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Violence: There is violence in this story.

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Summary: The sequel to No Programming. Sarah and Cameron tie up loose ends by tracking down Sam and attempt to stop him. But the time machine is built, Sam sets the date for 2028, and takes Sarah and Cameron with him. They make it through the time sphere, but Cameron and Sarah find themselves in the middle of the war between Skynet and the Resistance. Now Sarah must trust Cameron to take her to safety and back to 2008.

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Started: April 5, 2009

What Are Terminators Made Of?

by Red Hope


Sarah Connor brushed her hand against the building's siding, but she carefully watched the soldiers that marched into the airport hanger. Behind her, she sensed the small but powerful terminator, who was also observing the soldiers.

"You didn't completely explain why you went through the radioactive room at the power plant," Cameron softly brought up. She glanced down at the kneeling human in front of her. "When I fought Vick you did not attempt to help me despite he was... kicking my ass."

Sarah sighed and twisted around to the terminator. "Is this really the time?"

The terminator tilted her head and remarked, "I'm just making small talk."

Sarah rolled her eyes and focused back on their targets. "I felt guilty, okay?" She slowly stood up but still watched around the corner.

"For?" Cameron murmured. She pulled up her HUD and zoomed in on the large, dark opening into the hanger.

Sarah dramatically sighed and hotly but quietly explained, "For just thinking you went bad and not giving you a second chance." She dropped her shoulder and looked sidelong at the terminator. "John was right, and I was wrong. I let Derek get to me." She stared back at the airplane hanger. "And I gave up on you without a second thought."

Cameron tilted her head at this last remark. She then coolly reminded, "We're all not perfect."

Sarah glanced back at the terminator and half smiled because she knew it was Cameron's way of saying it was okay. She focused back on their task. "You see anything in there?"

"Yes," the terminator reported, "the time machine has been built." She then clenched her right hand. "I can see Sam."

Sarah noted the venom in the terminator's tone. She gingerly touched the terminator's shoulder and ordered, "Settle down, tiger."

Cameron's anger was instantly gone because of the human's new nickname for her. She tilted her head and repeated, "Tiger?"

Sarah smirked. "You're like a caged tiger about to be released on its prey." She then became more serious. "Now let's get this over with. You got the plan down?" She and her Cameron backed behind the building better.

"I would be inefficient if I did not," the terminator shot back.

Sarah shook her head and decided to just let it go. "And you're sure you can control this?"


"If this goes wrong-" Sarah started but was cut short.

"You must flee." Cameron tilted her head. "I will kill you otherwise."

Sarah glanced away but met Cameron's stare and seriously declared, "You won't kill me... you'll stop it."

Cameron wasn't use to the human having confidence and trust in her, but she would do anything not to lose it now.

"Alright... let's get this started." Sarah checked at her waist to see the Glock there then she felt the one at her back. She then picked up the carbine that rested against the building, and she threw it over her back. She adjusted the strap then asked, "Give me a lift?"

Cameron moved behind the human, but she grabbed Sarah's hips. "Step back seven paces with me." She and Sarah walked backwards until Cameron was comfortable that it was perfect. "Are you ready?"

"Go," Sarah ordered after she slightly bent her knees.

The terminator tightened her grip on the human's hips then she suddenly launched Sarah up into the air but towards the building.

Sarah did her best to muffle her startled cry because it was such a mental rush to briefly fly. She came over the building and neatly landed on the roof with only a small shock to her knees. She spun around and waved to Cameron that she was safe. But she softly called, "Go get 'em, tiger."

Cameron had actually heard the human, and it made her slightly grin. She had every intent to settle the score with Sam since the start. She never felt enjoyment from fights until now. She and Sarah had worked out a sound plan with only a few variables. With some luck, it would go well, and they could head home tonight.

Soon enough, Cameron slowed her fast walk to a typical walk that any determined terminator displayed that was on a mission. She'd put on her same clothes from yesterday that was tattered with bullet holes, blood, and grime. She had an emotionless expression. But with a quick glimpse at the building to the right, she zoomed in on Sarah Connor's face.

"It's the machine!" a soldier at the hanger doors hollered. "Get out here! It's the machine!" He readied his carbine and aimed it at Cameron.

Cameron clenched her hands yet stayed stoic otherwise. She came to a slow stop upon seeing Sam and a handful of his men flowed out of the hanger. She was about three yards from them.

Sam had a handgun in his left hand then the scanner in his right. He observed the terminator's robotic movements earlier and noted, "The spider has done its work."

The terminator tilted her head. "Yes." She had her analysis display up in her HUD, and she promptly sent an order to her system to revert back to Skynet subroutines just as Sam lifted his scanner.

"Let's see..." Sam kept the scanner level with Cameron's face and slowly a smirk creased his lips. He was pleased with the readings and hooked the scanner to his hip. "Excellent." He also lowered his gun to his side. "What has happened to Sarah Connor?"

"She was terminated at six thirty-two this morning." Cameron had temporarily reverted back to her most basic Skynet subroutines. Her HUD read that her cortex module was at ninety percent suspension mode.

"And at the bunker, what happened there?" Sam was obviously perturbed by what'd he'd found last night when he and his men returned.

Cameron cocked her head to the right. "Sarah Connor and I escaped, killed all the soldiers, and left in the truck. I removed her collar without incident. At ten thirty, we arrived in Great Falls for the night and rested in a hotel. At six thirty, my cortex module was reset and at six thirty-two I shot three bullets into Sarah Connor's chest."

Sam laughed suddenly and approached the terminator without any worry. "Very good, my dear." He then turned so that he could look between the machine and his men. "Let's start up the TDE and collect our reward from Skynet." He turned back to Cameron. "Follow us, terminator."

Cameron followed the order and brushed past Sam. Her HUD read that her cortex module was only suspended by forty percent.

Sam signaled his men to go into the hanger too. He followed the group while he tucked his gun into its holster at his hip.

Sarah Connor remained on the building's roof and patiently waited for her chance. She started to count backwards from twenty.

Cameron came to a stop in front of the large machine that was shut down. She stood ridged and waited for further orders from Sam.

Sam approached the time machine and went to the control pad. He hesitated though when gunfire sounded from outside. "Who was that?" He heard no responses and barked, "Check it out!" But more gunfire followed so he turned to Cameron. "Find out who it is, terminator."

Cameron compiled and stiffly marched back out of the hanger. She read from her HUD that her cortex module was only suspended by five percent.

"It's coming from over there!" a soldier hollered, but he ducked back behind the hanger door from another round of shots.

Sarah Connor was on her stomach and dropped her head after sending off more gunfire. She prayed she wasn't too late, but she hadn't seen any blue glow from the hanger. She peered over the building's rim and spotted Cameron a few hundred feet outside the door. "Please," she prayed.

Cameron took another step in Sarah Connor's direction, but this step was the last one. She blinked after the last percent was gone and her entire cortex module was fully operational again. She turned on her boots then suddenly made a dash for the humans.

"What is she..." a soldier murmured to his partner.

"Stop, terminator!" Sam called out to her. He then stiffened at seeing Cameron's dark features that expressed anger. He'd seen that look a few times before so he yelled, "Shoot her! She's not reset!"

Cameron grabbed the soldier behind the hanger door and used him as a shield when a rain of bullets came for her.

Sarah Connor sighed in relief now that she knew Cameron was fully in control. She was pleased that Cameron's little program she developed last night paid off for them with a surprise attack. She now rolled onto her back, hopped onto her feet, and hastily made her way to the rear of the building's ledge.

Cameron ripped the soldier's carbine free from his hands before he died. She then dropped him, lifted the carbine, and proceeded to send off countless rounds at the humans. She easily killed eight of them and counted seven soldiers left. But the hollow click from the gun told her it was empty so she pitched the M4 off to the side then headed for the closest soldier.

"Stop her!" Sam hollered at his men. He scrambled to the time machine.

Cameron's walk was slow but persistent, and she stopped in front of a soldier, who held is Glock 17 at her face. She tilted her head and watched his unsteady hand shake in fear. But she didn't wait for him to shoot. She instead grabbed the handgun, flipped him onto his back, and shot him in the chest. She turned to her right, aimed, and shot the next closest soldier. According to a mentally tally, she had five soldiers left to go.

Sarah Connor raced across the barren landing strip and slowed beside the hanger, which echoed with gunshots. She switched the carbine's firing trigger to one bullet rounds then she inched forward. She poked her head around the corner and spotted Cameron taking out another soldier. Sarah spotted a soldier coming up behind the terminator so she raised her carbine and shot him in the leg.

The terminator turned and made two wide steps then collected the injured soldier into her right hand. She hefted him by the neck but snapped it after a beat. She dropped him then glanced at Sarah.

Sarah reached to her waist, retrieved the handgun, and tossed it to the terminator.

Cameron caught it neatly then scanned the facility for any remaining soldiers. "It's clear." She still didn't have Sam, which reminded her eerily of last time.

Sarah carefully entered the hanger, but she had to step over dead bodies, which she attempted to ignore. She stood next to the terminator's side. "Where is he?"

"I'm not sure." The terminator switched her HUD to thermal imaging but only saw Sarah's heat.

Sarah slipped past the terminator and went to the time machine that looked similar to the one from the bank vault. She ran her hand across the blue display, which had a blue orb turning and today's current date. She then lowered her eyes to the targeted date that read 2028.

"He has this set for the year 2028," Sarah called to Cameron. Yet she noticed it was disabled currently.

"It must be shut off." Cameron made her way towards the human, but she paused and looked over to her right.

"How?" Sarah put the carbine into her left hand and held it vertically. She grazed her fingertips over the blank keypad and wondered what to do.

"Sarah!" Cameron yelled. She raised her handgun but was far too late.

Sarah's ears rang from a gunshot then the hot pain erupted in her right shoulder. She stumbled forward into the controls, and she accidentally hit the keypad with her right hand. Above her head, a distinct hum started then blue lights glowed brightly.

Cameron rang off shots at Sam, who was incredibly fast. She couldn't properly target him, and she was forced to stop when he attacked Sarah.

"I don't think so," Sam warned. He knocked the carbine from Sarah's hands then tossed it away from them.

Sarah gritted her teeth and threw a solid punch at his face, which he rolled with briefly. She ducked when he swung at her chest. She dropped to the floor, spun in a circle with her right leg out, and she barely knocked him to the floor. She realized that hitting his legs was like taking out two steel poles.

Sam growled and went for Sarah, but she was standing over him with a gun aimed at his head. He seethed at Sarah's smug look then managed to kick her off her feet. Sam straddled Sarah, slammed her gun from her hand, and punched her hard in the face. He lifted his head when the hot blue lightening bolts started overhead.

Sarah grew wide eye once she realized what it meant for her. "Cameron!" She then found Sam's fist almost to her face.

Sam landed his fist an inch from Sarah's face because a bullet tore through his right shoulder. He looked up just before a strong hand wrapped around his throat. He was lifted off the prone woman. "Noooo!" He cried just before the lightening formed a blue sphere around them, and they all disappeared from the hanger.

To be continued.