In my frenzied rush away from my newly-embodied fears, I sprinted and held ChaCha's leash in a death grip. My vision began to blur as my weight shifted forward. I shrilly screeched out from my terrified shock, hoping someone would hear me.

Looking down at my wobbling gait and ChaCha, I noticed a sense of fear in my puppy's eyes. I felt a resistance of sorts to my stumbling as he dragged me backwards. However, due to my state of being at the time, I could not muster the energy to discipline him, so I just moved on.

This ongoing chaos began to make my head spin, and I could feel my eyes clamp shut. Thought I was perfectly aware I was losing control, I took one more feeble step forwards as my bodily weight shifted downwards.

"There's no use," I thought, too shell-shocked to break my fall.

But just as I felt as if I were roughly halfway between my normal standing height and the ground, a pair of hands grasped around my torso. Malicious memories flooded my panicked and shutting-down brain.

Somehow, throughout all of this, I had the strength to mutter a phrase that let my fears known to the world: "No…Ricky."

By the time I had opened my bleary eyes, it was apparent that I was somewhere different. The room, covered in floral wallpaper, emanated with familiarity and warmth. Sitting up against the wall from the cushy, airy bed I previously lay on, I noticed a beige puffball in a figure's arms. However, with my vision still not being perfect, I could only assume I was seeing ChaCha with someone at my bedside.

"Connie? You're back!" A familiar man's voice shot out in exclamation. Soon afterwards, shrill puppy barks followed.

Then, as my vision normalized, it all came together. I saw it with my own eyes: Forest, the same man I just met the day before, and ChaCha, the puppy I had purchased not long before meeting Forest, had saved me from who-knows-what.

Forest grinned with elation as he stroked ChaCha. Animals may be great companions to people, and they may be able to soothe souls. But my sixth sense, or perhaps that engaged and enamored look in his eyes, led me to believe that this was not about ChaCha.