Title: What I Left Behind

Rating: T

Summary: After breaking up with Jeanne, Tony finds solace in Ziva's company during the lonely nights. Once Ziva discovers that she's pregnant, she skips the country, leaving a clueless Tony. After seven years, Ziva returns to NCIS, but will Tony ever find out that he's a father?

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the creators and producers of NCIS, not me (unfortunately)

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Ziva rolled over gently in the bed, gazing upon her partner's sleeping face. It had been three weeks or so after Tony and Jeanne had split, and for most of the nights after, he'd consoled himself by spending the night with Ziva. Oh, she knew he was using her to get over Jeanne, and she knew she shouldn't have let him in the first place. But he seemed to be her weakness; after crushing on him for nearly a year, Ziva found she couldn't refuse him what could heal him; even though she'd pay the price once he actually decided to move on.

Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she changed back into last night's clothes, and quickly exited his apartment before he could wake. During the day, they continued acting as normal, as if their separate night life had never existed. Ziva drove down the familiar streets to her apartment, and let herself into the empty rooms. Here in America, she had no one here besides her NCIS family, and her 2 bedroom apartment just felt much to big for the Mossad agent. The rooms were always empty, and no one had even seen this apartment besides Director Shepard, who had set up the living arrangements for Ziva's stay. Entering the rooms, she tied her hair up and away from her face, expecting the morning's onslaught of illness. For the past couple of days, her stomach was as topsy turvy as a….. merry-go-…up? She the local drug store to pick up the pregnancy test with the suspicion, and the results were just as she'd feared; positive. After upheaving her stomach, she changed into a more comfortable set of clothes; black sweatpants and a larger NCIS sweatshirt.

Her apartment was now packed in boxes, which would be sent out several days after her. All she would be bringing was a simple track bag. No, she couldn't appear suspicious. She felt only slightly guilty that she'd be cheating the Team out of their proper good-byes, but she couldn't deal with their twenty questions, and McGee and Tony would never let her leave the premises. Ziva knew that Gibbs would be disappointed, but she was sure that Jenny would inform him of the true causes once she was safely out of the country. Those two would be the only ones beside her father and a few select friends that would even know of the child's existence.

Before she knew it, she had arrived at the NCIS, and Ziva trudged up the steps of the NCIS building, and strolled through the bullpen.

"So, Zee-vah, you're lookin' a bit unhappy. Whatever it was, it was McGee!" Tony exclaimed, leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head. McGee strolled into the room as he heard his name, and looked around quizzically until he dropped it and continued on to his own desk.

"Fit as a bango, Tony."

"Fiddle. Fit as a fiddle, Ziva." Her partner rolled his eyes, and began surfing the Internet, occasionally glancing at the picture of Jeanne on his desk. Ziva continued up the stairs to MTAC, where she'd requested the meeting between Jenny, her father, and herself.


Standing next to Ziva, Director Shepard could sense some tension in the room the second that Ziva wandered through the door. The assassin hadn't even uttered a hello, and from the looks of the track bag, it seemed that Ziva might be saying good-bye much sooner. Ziva lowered herself into one of the plush chairs, but Jenny chose to stay standing. The screen soon flickered to life, and Director David's face appeared on the large monitor.

"Thank you, Director, for meeting with us today. I'm sorry to say that Ziva will no longer be able to operate at your NCIS headquarters."

Jenny's face stayed neutral, but couldn't believe that she'd be losing her old friend once more. "Care to explain why?"

The Israeli Director looked pointedly at Ziva, and the woman lifted herself from the chair hesitantly. "Jenny… I'm pregnant. With Tony's child." Ziva looked to her feet solemly, adjusting the bag on her shoulder. "I wish to start over somewhere new, to ensure my child's safety. I'm sure you understand that."

The Director looked over the Mossad Agent, andcould notice the baggier clothing, most likely to hide the new and tiny bump. "Does Tony know?" She strode several steps closer to Ziva, laying a hand on her shoulder.

"No. No one can find out Jenny. Tell Gibbs, I know you would like to, but no one else. Ever." The Israeli reached into her pocket and extracted a small slip of paper from her sweatpants. "I'm leaving the country. If you ever need to contact me, call my father or visit me at this address. I'd welcome a visit from you or Gibbs in the future." A small smile appeared on Ziva's face, and her eyes got a bit of a far away look for a moment. "There won't be anything for McGee or Abby to trace, and I want you to make sure that they don't find me. I'll be using my other name, Zivanita Davida, for the time being, and I'll receive a new cell phone shortly after. My flight is in an hour."

The room was deathly quiet, seeing that Jenny had sent away any unneeded technicians who might overhear. "If that's what you think is best," Jenny whispered, accepting the small slip of paper. She pulled Ziva into a tight hug, and she could hear her friend's quiet tears. Pulling away slightly, she took a look over Ziva, and stepped back a bit. "And don't worry about the team. We'll take care of them. And you can expect a visit from Gibbs and I very soon."

Ziva walked towards the door, drying any remaining tears, before turning back slightly. "Thanks Jenny," she muttered, before closing the door, and slipping quietly out of the building.