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8 months later

Tony sat in his desk chair, banging his head against his desk as his new partner continued rambling. Sonia didn't seem to get the clue that he wasn't listening to her life story, and since McGee hadn't yet arrived, he was stuck there listening to Sonia's evening.

"And so then he was like, 'You're perfect!', and I was like, 'Awww', and then he kissed me, and it was so perfect…!" The woman squealed with delight, and she couldn't stop playing with her hair. She was the exact opposite of Ziva, tony thought. Painted nails, curled blonde hair, and a nasally voice that would talk of some of the most feminine things, like the newest Prada line. Tony couldn't fathom how this bimbo had secured a spot on Gibbs' team, but apparently she went to MIT, and her grandfather just happened to be the Secretary of the Navy.

Thankfully, McGee arrived then in the bullpen, and Sonia set to the task of filling him in on the story of her romantic evening. Romance, Tony thought, scowling slightly. Ever since Jeanne had broken up with him and his little Israeli fled the country, he'd only had one-night-stands at the local clubs. Director Shepard had told the team the Ziva was required back at Mossad immediately, and couldn't report whether or not Ziva was returning. While Gibbs and the Director weren't around, Abby and McGee had set to tracing Ziva; or, well, trying to trace Ziva. Besides transfer papers, they hadn't been able to find even an airport ticket or a cell phone number. It was like their friend had disappeared off of the face of the planet.

"Any hits, McGee?" Tony questioned, glancing over at the tech-whiz typing away on his computer.

"Nope," he replied, popping the 'p'. "Tony, it's been eight months. If they wanted her to be found, we'd have found her." McGee shook his head to himself, turning back to the monitor. Tony had been much more melancholy and mellow since Ziva's departure, and Tim could catch the slight gleam of hope in his teammate's eye whenever the Mossad agent was mentioned. Shaking his head slightly, McGee turned back to his computer, and began filing some of the casework.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In Italy…

"Alright… On three… One, two, three… PUSH!" Ziva let out a strangled cry, and Gibbs flinched slightly. He had pulled the short stick, and now had to wait at the head of Ziva's bed, while she tried to squeeze his hand off. He had taken off of work for a month or so with Jenny, saying that they had an undercover operation in Europe to attend to. Jenny was currently sitting in the lobby of the maternity ward, claiming that she had a 'weak stomach' at the moment.

Ziva unclasped her hand from his, and Gibbs sighed slightly at the relief, before she grabbed his shirt and pulled him down so that he could hear her. "Gibbs," she breathed, "when you return to D.C…. hit Tony. Very, very, hard." Ziva growled, and all he found himself doing was nod briefly, before she clutched his hand for dear life.

"One more time, and the first one will be out! One… Two… Three… PUSH!" A faint cry echoed through the room, and the doctors quickly cleaned the baby and checked it over, before wrapping it up. "Second one's coming… One… Two… Three… PUSH!" This time, the baby didn't cry, and the doctor's quickly cleaned out the baby's airway before an even weaker cry was emitted. "Ok, last time..." The doctor was trying to be encouraging, but the Mossad agent was just about ready to pop his head off. "PUSH!" The last cry came, the loudest of the three, and Ziva sighed in relief, wiping her hand across her forehead, which was now plastered in sweat. Believing the childbirth to be not as bad as expected, she had decided not to get any painkillers; a decision she regretted hours later.

Once the procedure was over, Jenny bustled into the room, snapping a picture of the exhausted Ziva. "Smile!" Flash! "So… How'd it go?" The Director asked, glancing nervously between Gibbs and Ziva, before capturing a candid picture of the two.

"Ms…Davida? Would you like to meet your children?" A nurse invaded on the small party, wheeling in three beds, filled with three little infants. Ziva nodded wordlessly, her face slightly awestruck. Jenny took the time to snap another photo of her friend, standing next to Gibbs on the opposite side of the bed. "It's a girl, and two boys," the nurse said, lifting the first baby, swaddled in a pink blanket, and placing her gently in her arms. The nurse also withdrew the clipboards, reviewing the charts, and ready to take down the infant's name.

Ziva accepted the little bundle, and lifted a finger to gently poke the baby's nose, before running her hand through her daughter's hair. "Natalia Jennifer Davida," she whispered, before handing the child gently to its namesake. The Director had a brilliant smile now upon her face, and accepted the baby, playing with the child, as the next bundle was handed to the new mother.

"Timoteo Jethro Davida," she smiled up at her friends. "We'll call him Timmy!" Ziva giggled slightly, imagining McGee here with them. She could see him now, very overwhelmed. Gibbs revealed a giant smile, obviously pleased that he'd have a little child to visit… now that his Kelly wasn't there. He accepted Little Timmy, and the child started to cry slightly in his arms, and the team leader was a little bewildered, before trying to calm the child.

Holding on to her youngest baby, the only of which that was still awake, she could see an almost exact copy of his father, looking back at her. "Lukah Anthony Davida. Luke." She cradled the little boy, and his eyes slowly drifted shut, as his mother gently rocked him to sleep.

Later that night, when the baby's were all asleep in the nursery, Gibbs pulled up a chair next to Ziva's hospital bed. "Tired?" He questioned, smilingly slightly.

"Most certainly," Ziva replied, running a hand through her tangled hair.

"So… What's with the names? They're a bit… unique?" Gibbs tried to phrase it nicely, and Ziva giggled slightly at his expression.

"All of their first names are Italian, just like… Tony. Natalia is a beautiful name, and it has 'tali' in it, my younger sister's name. Timoteo is after McGee, obviously and it's not an everyday name. Lukah… I've just loved that name, when I moved here, I read through Italian baby names books, and I fell in love with it," she explained, making some hand motions. "And I'm pretty sure you know why I picked the middle names; the three most important people I have in my life, you, Jenny, and Tony."

Gibbs nodded, scratching his head slightly. "But, why didn't you choose Hebrew names? We both know how important your culture is to you."

"Well, yes, it is. But, see, my children may never meet their father. So the least I can do is bring them up how he would want them to be raised; like full-blooded Italians. Besides, I must… what is it? Lay… down? I must lay down for a long while. My children would never be safe in Israel or the U.S. So by starting over, I can ensure their safety." Her talking sped up slightly, and the heart monitor began to speed up slightly as the anxiety set it.

"Whoa, calm down Ziva. Sounds like a plan. But what are you going to do once Jenny and I go back to the U.S? Sure, we'll visit, but how can you care for three newborns on your own?" Gibbs rested an arm on the hospital bed, glancing over at the sleeping Director in an armchair.

"Oh, I know you cannot stay. I've arranged for my good friends Arim and Carmit, from Israel, to stay permanently, to help with the children. Since I'm no longer to go on missions, I'll be working as an elite strategist, behind the scenes, and with many security measures." Ziva patted Gibbs' folded hands. "Trust me, I'll be fine."

"It's a good thing your father has friends in high places, David. And don't forget, you'll always have Jenny and me in the U.S. Just give us a call, and we'll be on the next flight out." He smiled, and the two hugged gently. "Now, get some rest. You'll be needing it when those little rascals start howling in the night!"

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Ha! Bet you didn't see THREE babies coming! I've got all of their little traits stuck in my mind, and I can assure you, there'll never be a dull moment with the triplets around!