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Exiled Whirlpool

Chapter1: The Path Not Taken

Fire Country: Konoha / Naruto's Apartment

It had been two days since the mission…his team had failed. They had gotten Intel from a now deceased Akatsuki member called Sasori about an informant he was supposed to be meeting with at the Heaven and Earth Bridge…Kabuto turned out to be working with Orochimaru. The two groups had fought: Team Yamato against Orochimaru and Kabuto…or should I say him against Orochimaru. He had lost control; it was just for a second but that was all the greatest of demons, Kyuubi no Kitsune needed.

He had hurt his friend, Sakura with nothing more than a swipe of a crimson tail.

She had forgiven him; after all he didn't have control over himself when wielding the Kyuubi's chakra beyond three tails of power. When the battle was over Orochimaru and Kabuto fled with Team Yamato in pursuit. They tracked them to a Oto base and had tried to find their old friend Sasuke…after the three long years of separation between them they had finally found him but the moment he realised who they were he tried to kill them all.

That's when it happened, it was odd but Sasuke had managed to enter his mindscape and was literally standing in the chamber where the Kyuubi's cell was located and forcefully suppressed the demon within. Before this however the Kyuubi had spoke to him, comparing his Sharingan eyes to that of a man named Uchiha Madara.

After Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto had left both Sakura and Naruto had broken down seeing what their old friend had turned into. Now that he was home however his mind kept on wondering back to that one single name that the Kyuubi had uttered. How would the Kyuubi even know the name of an Uchiha? There was also that nagging voice at the back of his mind telling him that he had heard the name somewhere before and it wasn't Kyuubi.

His blue eyes flashed with recognition; if he was an Uchiha then he had to have been a citizen of Konoha and as such would be listed in the village archives in the library. Slapping his jumpsuit on he dashed out of the door not caring about anything other than finding some answers to the questions he had. He entered the library not even noticing that the librarian who had always turned him away three years ago let him go in.

He walked along the isles looking for the 'U' section…it was surprisingly small. He traced his fingers from book to book looking for the name Madara and that's when he found…it wasn't a biography; it was a history book detailing the Shodai Hokage's reign from start to finish. What got his attention though was the image of both Madara and the Shodai on the cover facing one another like they were opposites.

He took the book over to one of the empty tables before he opened it and began to read. He thought the book was amazing; now he knew where he heard that name before which was pretty obvious to him since it was a part for the Academy Written Exam. But some things in this book weren't in the academy textbooks; with each passing page he was getting closer to finding out the answer to his question.

He turned the next page turned and nearly fell out of his chair in shock.

Printed on the page was a very illustrated picture; Uchiha Madara standing atop the head of Kyuubi no Kitsune while they both were trying to kill the Shodai Hokage and thus creating a rather large valley. He remembered where he had seen it, the valley where two statues now stood as a monument to that battle.

The Valley of the End…

According to the book Madara had summoned Kyuubi to help him kill Senju Hashirama at the place now known as the Valley of the End. He couldn't grasp the idea as to wanting to summon a demon to kill someone, it would be like making a deal with the devil or in this case a demon. It made no sense and yet he was looking at proof of such a thing.


He kept asking the question...

Not getting an answer the blond stood and put the book back knowing he had an answer to his first question, 'but this has given me another question that I need an answer too…why did you attack Konoha, Kyuubi?' Uzumaki Naruto knew no matter how much he hated the fox; he knew that the Kyuubi was sentient and didn't do anything without reason…but what were his reasons…

Fire Country: Konoha / Hospital

Hatake Kakashi leaned back on his hospital bed with his one normal eye open reading a small orange book. Suddenly he heard the door click signifying someone had entered…three someones. The three stood in front of his bed and he looked up at them not lowering his book.

"I heard about your last mission…and about Sasuke too," the copy-nin said slowly in a saddened voice seeing both Naruto's and Sakura's faces drop.

"We can't bring him back as he is now; we're simply not strong enough," Naruto hated to admit it but he knew it was true.

Kakashi nodded, "then you'll just have to become stronger, faster".

"Yeah, but how?" Sakura was the one who asked.

Kakashi smiled under his mask, "do you think I've just been sitting in here reading? I've been planning your next move from the moment Yamato told me". He shifted his gaze over to Naruto, "in all honesty you're the only one who can do this; after all the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu does download its memories into the user when dispelled". The three looked at him surprised and he chuckled, "in the right hands it is the ultimate training tool even compared to Sharingan though it is impractical because of the chakra requirements".

"But I don't have that problem because of Kyuubi," Naruto gulped slightly. "Then why didn't Ero-Sennin tell me about that little trick?"

"The human mind isn't evolved enough to handle so much information at once before the age of fifteen; that's why Jiraiya-sama never told you about it. It is a Kinjutsu for a reason," Kakashi explained. He then looked directly at the blond and asked, "what do you say Naruto?"

The only remaining Genin of the Konoha 11 simply stared slightly numb; he couldn't feel anything. Going over everything that had happened over the last three weeks…Gaara dieing only to be brought back, fighting Akatsuki, fighting Orochimaru…Sasuke.

Your eyes reek of a chakra far fouler than my own; it reminds me of Uchiha Madara…

Naruto shook himself before coming to a decision, "I decline".

The room's other three occupants froze…even Sai; Naruto had just said 'no' to training with Kakashi, something he had wanted three years ago and never got, "w-what did you just say Naruto?"

"I said no," the blond Genin gave him an even stare. "I don't need anymore power; what I need is answers and I'll get them…one way or another". The rooms temperature had suddenly just dropped and he made for the door, "I'm not going to play around anymore". He was gone a moment later and everyone was just staring in disbelief at where he had just been.

It was then that Team Asuma entered the room and Ino smiled at them, "hey guys…what's with the faces?"

Making his way through town towards the Hokage Tower Naruto entered the building when he arrived and the receptionist told him to go on up since the staff pretty much knew the Hokage cared for the boy like a son. When he got up the stairs he reached the office door and knocked; when he didn't hear anything he knocked again.

"She's in a meeting Naruto," turning he saw Shizune holding some papers. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"You can tell me when she'll be out?" he half-asked.

The older woman smiled at him and waved him down the hall, "she should be finished in about ten minutes; you can wait outside if you want; it's just down the hall on your right".

Naruto smiled at her and nodded, "thanks; Shizune-Nechan". He bade her goodbye and sat down outside of the council chambers.

It was silent for a few minutes before a voice shouted from inside the room which he quickly identified as Tsunade's, "WHAT?!"

Pressing his ear against the wall he listened in, "please understand Hokage-sama; the boy has become a threat to the village and with the recent attack on the Kazekage there is no doubt that we will come under attack if the boy remains here".

"I know that but why exile him?! What the heck are you people thinking? If he goes out there then Akatsuki will-" that was definitely Tsunade.

"Now now Tsunade-sama; we know you care for the boy but village security comes first so he will be exiled instead of executed," a smug voice cut in.

"Not a chance in hell! I won't allow it!" Tsunade yelled in anger, "Uzumaki Naruto is a ninja and so falls under my jurisdiction! The council cannot dictate to me decisions concerning my Shinobi".

"No but with the Daimyo backing the council we can," was the sickening banshee-like voice of a certain pink-haired councilwoman. "The order is already given; Uzumaki Naruto is hereby banished from Konoha within one week".

Naruto let his hands drop; he could feel something wet falling down his face. Bringing his hands up to touch it he saw that it was tears; he was crying…He didn't need to hear anymore…he just ran. Ran through the tower, ran through the crowds, ran all the way home.

Not even registering what he was doing he began to seal his things in several scrolls and put them in pockets he had inside his jumpsuit. Once he was done he stood up and looked out of the window at the Hokage Monument before he clenched his fists and looked over at the picture of Team 7 from three years ago. He didn't look at it very long and put it face down before exiting the apartment making sure to turn off the lights and lock it.

Making his way towards the gate he suddenly froze, 'where am I going? What do I do now that I'm exiled?' a memory from his training trip played through his mind.

Flashback no Jutsu Begin

"Even I can tell hatred is spreading," Jiraiya said sitting in a lotus position.

"…Hatred?" Naruto asked confused.

The Gama-Sennin scratched the back of his head, "I want to do something about it…but I don't know what…but I believe that the day will come when people truly understand each other".

Naruto smiled trying not to feel overwhelmed, "that sounds hard".

Jiraiya shrugged, "if I can't find the answer, it will be up to you to do it".

Naruto gave him his best salute, "okay; if that's what you want I can't refuse".

Flashback no Jutsu End

'Oh yeah…that was the last thing Ero-Sennin asked me to do for him,' he smiled at the memory before turning back towards monument and just like had done three years ago he raised his fist towards the fourth face and clamped it shut, 'I'll be back…that's a promise'. He turned and continued walking noticing it was already night as he passed the two sleeping guards, 'now where do I start? I really don't have a destination do I? Damn'.

"Whirlpool Country," came a voice he knew very well.

'What do you want Kyuubi? I told you I'm not going to use your power anymore,' Naruto growled back.

The great demon chuckled and spoke again, "ever heard the phrase 'knowledge is power'? If you want answers then go to the Whirlpool Country; you'll find your answers there".

'…Alright I'll bite; why Whirlpool Country? I haven't even heard of the place!' Naruto yelled in thought.

"Your abandoned, alone in the darkness now yet again…the Whirlpool Country is an Island off of the coast of Water Country surrounded by hundreds of small whirlpools that make travelling by ship to get there impossible," Kyuubi chuckled darkly.

'And why should I head there? For that matter why are you helping me?' Naruto has only ever trusted three people wholeheartedly in his short life: Sarutobi, Tsunade and Jiraiya.

No matter what; you do not trust a fox…

Putting his body on autopilot he entered his mindscape and appeared at the demon's cage, "I want an answer". It was a demand not a request.

Kyuubi chuckled looking down on the boy "since you aren't going to use my chakra anymore…I have to use my 'Plan B'". Naruto took a step back as a large cylinder shape rose from the ground…it was a scroll, "this is a summoning contract for us Kitsune".

Naruto just stared at it for a good few minutes before looking back up at the fox, "what's the catch?"

"I get my freedom," Kyuubi said simply.

"Not going to happen; the Yondaime put you in here to stop you from causing more death and destruction and I sure as hell am not going to set you loose so you can go on a rampage again!" Naruto bellowed at him in anger, "if that's the price for that scroll then you can take your offer and sh-".

"Shut up and let me explain," the giant Kitsune flared his chakra. "I would gain my freedom but I would also become a boss summon of the Kitsune Contract and as such have to obey its laws one of which is I have to follow your orders until the day you die".

"I don't know…"

"Kit; where would you be without me at the moment?" the great demon asked his jailor.

"Living a nice and peaceful life," Naruto deadpanned.

Kyuubi chuckled at that, "okay you got me there, but where's the fun in that?"

A small smile crept across the blonde's face, "well…a little fight now and then does make life a little more interesting". The two shared a good laugh at that before Naruto looked up at the demon seriously, "jokes aside I need to know; will you attack anyone I care for?"

Kyuubi closed his eyes and spoke, "I can't without your orders".

"Good because if I find out you're playing me; I won't wait for Akatsuki to come and take you away. I'll just kill you outright…and that's a promise". They both knew he would find some way to carry out his threat; Kyuubi's gaze un-wavered as the blond signed his name in the scroll, "by the way…" He looked at the previous name in the scroll, "whatever happened to this Uchiha Madara?"

Kyuubi's only response was, "your answers are in Whirlpool Country". Just before Naruto was about to leave the demon spoke again, "your elemental affinity is wind by the way; try using your chakra to use the wind and cut through something…a leaf should do".

"Why?" Naruto asked turning back.

"Because if you're going to be my summoner then you have to be the best; I won't accept anything less and elemental manipulation is a good start towards being the best," the blond was suddenly blasted out of his mindscape. "Make your own jutsu while you're at it; your arsenal is pathetic".

And so the next few days Naruto spent training with the clone method while the fox gave him occasional advice if that's what you want to call it…

Fire Country: Konoha / Hokage's Office

"You wanted to see us Hokage-sama?" Tsunade turned from the window and looked over the many faces in her office.

"Yes," she spoke in a neutral tone. "I have a mission for you all".

"Hokage-sama; shouldn't Naruto be here for this if it's a joint team mission?" Sai asked politely.

The room suddenly got colder, "Naruto's gone". Everyone of the Konoha 11 and their senseis were confused by that so she decided to clear things up, "the council in their infinite wisdom have went over my head to the Daimyo himself and gotten Naruto exiled". The entire group was shocked by that, "they're using this latest incident with Sasuke as a means to get him exiled and they succeeded".

"Because of Kyuubi?" Shikamaru asked and none of the younger generation seems shocked.

"So you all know?" it wasn't a question.

"Half of the village figured it out awhile ago and most seemed to have gotten over the Kyuubi attack," Shikamaru sighed before continuing. "Troublesome; so the council went behind your back to get him out of the village".

"If it wasn't for me they would have executed him right then and there," Tsunade spoke the entire truth and that actually shocked a few of the people in the room. She smirked suddenly though, "but that's not all; apparently the brat's gone missing. Nobody can find him and he isn't supposed to leave for another two days…according to my Anbu he's no longer in Konoha".

"He's already left?" Ino asked confused, "when?"

"Not sure; I've had Jiraiya out looking for him encase Akatsuki has captured him," the Hokage answered shaking her head. "Anyways your mission it to find him and bring him back otherwise I will have no choice but to mark him as a nukenin".

"He's going to be exiled anyways; why bring him back just to exile him?" Chouji asked confused as to why they should bring him back if that's what was going to happen.

"Politics; I will be forced to send hunter nins after him if he is officially classified as a nukenin," Tsunade replied.

"Wow, wow, wow why are we talking like this? Surely there's something you can do to get him reinstated Tsunade-Shishou". Sakura spoke trying to calm down, 'please no! Not another one!'

"With the Daimyo backing the council…there's nothing I can do".

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