"You're so cute when you're angry Haruhi!" exclaimed the two Hittachin twins Hikaru and Kaoru. Today was just another day at the Ouran Host Club. The sun high in the sky; the light bouncing onto the windows leaving the glass shimmering like thousands of tiny diamond faucets.

"C'mon Haruhi, play with us!" yelled the two twins, after finishing going through all of the customers that requested them. "No!" yelled Haruhi, for what to her seemed like the millionth time she had told them. Hikaru sighed and Kaoru said "Fine, you're so touchy."

Haruhi then sighed and looked around. Kyouya was scribbling away on his clipboard; Tamaki was being overly-dramatic as usual, weeping at the twins remarks; and Honey-sempai was doing what he does best, eating cake. Haruhi glanced at Mori and he was just staring out the window. She didn't want to say it out loud, but these six were very important to her. She reminisced on everything they had been through and chuckled slightly.

"Ah, Haruhi!" said a voice a voice that was too familiar. Haruhi turned to see Tamaki flaunting his way over to her side. "What a lovely sight. Isn't it just amazing how God made a beautiful creature such as me?!" Once again, Haruhi sighed. Why is it that almost every day at the host club something annoys her? Haruhi pondered for a second and came to a conclusion. It's because that the six were always troublesome.

Soon, after a while, many of the host left only leaving Haruhi and Tamaki in the music room. It was surprisingly silent except for the sound of the broom swishing back and fourth as Haruhi swept the floor of the glorious looking music room. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and looked up to see Tamaki hovering above her.

"Sempai?" asked a confused Haruhi. Tamaki grabbed the broom and set it on the floor and stared into Haruhi's big hazel eyes. Haruhi felt a blush working its way up her face and shut her eyes tightly. Tamaki smiled and cupped Haruhi's cheek lovingly. "You're so cute when your embarrassed." He said, leaning in. Next thing Haruhi knew, Tamaki's warm lips had captured hers. Butterflies tossed around in Haruhi's stomach as she opened her eyes wide. She could've sworn she had died from the anticipation.

Haruhi slowly closed her eyes as the bliss of the kiss slowly pulled her in. She started kissing Tamaki back and slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. Tamaki's eyes opened as he saw Haruhi kissing him back. He felt the heat rush to his face and slowly closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her petite waist.

Soon, they too had to break apart for air. Haruhi gazed into Tamaki's purple eyes with a dazed expression. Then, they sat down on the couch and Tamaki wrapped his arms around Haruhi as she laid her head on his chest. "I love you" she whispered, nuzzling her head into him. He chuckled "I know you do. How could you possibly resist me?" "Baka" Haruhi chuckled silently as she drifted off into sleep.

The next day at the host club, people seemed to notice that Haruhi and Tamaki seemed to be getting along better than they usually did. When the club asked if something happened, Tamaki and Haruhi looked at each other and laugh "nothing".

The End

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