A/N- No worries, this isnt a story im writing instead of Inbetween our hug, Im not at my dads, where I write it. And also if anyone wants my Sweeney's New Future fic, go ahead and continue it, I cannnnnoootttt do it anymore! Lie I got millions of ideas for Inbetween and This but that I just feel so dead!

Okay for this, I took the time backwards, Anthony gets Johanna before the Judge or Beadle were even on there ways to their deaths. And after she has been taken, her and Anthony go to uhh France I guess, get certifide as citizens and she's also old enough to be outwarded. So this means the Judge can't get her back, Judge or not...but he aint stopping at that =]


I'm Johanna, my wedding is in 2 days...and I have 3 possible fathers. Anthony Hope, my beloved, had just signed his part of the papers. I, now, am officially my own owner. I am legally an adult now, so anyone who wants to take me will have to marry me, and that's exactly what Anthony wants. For now on, it is safe to be around Judge Turpin, which is goodbecause I want my father to give me away, only I have no idea if it's him or not. While I was rumaging through boxes, I found a diary that read -Lucy's Diary- I immediatley assumed ti to be my mothers, since her name was Lucy.

I walked down the street to the mail box.

I have a dream, a song to sing. To help me cope, with anything. If you see the wonder in a fairy tail. You can take the future...even if you fail.I held the letters in my hand, I read them out loud as I put them in, "Judge Turpin" I put it in, "Beadle Bamford" I put it in, "Benjamin Barker."