They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep. All but the primitive side; the animal side. That's probably why cryo-sleep doesn't work on me.

At least, not in the way it was designed to. Some stupid malfunction in my brain makes me always horny, especially around men. That's why I have to watch myself. My self-control draws thin around men, and some of them are set off by my smell.

So why do I hate cryo-sleep? Leaving my animal side awake, which controls most of my brain anyway, it makes me hornier than ever. I wake up dripping feminine juices. And my uncle wonders why I always fly first class in my own booth. I'd rather get killed or forgotten in a crash than wake up to a man fucking my brains out.

I was raised by my uncle, Paris Ogilvie. He liked to collect antiquities. Some legal, some not so legal. He loved Earth, as in the planet, but he'd never been there. We lived on the planet Lysidas, which I was supposed to be named for. Unfortunately, my father couldn't spell and he wrote "Lysia" on my birth certificate. I cut him slack though, considering my mother died while giving birth to me. I wouldn't be able to spell either if it had happened to me.

My father was Furyan by birth. He left the planet when he was 30, only to leave me with my uncle and go back after I was born. Douche. Paris never told me of my father's lineage. Apparently he "never knew." Whatever. Thankfully I got lost coming home from school one day and a few thugs "enlightened" me.

They told me that Furya had been destroyed by Necromancers five years before my birth. Something about a prophecy that some Furyan boy would overthrow the Necromancer king or some shit like that. My father had gone back to try and challenge the Necromancers. Dumbass move, dad. He was converted to their "faith" and blah blah, never to be seen again. Made me laugh that my father thought he was the Furyan from the prophecy. Apparently he wasn't paying attention when they taught it to him.

Fortunately, I didn't inherit his lame-ass brain. I get my intelligence from my mother's side, which is why I could tolerate my uncle so well, him being her brother and all. But my father was Furyan, first and fore most. A killer, with animal instincts. Some people blame my animalistic ways on the fact that I'm half-Furyan. Since I've never met one, I wouldn't know. I guess I'll take their word for it. But I refuse to believe that their women are always horny, like me. Or if they are, they must get fucked a lot.

Not a bad way to live, I guess, unless you were Furyan. Furyan women, I was told, had a certain effect on non-Furyan men. Once they had us, they were hooked. We're like a drug to them, making it easy to sleep with our enemies and then kill them. Our men use their strength to kill. We women use our bodies.

So I refused to make a man want me against his better judgment. They could fuck me until the cows come home, but in the end, I'd only be a body to them. I wanted more to life. I wanted love. But who am I kidding? Women had no respect, especially on Lysidas.

So I'm a killer. I only kill to survive, and keep my heart from breaking. Maybe one day I'll meet a man who sniffs my ass and I won't have to kill him for it. He'll be able to handle me. Like I said, who am I kidding.

All the Furyans are dead.