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Started: April 5, 2009

Ended: December 6, 2010

Series 1: The Cameron Connor Chronicles, Story #2

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What Are Terminators Made Of?

by Red Hope


John shoved a mouthful of pancakes past his lips in hopes it'd save him from the latest argument between his mother and his protector.

"For a computer that's a pretty damn dumb idea, Cameron," Sarah shot off. She shook her head and turned back to making a third pancake.

"I don't know," Derek piped up after several minutes of just listening to the pair argue. "The metal might have something." He looked over at his nephew. "You think you can do it?"

Sarah now spun around and locked her glare on her son. She glanced once at the terminator's stiff back. She gripped the counter top's edge tightly in hopes it'd stop her from coming up behind her lover. She wanted to massage the terminator's tense shoulders and not continue with the over inflated fight.

"Yeah if I have the right stuff." John poured more syrup on his pancakes.

Sarah's eyes cut back to her son. She sighed and argued, "That's if the new buyer even puts the Turk online."

"They will," Cameron disputed. She kept her arms on the table and stared at the empty space in front of her. "It's the only way to help it grow."

Derek stared darkly at the terminator near him. "It's a computer… not a human." He found hollow brown eyes lifting to him. "It doesn't grow." He narrowed his eyes. "It just spreads… like a disease."

Cameron stared back at the Resistance soldier then she slowly tilted her head. "That is what Skynet told us about humans."

Sarah kept her back to the group, but she gripped her spatula to the point she nearly snapped it. She could have shoved it up Derek's ass if he opened his mouth again. However, she made herself forcefully flip the pancake instead, but it looked nothing like Derek.

Derek leaned in closer to the terminator. "You're the sickness… especially when you infect humans with your act." He shook his head and whispered, "You don't grow. You can't change."

"Derek," John cut in. "Let it go." He was glad when his uncle sat back in his seat.

Sarah glanced at the spicy tobacco sauce on her windowsill and seriously considered loading it into the pancake. It took all her will power to be kind. She put the finished pancake on the nearby plate, picked up the plate, and walked over to the kitchen table. She nearly dropped the plate in front of Derek.

Derek slightly jumped but offered, "Thanks."

Sarah shrugged it off and walked away. She stole a quick glimpse at her lover, who continued playing the obtuse terminator. She resisted the urge to brush her hand over Cameron's arm as she went past. She instead grabbed her nearly empty coffee mug, refilled it, and started out of the kitchen.

"Aren't you eating, Mom?" John pushed his dirty plate away.

"I lost my appetite," Sarah curtly answered. She left the kitchen and decided she wanted to be alone on the porch's swing.

From the corner of her eye, Cameron had watched her friend leave the kitchen. She curled her fingers into a loose fist, but she remained in her seat.

"You ready to go back to school on Monday?" John prompted the terminator.

Cameron lifted her head and looked at young John Connor. "So I can do your homework too?" She stood up and started out of the kitchen.

"What's with you two?" John hollered at the retreating terminator. "You both were fine yesterday." He only received silence back, and he sighed.

Derek saw his nephew's confused look so he just shrugged. He had no clue.

Cameron Phillips walked through the house until she came out on the porch. Just as she suspected there was her lover seated on the swing. She entertained the idea of sitting down with her, but she knew it wasn't the right idea. She instead went to the steps and curious green eyes followed her movements. Cameron turned her head to Sarah.

Sarah lowered her mug from her lips and cupped it with both hands in her lap. She wanted to say something, anything to make this easier on them both. She hated their rock and hard place that they were trapped in by being back here in 2008. She wasn't sure their idea was a good one anymore. There had to be other options, but she couldn't find a better one. Sarah feared that as the days passed them that the foundation to their friendship may weather away under the harshness of reality.

Cameron sensed her human's inner turmoil. But they couldn't speak here because the walls may have ears. She looked out at the driveway off to her left. "We need to talk." She turned her attention back to Sarah. "I'll wait in the shed."

Sarah dipped her head in agreement and watched her friend walk off the porch. She continued sipping her coffee and struggled with her thoughts. She waited for a few minutes to pass before she made any move. It was hard but her mug's coffee helped her pass the time.

Finally finished with her coffee, Sarah set the mug down on the banister so it'd reminder her to grab it later. She glanced back through the window and saw nobody was in the living room. She hurried down the brick steps, across the stone driveway, and out to the shed. Sarah found the door ajar so she slipped in and shut the door completely. She furrowed her eyebrows once she realized Cameron had taken off her black crew cut form fitting sweater and only had on her grey camisole.

Cameron had her back to Sarah and was pulling something out from the toolbox.

"Cameron?" Sarah prompted. Her concern was evident on her face, and it grew when she saw the Glock, bullet magazine, and a bloody knife on the work table. "Cameron, what's going on?"

The terminator found the tool she needed, and she faced the work table. She set the needle nose pliers next to the open knife.

Sarah grew wide eye once she spotted the long slice down Cameron's arm. She imagined it had to be ten to twelve inches long. "Jesus," she muttered and carefully touched her lover's arm. "What the Hell is going on?"

Cameron didn't answer verbally and instead she turned to Sarah. She held out her right hand, which had a little blood. She opened her fisted hand and revealed what she held in her palm.

Sarah stiffened and her heart jumped into her throat once she saw the shiny, long chip. She couldn't ignore the tremble, and she fought to keep an edge from her voice. "Is that Vick's chip?"

"No," Cameron spoke, softly. She shifted the chip through her fingers until she held it by its end. "Future John gave it to me." She stared at it with complete interest. "It is a Triple Eight chip." She peered up at her lover. "A reprogrammed chip that he attached to my endoskeleton so it could travel back with me."

Sarah wasn't sure if anger or shock was more overwhelming. She couldn't get her thoughts straight to speak so Cameron filled the void.

Cameron reached over with her freehand and picked up the bloody knife from the table. "You must remove my chip and insert this one." She held out the serrated knife to her lover.

Sarah parted her lips, but she couldn't speak as her mind reeled at what was happening and all the possibilities as to why. She stared at the T-888 chip then slowly lifted her eyes to her lover's passive features. She realized it wasn't a joke, and she grabbed the work table for support. "Cameron…" She touched her forehead when she felt a little lightheaded.

The terminator stepped closer but flipped the blade around so the handle was pointed at Sarah. "It is the only way to protect John." She raised the handle higher. But the lost expression on Sarah's face made Cameron's inner resolve crumble. Her honey brown eyes softened, and she hoarsely whispered, "I'm sorry, Sarah."

The End