Author's note: Riddick's thoughts are italicized/separated since this is Lysia's narrative.

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Final Chapter


I know he's following me. It's like a game we play, a sensual dance, my movements mirrored by his. I can't forgive him. And I can't live without him. We're a pair already, mates for life. I can feel his heartbeat in my head, and when he's hungry, it makes me ravenous. My nourishment becomes his fuel, and his becomes mine. When he feels sick, I become ill. His arousal seeps through me as if I was the one feeling it. If he died…I know my soul would as well. Did my parents feel such a bond? Losing my mother killed my father's spirit, but she was human. The bond between them couldn't have been this strong.

I long to speak to him. For months now, it's been a game of hide and seek. The Necromongers left the planet a week after I left him, and then his presence popped up behind me. Why had they left him? Necromongers never abandon their king. But I get no words from him. Nothing but a shadow, and every so often, a whiff of his scent, the thing that had started all of this.

We're both too stubborn to apologize. But it doesn't matter. The bond is unbreakable. If we never end the silence, he will shadow me for the rest of our lives.

Finally, it's too much for me. I can't handle being away from my Riddick. I wait until I know he'll be sleeping, and after leaving Khio asleep at my camp site, I follow his scent to a tree where he's sleeping in the branches.

I fire one shot into the air, and relish his jump of surprise. "Wake up, your majesty."

He glares down at me. "Had enough fun? How many months do I have to follow you before you admit you were a jackass?"

I glare back. "I'm here now, aren't I? Don't be a jerk or I'll walk away and make you chase me again." I look down at the ground. "I never admit defeat. But….I can't keep doing this." I fiddle with the knives strapped to my hips. "I…need you."

"What was that?"

I look up and glower at him. "I'm not repeating it, asshole. Now get your ass down here and hug me."

He quickly jumps down from the branch onto the ground. I wince, trying not to look at him, waiting for a cocky walk, or a snappy remark to make fun of me. Instead, I feel his arms close around me, hugging me to him.

"Next time, don't wait five months," he says gently, stroking my hair.

I half laugh, trying to not start sobbing. "You're one to talk." I bury my head in his chest, which is as high as my head goes. "By the way, you get really aroused at lunchtime. It's annoying." He slaps my ass playfully and lifts me up off the ground.

"I've missed those eyes, Lys," he says while looking up at me, with the cutest smile ever.

"How did you get the Necromongers to leave?"

He sighs, turning serious. "At first they wouldn't. They insisted I come back with them to the Underverse. So I faked my death." I reach out quickly to stroke his head, the thought of his actual death too terrible to imagine. "I picked a guy from the ranks, and framed him. Now he's the king. So, the entourage is gone, and you're not allowed to hate me."

"I can do whatever the fuck I want, Mr. Riddick," I say with fake indignance, putting my hands on my hips. He drops me, and follows with his ironic chuckle. I sweep his legs, making him land next to me.

"You little…" he says under his breath. I climb on top of him and rest my chin on my hand.

"You can't pretend you're not happy I'm here." I tap his forehead. "I can feel your emotions. You're so happy, you're about to pee your pants."

Too quickly for me to react, he flips us over, positioning his tool right over my box, and presses deeply. "You're also so turned on, you've soaked through your shorts and you're getting my pants wet." I gasp, about to have an orgasm, because he's right. I might have to consider only wearing dark colours after this….

"Riddick," I moan against his neck. He presses harder, making me shoot off, squirting into my shorts, making the leaves underneath me soaking wet. In a daze, I feel his hips twitching, my orgasm having triggered his.

"You know," he says while trying to catch his breath. "This whole mind connection thing is really making me look like I have no stamina."

I giggle, and suckle on his neck. "I love you, Riddick," I say jokingly. We both freeze. I look up at him, shocked at my words, but suddenly realize how true they are.

He strokes my hair lovingly with his huge killer hand. "And I love you, Lysia," he says before leaning down and capturing my lips with his. His lips taste of his scent, and they drive away any doubts I might've had about him or anything else.


Cryo-sleep was never a problem again after Riddick became my mate. We left Behen and went back to Lysidas in a stolen aircraft, only occupied by us. We went into cryo naked, in the same box, and since both of us were half awake the whole time, we rubbed against each other in our sleep, which gave us a very satisfying amount of orgasms by the time the trip was over. When we woke up, I was of course majorly turned on, but Riddick was there to screw my brains out.

My uncle's house was still standing, and still full of his junk, when we got there. Riddick and I polished off his wine collection, which left us with only a buzz. Riddick set the rest of the stuff we didn't want on fire. The look of his skin glowing in the firelight made me attack him.

We didn't know too much about our heritage, so when I suddenly didn't want sex for an entire month, we didn't know why. Turns out one month a year, mated Furyan females go into heat and don't want sex. The rest of the year, we're barely fertile, so we're free to have sex all we want. But during that month, we need to be coaxed into sex, and our sex drive is zero. Riddick took it as a personal challenge, and that lead to me getting pregnant with our first child.

Khio never liked Riddick, so when I got heavy with our baby, he would circle my feet and glare if Riddick got too close. Richard Jr. became a killer quickly, sticking mainly to bugs and the occasional rogue mouse that strayed into our home, since Khio preferred to be lazy and pretend he didn't see them.

After Richard Jr. was born, my next fertile period rolled around and I got pregnant with Bryan, named after his father's middle name. Then came Paris, a daughter, named for my uncle. Even as a baby, she had the boys all over her.

For eight consecutive fertile periods, I got pregnant and had a child. After that, my fertile periods ended, and my sex drive was never interrupted again. Eight Furyan children was a lot to handle, but Riddick and I wanted to help rebuild our race. Four sons and four daughters. Daughters that could only mate with Furyans, and sons that would never feel a true mate bond with another race. Our salvation came when we heard of a Furyan colony on a distant star, far from the reach of the Necromongers.

The Necromongers still believed Riddick to be dead, which soon didn't matter when their entire world was destroyed with their own equipment, as well as every ship of theirs in space. Coincidentally, that was the year Riddick went on a trip with Richard and Bryan for their "coming of age killing spree," which he says is something all Furyan males do. He says there's no correlation.

Riddick and I still screw like rabbits, and surprisingly, all of our children had a sense of understanding about it when they were young. They knew we have to fuck or we'll go crazy, and more often than not, they pretended to have something they needed to do outside of the house when they felt the scent in the room change. When they all started to hit maturity, we moved to the Furyan colony and they all ended up mated before they hit twenty. Now we knock loudly before visiting each other.

Whenever we get pissed off, he still calls me "girl," and I still call him "Mr. Riddick." My scent never died down, like Razhir said it would, leading us to believe I was one of the Furyan females who could take two mates, but Riddick was much too possessive, and I didn't need anyone else to satisfy me. I still walked around with my personal arsenal, which made Riddick always want to screw me in dark alleys. He said the smell of steel mixed with my scent was a huge turn-on.

His scent still makes me drip like a faucet, and squirt with every orgasm, no matter how old we get. And every day I thank my lucky stars that his scent didn't belong to the mouth breathing scumbag from Behen.


P.S. Schlong is a funny word.


Teh End!