I was tapping her pencil nervously on my desk while taking my calculus test. I could not for the life of me remember how to do this problem! I re-read the problem it seemed a hundred times but it still didn't make sense. I bit my lip. I studied all night last night and still I knew I was going to fail. I sighed. I didn't know what to do.

"The answer is B."

I stopped tapping my when I heard Edward. He had never given me test answers before. I looked around. There was no possible way that he could see my test questions. He can't me real. I shook my head. I know that voice is just in my mind. That is the only possible reason that I know the answer. I knew that I did know how to do it, it was just stored in the back of my mind, and now the voice is speaking the answer for me. Yeah keep telling youself that. I thought.

"Bella didn't you hear me? It's B." I heard Edward say again. I bit my lip surely forming a sore. What else could I do? I had the answer right in my head! It's not like I could ignore it. I filled in the bubble next to B.

I read the next question and of course this one was harder than the last. I scribbled on the side of the paper trying to right out the problem so I could figure it out, but I couldn't. I almost growled out loud in frustration.

"It's A." Edward said. I didn't hesitate this time. I immediately filled in the bubble.

It went on like that throught the whole test. Pretty soon I barely had to do my work on the side. He would just tell me the answer. All I heard was " C...D...A...C...B....D...B....B....A....C" And I would keep writing down the answers.

I was the first one finished much to my teacher's and everyone else's surprise. They stared at me surprised as I got up and turned my test into the turn in basket on the teacher's desk.

When I sat back down at my chair I whispered, "Thanks Edward."

I heard him chuckle and say,"You're welcome."

I was putting books in my locker when the bain of my life walked up to me. I put on a fake smile when I saw Mike Newton's arrogent face. Mike was the most popular jock at the school, and despite how weird people thought I was, he still would constantly try to ask me out, even though he was already going out with Jessica Stanley.

"Hey Bella." Mike said trying to look and sound sexy.

"Um... hi Mike."

"So I was wondering if you wanted to go out this weekend? We could go to dinner then a movie, go to my house and maybe even have some sex." Mike smirked. I could tell just by looking in his eyes that he thought I would just jump right into his arms and say yes, no matter how much I refused him.

"Don't do it Bella." I heard Edward all but growl.

"Sorry Mike. I have plans. I'm uh... going to La Push that weekend. I'm going to see Jacob."

Mike scoffed."That weirdo Indian dude? You do know that he is like a year younger than you?"

This made me mad."So what? He is my best friend."

"Well it's not surprising that he is your only friend with that attitude. Suriously Bella. If you went out with me once you would have a plethora of new friends. Instead you just sit by your lonesome talking to yourself."

I glared at Mike."Wow Mike. Plethora? I didn't know you knew such a big word."

"Whatever Bella. You'll come around. They all do."

"Go away Mikey boy." I heard Edward say.

"Mike just go away. You and the crazy part of my brain that everyone seems to think I have is getting pissed off at your presence."

He pointed at me."You'll see Bella. I know soon you are going to be begging to be in my arms."

I rolled my eyes. "You wish."

"You bet I do." He said. He quickly bent down and pecked me on the lips with his. Before I could yell or scream at him, he was gone.

"I'm going to kill that boy."

"Edward shut up. It's no big deal. You and I both know that I will never be in speaking distance with him without the public eye."

"I'd rather you not be in speaking distance with him at all."

"Well so would I but I do go to school with him and work with him. No matter how much you I and want it, I can't be away from him as much as we would want."

"Hey Freak." I heard from behind me. I spun around and saw the snobby look on Jessica Stanley's face along with her best friend Lauren Mallory. "Done talking to yourself yet?" she asked. Lauren and her snickered.

"Hey Jessica done talking about yourself yet?" I gave her a fake smile. I heard Edward chuckle.

Jessica both gave me the same snobby look at the same time. "Whatever freak. I actually came over here to tell you to stay the hell away from Mike. Everyone knows he's already mine."

"I would gladly stay the hell away from Mike. But see Jessica, I would appreciate your help. He doesn't seem to want to leave me alone. Why don't you do both you and I a favor and keep him away from me? That way we'd both be happy."

Jessica humped."Maybe I will. But if I see you around Mike again, you will regret it... freak. You should go back to the insane asylum where you belong. But then again I'm not surprised that you talk to yourself since you're the only friend you got." Jessica sneered. She stalked off bumping her shoulder against mine. Lauren soon after followed her exact movements.

I tried to hold back my tears. I knew that I shouldn't have let what Jessica said get to me. But she was right. Well only half right. I do have Jacob, but even still the voice had been with me for so long that it does seem like it is my best friend. No matter how much I said I wanted the voice to go away, I knew that I didn't. I wouldn't feel the same with out it. No matter how crazy I or other people thought I was.

I sniffed and wiped my eyes.

"My love. Don't let what she said get to you. I promise soon all this will make sense to you."

"Yeah you keep saying that." I said coldly.

"But it's true. Just be patient."

I rolled my eyes. That all he ever said. I was getting quite irritated and desperate. I couldn't wait to go home. I needed to call Jacob.