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Maerad was fighting sleep, trying to cling to consciousness and sadly failing at that goal. She desperately wanted to bask in the warmth of Cadvan's arms that were at the moment carrying her, but the pull of sleep on her body was too strong to fight and she began to dream…


Maerad was looking down a man whom she did not know, he was tall and muscled and….cold. His eyes were a piercing black, as was his hair, and he was yelling at a short, brown haired man who stood in front of him. That man was cowering, visibly blanching at the hateful words being bellowed at him, words Maerad did not understand. The yelling man approached the other, hand raised, ready to deal out a blow to the man cowering before him. But right as he swung his arm, the man said something that froze the blow in mid-air.

Quickly, the shorter man began to talk, hastily trying to save himself from a beating. The formerly yelling man was now speaking in quieter tones, but the words were no less vehement.

Soon the man was dismissed, he left bowing, and nodding his head, brown locks flipping over to cover his eyes. The other stayed in the room, glaring at nothing in particular….then his gaze shifted to Maerad's, and fear coursed through her body in wracking waves.

"Maerad of Pellinor, also known as Elednor," something stirred within Maerad at the use of her True Name, "Come to me." his black eyes didn't waver and Maerad felt lost…she had to go to that man, no matter the cost…

She had to, even if it meant losing her life.


"Maerad? Maerad, wake up." Cadvan's voice was urgent, but quiet, and Maerad stirred restlessly, couldn't he let her sleep? She had to go to the man!

"Maerad." Cadvan began nudging her shoulder and she opened her eyes and began to ask him what was wrong when he shoved his hand over her mouth and shook his head. Then he pointed just a little ways off, two riders cloaked in darkness, just mild blotches in the night. Maerad's eyes widened and she glanced at Cadvan, looking for answers.

"They're just traveling I believe," he whispered quietly, his breath just a slight stirring in the otherwise still air, "nothing to fear." Maerad nodded her head at his words but something was stirring inside of her, a yearning. She had to go towards the black, featureless creatures wandering the road in the streaming moonlight. Her feat had to dance on the fog blanketing the icy ground, she had to get to those creatures of the Dark.

Deftly, she began to push herself off the ground, her eyes focused solely on the cloaked figures, but before she had even risen to her knees, someone grabbed her and pulled her roughly back to the ground.

"What are you doing?" a mans words were carried to her ears, but they made no sense, it was just a disruption, something to be ignored. Again, she tried to go toward the beings that dared to ride openly in the frosty night air and again she was held in place. Anger began to build inside of her, it burnt the edges of her mind with its passion.


Cadvan's heart clinched when he saw Maerad attempting to stand, it was almost as if she were drunk, her body weaving and movements unsteady. But that wasn't what worried him, what was haunting his mind was the fact that she was trying to stand at all when she knew that Hulls were approaching steadily on their ragged, unwilling steeds. Without thinking, he pulled her down quickly, his mind wasn't thinking about the fact that she could still be in pain from her fall.

"What are you doing?" he whispered while worry pounded his heart ruthlessly, he looked franticly into her eyes, checking to see if they were once again a soulless black, but no, they were still that sharp crystalline blue, reflecting brightly in the moonlight. Though that comfort was there, fear still resided in his heart, for those eyes where empty, focused yet not, seeing but blind, yes, they were Maerad's eyes, but at the moment, it was not Maerad looking through them.

Maerad tried to stand once again and Cadvan jerked her back down. What was wrong with her, he asked himself silently and of course, he received no answers. He tried frantically to meld his mind to hers, but was repelled violently by an on slot of power, it felt as if bolts of lightning had taken root under his skin and was slowly roasting his flesh.

"Maerad…" Cadvan murmured, his deep baritone voice that was always so strong, so soft and so full of love and iron determination was ripped of its beauty with Maerad's name. And even though he was suffering, he would not let Maerad go, he continued to hold her tight.


That fierce yearning was building inside of Maerad, she had to get to the cloaked servants of the man who called to her in her dream. They would take her to him, she knew beyond a shadow of doubt that they would.

But she couldn't get to them, something or someone was holding her back. It was as though she was melded the ground…well whatever bond it was, she would destroy it. Fire threaded itself through her veins, begging for release, pleading to demolish whatever it was that was holding its mistress still. And when something that didn't belong tried to breach through her shields and to her mind, she let the building power go with a blessing.

The energy danced aggressively at the invader, striking out and assaulting trespasser. And even as the intensity of the powers deadly dance increased, whatever it was that held her would not release her, if anything, its hold got tighter. She looked out at the shadowy figures, they were becoming slight specks, they were leaving her behind. As she struggled desperately to stand, her eyes stayed melded on the riders, soon the night blended in with their dark cloaks and they could no longer be seen, yet her gaze traced the path that they would most likely be taking. But as time wore on, the need to go after the riders drifted away.

"Cadvan?" she said shakily, not quite knowing what happened, yet guessing it had not been good. She got no answer. Again she called out Cadvan's name; no reply could be heard. She tried to stand, but was held back by something, she looked down and saw Cadvan's arms wrapped around her tightly. Relief flooded her mind while at the same time a new panic began to build. If he was so close, and could hold her so tightly, why wasn't he answering her?

"Cadvan?" she questioned, shaking him gently, turning her body so that she could see his face, a low moan escaped his lips, his eyes were shut.

"Cadvan, answer me, please," Maerad said, but she got no answer, and a thought began building in her mind, one that hurt deeply, but seemed to be true.

She could not remember what happened…

Cadvan was hurt…

Had she done this?


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