trying to stun himself into staying awake.

"Guys" She exclaimed, throwing her arms up in the air. "Now I'm a brunette? Seriously I'm like a piece of fucking meat."

Troy smirked at Sharpay's little outburst. Everybody knew that she was going out with Zeke Baylor. Zeke was on Troy's basketball team and they were tight. Sharpay and Zeke had been together for 3 years and they seemed to be going strong. And everyone knew that you didn't mess with Sharpay. Troy knew she was hot, he wasn't denying that. He did think Sharpay was hot, but they were practically best friends so he would never even think of that. He was more like a big brother to her? But then that seemed wrong saying that he thought she was hot. Damn Bolton pull it together.

"You're complaining?" Troy laughed as if it was obvious. Troy also got alot of attention from the girls. Since around sophomore year, girls had swooned over him. He knew he could probably have anyone he wanted. But he didn't. There was only one person for him.

"There's only one guy for me Troy..." Sharpay sighed, but slurred a little. Troy could tell that she was getting drunk because Sharpay only ever discussed how she really felt with help from a little friend called vodka.

"I know yeah." Troy spoke before he was interrupted by a vibration on his jean coloured thigh. He eagerly flipped the phone out and his stomach did somersaults at the name that danced across the screen.

You can come round now x

Troy beamed from ear to ear. "I gotta go Shar."

"TROY!" His name echoed off of the walls as he hovered over her.

Her bare chest was heaving up and down and her head was rolled back resting on the pillow. The sweat glistened on her chest, as he eyes were shut tightly and she let the orgasm take over her small being.

God he loved her. With every ounce of his being.

"God... Troy... that was..." Her angelic voice practically sung to him as her gasps for breathe evened out. He leisurely rolled off of her and unsheathed the condom from his member, throwing it into the bin at the side of the bed. Ironic. He laid back on the bed letting his skin stick to the purple bedspread.

He felt a magnetic pull towards the goddess lying beside him and before he knew it her body was lying on top of his. Well her hand was rested on his sticky chest and her calves entangled themselves with his. Her index finger started to draw invisible marks onto his skin. His own arm wrapped around her shivering figure protectively desperately trying to warm her up.

And then it sunk in.

What they had just done.

It was wrong.

It was a secret.

Gabriella Montez cheated on her boyfriend with Troy Bolton.

Every time they were together, every time they kissed or hugged or even if it was just a flirtatious smile in the corridor. He knew how much it hurt her.

But hurting her hurt him. She had to know that.

"Its okay" He reassured her and kissed the beautiful cushion of her almost black hair that was sticking to her head from all of the sweat. He then felt a warm tickle against his soft skin, almost like it was wetting his golden skin. He only thought that it was some sweat but then he started to feel it again. "Hey. It's okay."

Her small fragile body looked up and her stunning chocolate eyes shone with guilt, they leaked guilt. "I can't do this. I can't..."

Her panic was frightening. Everybody knew that when Gabriella lost it. She lost it big time. And the only people that knew about this knew that whenever she would lose it Troy would always be there to try and calm her down. "Gabi, we've tried this before. We end up in the same situation..." He referred to how many times they had put an end to their relationship. But it wasn't just about the sex. It really wasn't. He loved her, when he saw her in the corridor he just wanted to hold her and kiss her senseless.

But whenever they tried to end the situation she always ended up right back into his arms. "No. I don't mean you, I mean him... I just can't. It's too much." She started to push her vibrating figure off of him while the tears fell down her face.

Troy hated when she got like this, so distressed. She always told him that she couldn't do this anymore. And she always got herself into such states. He just never thought that tonight would be one of them nights. "Gabi, he'll find out okay. When the times right you know that. We've talked about that."

She shook her head and the red rose in her chocolate orbs. But not of sadness, of anger. "What Troy? When's the time gonna be right? It's never gonna be right. I have to tell him."

Never had he seen her so determined. But as much as her tired body was rebelling against her she was wrestling to get away from him. "Gabi. Stop okay." He tried to coax her and forced her body back down to his but pulled up her tired face to look into his eyes. As if trying to tell her through his eyes that it was all going to be okay. But he couldn't. There was no telling what he would do if he ever found out. And that's what scared him the most.

It wasn't him he was bothered about. Ashley could do whatever he liked with him. But even when he saw Ashley with his hands on her around school he couldn't help but feel his blood boil.

Gabriella's angelic head shook. "No. This is it. I'm gonna tell him. I'll get my cell and I'll do it now."

Troy knew that Gabriella knew that was ridiculous. She couldn't break up with her boyfriend of a year for a year, besides if she did do that he would bolt around to Gabriella's house quicker than you could say Albuquerque. And especially since Ashley knew Gabriella's mom and dad were away for the weekend she wouldn't be able to shift him for days. And if he caught Troy there? That would certainly be the end of him. "Gabriella. You can't do that you know you can't do that."

Her hysterics were rising. She looked around the room like someone was going to jump out and help her. But that's what he was there for, wasn't he? "Then what? What do you want me to do? I know you don't like him but do you want us to keep having sex being together? Without him knowing. Do you know how much this is killing me inside?"

When she finished her face contorted into a face of pain, a sob erupted from her mouth and it pierced his heart like a stab wound. "Then if we tell him. We'll tell him together. Gabriella we'll figure something out don't do this to yourself. I can't stand it." His oval shaped head shook down at her.

She shook her head to match his own. "No. We'll figure something out but I tell him on my own. I can't risk him hurting you. Tomorrow. That's when I'll tell him."

Troy could sense that her hysterics were calming down now and sleep was overpowering her. He pulled her body back to his. "The only way he could hurt me would be if he was to hurt you." But Troy couldn't help but feel his heart flutter at the fact that Gabriella would be single this time tomorrow.

And then he could claim her as his own to everyone else.