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Christmas Wishes - A Two Stepping Outtake

~* Bella *~

"Mummy? Can I ask you something?" Georgie glanced up at me as he finished pressing the chocolate candies that represented buttons into the belly of his gingerbread man.

"Sure Sweetie. You can ask me anything." I answered as I finished piping the white outline around another gingerbread man.

"Why does Daddy always seem so sad around Christmas?"

I put the piping bag of icing down and took a deep breath.

"Something very sad happened to your Daddy during Christmas a long time ago. Do you remember us telling you stories about your Grandmother Elizabeth?"

Georgie raked his bottom lip with his teeth. I smiled realizing that he had picked up that particular tic from me. "Yes. She's Daddy's real mummy--right?"

I reached out and pushed an errant strand of his bronze hair from his dark eyes. "Yes she is. When your Daddy was a young boy, almost close to your age, his real Mummy passed away from a terrible illness right around Christmas time."

Georgie sat quietly for a moment trying to digest the information I had just given him. He looked up at me through impossibly long eyelashes and almost broke my heart when he spoke.

"Mummy? Do we not make Daddy happy enough?"

I sighed and scooted over towards my glorious son who was practically the spitting image of his father and pulled him into a tight hug.

"Honey, you and Jane make Daddy and me very happy. I believe that you both were sent along by angels just to make sure of it."

I held him for as long as he let me. Georgie started to squirm out of my embrace just as Edward cleared his throat at the doorway to the kitchen. Georgie spun out of his chair and ran over to Edward.

"Come see Daddy! Come see! Mummy and I have been making Gingerbread men!" He squealed as he threw his arms around Edward's lean waist.

Edward leaned in the doorway. A slow smile spread across his face and it never ceased to amaze me just what that crooked grin of his could do to me. He leaned down and ruffled Georgie's hair.

"Is that what smells so good? Did you make these for me?"

"Yes!" Georgie answered excitedly. "But Mummy wouldn't let me decorate all of them. She said I had to save some for Jane to decorate."

"And where is that mischievous sister of yours?" Edward's green eyes sparkled as he winked at Georgie.

"Auntie Alice took her into town to do some Christmas shopping for Mummy. They asked me if I wanted to go, but I said no because Uncle Jasper is going to take me riding."

Edward finally came around to the side of the table where I was sitting. He leaned down and kissed the hollow beneath my ear. "How fares the Duchess of Cumberland today?" He purred before pulling away.

"The Duchess is more than happy to see that her husband has returned home." I put my hand behind his neck and pulled him down for one more kiss. "Missed you."

"Ewwww…" Georgie's exasperated voice broke the silence. Edward chuckled slightly.

Jasper came strolling into the kitchen and grabbed a cookie off the table. "Did you make these little man?"

"I did Uncle Jasper!" Georgie laughed as he watched Jasper methodically bite each limb off the gingerbread man. He made melodramatic faces and noises as he consumed one of Georgie's creations. I sat there, watching the two of them, excited that Alice was finally pregnant. Jasper and Alice had waited so long. Now they were blessed with twins.

Jasper nodded at Edward. "When did you finally roll in from London?"

"About 10 minutes ago. I hear Alice has taken Jane shopping again. Your wife is teaching my daughter some very expensive habits." Edward remarked as he gave his cousin a quick friendly hug. "Good to see you Jazz. When are Carlisle and Esme due to arrive?"

I finally spoke up as I started to clean up the icing and candies that we had used to decorate the cookies. "Esme called as soon as they landed in Heathrow. They're on the road to us now."

Jasper wiped his hands on the thighs of his jeans and put his hand on Georgie's shoulder. "Come on little man. We've got a date with some horses."

"Be sure to put your helmet on Georgie! And Jasper…don't let him try any jumps yet. I'd like to have my son in one piece this Christmas." Edward warned.

"Aw Daddy! Just a small jump?" Georgie pleaded.

"Absolutely not!" I piped up. "Your father is right. Your Grandmother Esme wouldn't forgive me if she saw you in a cast again like she did this past summer."

Jasper leaned down and looked Georgie in the eye. "Listen to your Mum Georgie. You don't want to mess with your Grandmother. Trust me."

I mouthed the words 'thank you' to Jasper as he lead a grumbling Georgie out of the kitchen.

Sudden silence filled the enormous kitchen. Edward closed the distance between us within seconds.

"Finally I get to kiss my wife the way I want to." He practically growled as he pulled me close to him in a very long passionate kiss.

"Hello Texas." I smiled as I pulled away. "You were gone too long this time."

"And unfortunately, we are about to have a houseful of people. I was looking forward to having some time with you before everyone descended on us."

I washed my hands and leaned up against the counter. "That's where you are wrong. Esme offered to watch Georgie and Jane for us tonight. She claims she needs Grandmother time. But I think perhaps she also knows us a little too well. Besides, I have a special Christmas present for you this evening."

Edward strolled over and put his hands on the counter on each side of my hips and leaned into me.

"Clever Girl. Tell me more about this present." He ran his nose up my neck and I shivered as I realized the extent of his desire pressing into me. I had to bite back a moan. I slid my hand down the front of him and gently squeezed him. Edward dropped his head and his breath was hot on my shoulder.

"Save this for later Texas. I don't want to get carried away right here in the kitchen and have someone walk in on us."

Edward chuckled. "You are quite the tease Duchess."

"Even a tease needs a little preparation time." I lightly kidded. "Meet me at the Lake house at 8 p.m.?"

Edward lifted my hand and caressed my knuckles with a feather soft kiss.

"Who am I to deny a Duchess such a request? I look forward to this evening Isabella."

His gaze raked me up and down and he brushed my cheek with the back of his hand. I had to grip the counter just a little tighter to maintain my balance. It was devastatingly intense moments like this that reaffirmed how much I loved and desired my husband.

"As do I, Your Grace." I shakily replied. Just for effect, I dropped him a little curtsey.

Edward licked his lips. "8 p.m. Isabella. Would you mind terribly if I were to join Georgie and Jasper right now? Suddenly I am in desperate need of a good ride."

The double meaning to his words was not lost on me and I felt a furious scarlet blush bloom across my cheeks.

"Beautiful." Edward uttered in a low voice. He smiled, turned on his heel and left the kitchen. I sunk back against the counter with a loud whoosh of breath.

Damn him. Damn Edward Cullen and his brooding good looks. I was sure that I had the upper hand as far as this evening was concerned but he had managed to turn the tables on me once again.

It was time to turn to my partner in crime. Only one person could help me get the upper hand tonight. I fished my cell phone out of my pocket and called Alice.

~* Edward *~

All the lights were blazing in the lake house when I arrived. I checked my watch one last time. Two minutes to eight. I wanted to walk through the door precisely at eight. I had followed the instructions that Bella had left for me and I opened the last envelope to read the note inside before entering the lake house. I had no idea what she was up to but I had to admit her game was amusing so far.

Come inside, pour yourself some wine, and be seated

in the chair in the middle of the living room. Put the blindfold

on that I have left on the chair. "


I grinned thinking about the last time Bella had blindfolded me. The sex had been very intense that night. Now I was truly intrigued.

I opened the door to the lake house and went inside. The house was beautifully decorated for Christmas. A well lit Christmas tree twinkled in the corner opposite the fireplace. The house was very warm and I could smell the heady mix of evergreen, vanilla and cinnamon.

I found the bottle of wine waiting on the kitchen bar and poured myself a glass. The red wine warmed me slightly as I took the first sip. I walked over to the chair and found a black silk scarf lying across the seat.

"Bella?" I called out. "I'm here."

Bella's voice drifted out from the bedroom. "Good. Have you put the blindfold on yet?"

I sat down in the chair. "Not yet. But I'm doing it now. What in heaven's name are you up to?"

"Be patient, you'll see." She called out again.

I took another deep draught from the wine glass. I gamely tied the silk scarf around my eyes. I could smell Bella's scent on the scarf and I could already feel myself getting aroused.

The minutes seemed to tick by and I could hear Bella come into the room. I heard indiscriminate noises and the wine was making me a little dizzy. I hadn't eaten anything like Bella had instructed. Suddenly the room was filled with Christmas music. I could hear the rustling of fabric. My mouth seemed to become dry and I waited for Bella's next instruction.

"You can take off the blindfold now."

I reached up behind my head and untied the scarf. I opened my eyes.

Bella lay on a throw in front of the fireplace. She was completely naked, lying on her stomach and a big Christmas bow was tied around her waist. She was also wearing the sexiest pair of shoes I had ever seen. Her hair cascaded down around her shoulders in a rich shiny waterfall of luscious brown. Her skin glowed in the firelight. The ribbons from the bow framed her perfect heart shaped ass. It took me a minute to breath.

Bella waited a moment to allow me to drink in the sight of her lying naked before me. Then she turned onto her side and smiled wickedly at me.

"Merry Christmas Your Grace. I hope you approve of your gift?"

I finally found the strength to move. I stood up and walked slowly over to her. "The gift is perfect. It's something I've always wanted." I knelt down and ran my fingertips along the curvy dip from her hips to her waist. Bella leaned her head back and lightly moaned. She had exposed her throat to me and I felt the need to run my tongue through the hollow at the base of her graceful neck.

Bella's eyes snapped open. "You must be hungry. Are you ready for dinner?"

"Bella…I can't even think about dinner right now with you in your current state of undress."

Bella's light laughter filled the room. "That is a shame your Grace. You see, I designed your dinner menu around me. My body is to be your plate."

"So what is for dinner Duchess? If you don't mind me asking?"

Bella whispered to me. "Stay here. I'll be right back."

I watched her get up and walk away from me. My cock was hard in an instant. The delicate sway of Bella's hips the view of her elegantly curved back, her scrumptious ass and that fucking bow acting as a beacon drove me to distraction.

Bella returned from the kitchen carrying a tray laden with food. She sat down in front of me and put the tray between us. I glanced at the food. I stared at Bella. This was downright torturous. I looked at all the ingredients on the tray. Bella reached out and dipped her finger in the slightly warm chocolate sauce that was sitting in a small fondue warmer. She held her finger out to me. I took it into my mouth and sucked the chocolate off her finger.

"See? So much to choose from. What do you wish for first Edward?"

I picked up my glass of wine and took another sip. I reached for a sliced pomegranate and burst some of the seeds with my fingers. I smeared the juice along her breast and promptly cleaned it off with my tongue.

"That is delicious. Perhaps I can indulge in my tastes elsewhere?"

The blush that crept along Bella's skin almost rivaled the stain from the pomegranate juice. Bella picked up a fat strawberry and dipped it into the chocolate sauce. She leaned over and fed it to me. I could feel some of the chocolate sitting on the side of my mouth but before I could wipe it away with a napkin; my skin tingled at the contact of Bella's warm tongue. I turned my head to capture her mouth. She pulled away quickly and dipped a chunk of bread into a warm cheese sauce. She fed it to me and then allowed me to lick the cheese that had dripped onto the palm of her hand.

"Bella," I warned. "This is becoming extremely dangerous."

Bella laughed loudly. "Danger magnet. Remember?" She said as she pointed to herself.

"You are in a lot of trouble Duchess." I almost growled.

"How so Your Grace?" She played innocent. It was affecting me in so many ways.

"I fear that I have way too many clothes on and may need some assistance removing them." I politely responded back.

Bella clicked her tongue against her cheek. "Would Your Grace like me to assist you in removing said clothes?"

I loved when she played the coquette. "I would like that very much."

Slowly, methodically and almost painfully I watched as Bella stripped me of my clothes. Her body would brush against mine and I could feel maddening touches of silky skin. I had to reign in all the feelings of wanting to take her and bend her over the first surface I could find and fuck her from behind. The wine was going to my head and that damn bow around her ass was driving me fucking insane with lust. I had to take deep breaths to control myself.

"Edward? Are you alright?"

"I will be as soon as I can kiss you, touch you and make love to you." I warned.

Bella did the unthinkable. She moved away from me, got on her knees and laid her forearms on the floor. She spread her knees open wider. I could barely breathe. She glanced at me over her shoulder.

"Take me Edward. I need you inside me." She whispered.

I stood up on my knees and approached her. I lay my hands on her hips and I pushed up against her. She was wet. So very wet. I took my cock in my hand and ran it along her soaked entrance. Slowly I pushed the head of my cock in just a fraction. I heard Bella let out an audible hiss.

"God yes….I've missed you."

I pushed and slipped in a little further. I made myself stay at her entrance, lightly teasing her with small thrusts.

"Do you like that Bella? Does that feel good?" I asked her. I knew she was becoming impatient by the way she was moving her hips. She was trying to pull me deeper inside her. I placed one hand on the small of her back to prevent her from doing so. I reached around with my other hand and began to circle her clit lightly.

"Don't stop….oh God…please don't stop that!" Bella was practically begging. I slid inside her just a little bit more. It was taking every ounce of control I had.

"More Edward…please…more…" She was almost starting to mewl. The excitement in her voice and the increasing wetness between her thighs caused me to slip inside her forcefully. I slid all the way in, relishing the feel of her desire, feeling her clamp tightly around me.

She was breathless. "Again! Oh god…do that again!"

I started to find a hard rhythm for us. We moved with each other, skin against skin, and a dance almost as old as time itself. This was our time. This was what coming home was all about. I made love to Bella the way she asked me to. We spent our evening together reacquainting our bodies. I would never grow tired of feeling Bella respond under my touch. I loved the look she would get on her face right before she would orgasm. The guttural sounds that she made when I fucked her hard were just as powerful as the soft honeyed words of love that were whispered in my ear as we made love.

As we lay in front of the fireplace sated with one another, I realized that I had forgotten the small gift that I had brought for Bella. I kissed the top of her head and threw my button down shirt back on quickly.

Bella glanced up at me through sleepy eyes. "Where are you going?"

"Out to the car. I forgot something." I padded out the doorway to my car. Fuck. It was cold as shit outside. I rummaged through my car quickly until I found the familiar blue box.

I hurried back inside and lay back down next to Bella.

"Jesus Edward! You're fucking freezing! Your toes are like popsicles."

I flipped Bella on top of me. I could feel her shiver from the coldness of my skin. I handed the box to her and her eyes widened in surprise.

"Edward?! You shouldn't have." She remonstrated, but I grinned as she lightly fingered the bow.

"Open it Bella. You know you want to." I teased her.

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "All right. You win."

She untied the bow on the box and removed the lid. I watched knowing she would be puzzled by what I had given her.

"A key?" She said as she removed it from the box.

"Yes. I hope you like it." I answered trying to suppress my laughter at her confusion.

"A key to what?" She asked as she kept turning it over in the light like she was searching for some secret code.

"Forgive me for being what you would consider extravagant, but it was time that we got a house in Houston. That….Bella is the key to your brand new home in Texas."

Bella's eyes widened with surprise. "You sold the loft?"

"Yes. I did. We have two children who do not need to grow up in the inner city. I found a lovely house in River Oaks that has a huge yard, and plenty of room for all of us. Plus I had the garage apartment renovated into a private writing space for you. I figure you need a place of your own to be able to write."

Bella threw her arms around my neck tightly and reigned kisses down on my face. "It's perfect! It's so perfect!"

"Now you know why I had to stay in Houston a little longer. I was waiting to sign the papers. Esme and Renee are thrilled beyond belief by the way. I think Christmas is going to be at our home in Houston next year."

Bella took my face in between her hands and kissed me gently. "Texas? Have I told you just how much I love you?"

I grinned back at her as I swept her hair back off her shoulder. "Nope…but you can sure as shit show me again."

I proceeded to make love to my wife again. We whispered into the early morning hours making plans for our new home in Texas. We both started to drift off to sleep knowing that Christmas was only a day away. I kissed Bella gently on her forehead thanking her for always making time for us. We have a good marriage. We fight, we make up. We have two wonderful children and a huge family that supports us in all we do. As the last embers in the fireplace started to glow faintly orange, I pulled the covers up tightly around Bella and myself to keep us warm. Bella snuggled closer against me. I could feel her lips on my neck.

"I love you Edward"

"I love you too Bella. Merry Christmas."

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