"Bella."I heard the voice in my head say. I was laying with in bed with the cover up to my chin. My heart was beating at the speed of a humming birds wings. I have heard this voice in my head ever since I was ten years old. I told my dad about it when I was young and he took me to the doctor. But it didn't work. And now seven years later I still heard the voice. I told my dad the medications were working and I didn't hear the voice anymore. The doctor said that I could stop taking my medications because I said I had stopped hearing the voice after a long period of times. But I lied. I didn't want to considered crazy and I didn't want to go to an insane asylum. But the main reason I lied to my father and the doctor is because I had a feeling that the voice wasn't a figure of my imagination. I had a feeling that it was real...

The voice would often talk to me while I was talking to other people. But no one else heard him. I wasn't sure how a normal person could talk to me and no one else hear. I all knew was that there was a real person talking to me, and somehow in my head.

"Bella." I heard the voice say again except this time it was more irritated. What surprised me is that the voice was beautiful. The voice always almost made my knees go weak. Whenever the voice spoke it always felt like it was caressing my soul.

I took a deep breath and answered."Yes?"

"How was your day love?"

I rolled my eyes."Like you don't know. You were practically talking to me all day. "

The voice chuckled."Yes. I can't help myself when that vile Mike Newton always talks to you."

I scoffed."Why do you even care. It's not like you're real." I said trying to convince myself more than the voice.

"What makes you think that I'm not real?" The voice asked.

"If you were real than you would show your face to me, and tell me why you have been stalking me ever since I was ten years old."

"All in due time my love."

"That's another thing. Why have you all of a sudden started calling me your love? You never use to do that until recently."

"Because my love. You belong to me. I have been with you over the past seven years through everything. Through thick and thin. I have become quite taken with you. I love you my Bella."

"Well I don't love you. You have people constantly think I am crazy whenever they think I am talking to myself. How can I love someone that is most likely not even real?"

"Well I assure you my love, I am real."

"Then show yourself." I challenged.

"Like I said. All in due time."

"UGH!" I said rolling over and slamming my head in my pillow. "You are impossible."

"You do not know how bad I want to go over to you and take you in my arms. But the times not right. You are not ready to know the truth about me and to why you are the only one that can hear me."

"I think I should be! You have been following me around for seven years and I want to know why."

The voice sighed."Go sleep my Bella. You have school tomorrow."

"No I want answers!"


"Fine. If you are not going to give me answers, I'm just going to ignore you whenever you talk to me."

"Bella." The voice warned.

"No! I hate you! Leave me alone forever. I'm tired of thinking that I might be crazy. I'm tired of talking to something I have never even seen."

"Bella please don't say that. It pains me to hear you say things like that." The voice said in anguish.

"I don't care. If you want me to continue talking to you, then at least answer me one question. It won't be much but I still want to know."

"What is it?" The voiced sounded stressed.

"What is your name?"

It was quiet for a moment. I thought the voice had gone away for the night until I heard,"My name is Edward."

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