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The Lionheart

Eighty years ago, Centra, Hyne Temple

"HURRY!" a voice, in the middle of the chaos shouted. People were screaming everywhere, fire in every house, monster's attacking everyone in sight. Above this hell, the giant moon wasn't white anymore. It's was now red, with a blue circle in the middle.

The Lunar Cry.

The Centra Empire had his days counted. Or hours, was the right word. People were running, in their rich clothes, children's were trying to awaken their fallen parents, others were crying. In the Temple of Hyne, in the Great Hall, the Priest and Priestess, with their arms raised, were chanting.

"Win dain a lotica

En vai tu ri

Si lo ta…."

"The Childs?" Where are The Childs?" a woman, in her twenties asked, completely scared.

A group of six persons, three Priest and three Priestess, three dressed in simple white robes, the others in light blue, approached, leaded by an old Priest, dressed with a rich robe. One woman, with blond hair and green was pulling a two-year dark skinned boy with light brown hair and dark eyes in his hands, a man, with orange hair and blue eyes was holding hands with a also two-year blond-brown with chocolate eyes girl, while other man, whit black hair and blue eyes had a baby girl, with only a year, dark brown hair and silver eyes in his arms. The woman in her twenties gave them a faint smile, glad that they were ready. The dark-skinned boy turned to the woman who was leading, and asked what was happening, why did she woke him up.

"Later my dear, later." was her only reply.

The boy turned to the blond-brown girl, eyes widened in fear, while the girl turned to him and held closer to the man who was holding her hand.

"Is the portal ready?" the old Priest asked.

"Yes." The woman replied. "We are ready." And bowed to the old man.

"Follow me." He said, and all of them followed him.

In the middle of the Great Hall was a pedestal with four stones in each point of the square. The four stones, helped by the Priest and Priestess, were emitting a bright glow, that transformed in a blue void.

A portal.

The two men and the woman that were holding the three children's approached the void. Then, they stopped and turned to their superior. The old man gave each of them a bag, kissed every children in the forehead, giving them his blessing, and then descend the pedestal, joining the others.

"Take good care of them." The old man told them. "These child are precious to all of us. Protect them at your life cost. Give them a good and a happy childhood. Accomplish what Hyne asked us, until the promised day. Fahram."

"Fahram." They all chanted back.

Tears were surging in the boy, the girl, the woman and the old man. The shakes of the outside monster's reached the Temple and the chanting increased his volume. There was no time to waste, and knowing this, the two men and the woman turned and directed themselves to the portal, with the three children's still in their grasp. The old man continued to look, until slowly, the void started to weaken and the chants slowly extinguished. We closed his eyes, tears falling. This was the end, for him, and for the great Empire of Centra. But Hyne had told him concrete orders.

Send The Childs to a new world, Earth. They must grow up in safety. Hard times approach this place. Protect them, even at one's life cost. These Child have great doing in the future.

The old man tightened his grip. He wouldn't see that future. But know, the only thing he wanted, was for the children to be okay. And he knew they were. A hand touched his shoulder.

"Father?" the teenage Priestess asked "We should get going."

He sighed. "Indeed my dear. Let us go." He took one last glance to the moon, the monster's falling from it.


It must be a beautiful place. He thought. Then, he turned around and joined the other's to their last service to Hyne.

The floor and the ceiling crumbled few seconds after the door where the man had just entered closed. Screams and the chaos could be heard while the Lunar Cry hit the Centra continent. In one minute, everything would be over.

The Centra Empire disappeared.


She stared absently to the ceiling of the classroom, the book open in front of her, a pencil in her mouth, which she was them entertaining herself moving it up and down with her lips. The teacher's voice came from far away.

She was daydreaming. Again. The dream that had assaulted her for days was still fresh in her memory. The screams, that blue void, a warmness around, everything crumbling…..

"Don't you even dare it, jerk." The warning was directed to the boy seated in the desk next to her. He grinned.

"I didn't do anything." He said, still grinning like a fool.

"Yet." was her reply. She wasn't in the mood for him. In reality, she never was. "Go bug anyone else."

He was about to reply when a soft voice came from her left.

"Any problems sis?"

She turned to my partner, friend, and sister.

Dannyellla Blueriver. Seventeen years old, chocolate eyes, blond-brown hair.

They weren't real siblings, but just plain and simple best friends. The started when they realised they were too much alike. Same height, same hairstyle, same looks. Apart from the hair and eye colour. They seemed like day and night, complete opposite of each other. Thet were together since God-know-when.

Katrin smiled, no light reaching her silver eyes.

"Nah" she told the other girl "Everything under control."

They were interrupted by the teacher asking the boy about the American revolution.

"Busted", Katrin snickered, going back to the analysis of the ceiling.

The only conclusion she had reached was that it was damn dirty.


Dan was pleading, even begging Katrin, for not to go in the same bus as he was going. As usual, she paid no attention to her. They were late, and the only bus that the two girls had was the same that he was catching.

The him in question was Dannyella's little crush, Elton Freelife, a teenager of seventeen years old, dark-skinned and brown haired young man, who was currently seating in front of the girls when they entered the bus.

Katrin had done it on purpose. The delay was no misfortune and she was hoping that her friend would get the hint.

Come one, take the chance.

Katrin was trying very hard to not laugh at the nervousness of Dannyella and at the same time trying to enjoy the journey when the bus had suddenly come to a halt. Apparently, there was an accident right ahead.

"Bummer..." she muttered, relaxing against the chair. "Let's hope it doesn't take long."

That was when everything went weird. And wrong.

Sudden pain struck her in the stomach, like someone had punched her and her vision blurred, dark spots all around. On her left, Dan had curved, her hand reaching for her belly, her face showing pure agony. In front of girls, Elton had the same symptoms. Suddenly he fainted, his head hitting hard the glass. On her left, Dan had already passed out.

She couldn't say anything as darkness overcame her and she fainted.


She could hear a faint sound, like a wave, but she attributed it to her imagination. Trying to move, she realised her body wasn't responding. In a sudden panic, Katrin opened her eyes.

A blue sky greeted her, making her squirm her eyes. Slowly, she could feel her body again. Trying to move her hands and legs, she stood up. Her whole body seemed like it weighted a few tons.

Have I gotten that fat?!

With a moan leaving her lips, she managed to finally get on her feet. The scene that greeted her made her widen her eyes.

There was a blue-ish sea right in front of her!

Blinking, she looked around. Close to her, seating on a rock, was a man. Dark haired with blue eyes that watched her calmly. He was dressed in a simple white shirt and blue jeans. Katrin wasn't really sure what to do, but the man at least wasn't giving her weird vibes. Before she could say again, the man smiled.

"Awake are we?" his voice was low, soft and gentle, like a breeze.

No you duh. It's just your fricking imagination.

"Language Katrin."

Katrin stopped her slow movements. How on earth...It almost seemed like she had read her mind! R had she said that out loud?

"No, you thought it nice and clear."

"Wow… what on earth man?! Are you like… a telepath or something?" He chuckled then, shaking his head. "Well you could be. I believe anything now!"

"...What about other worlds? Do you believe in them?"

"What? As in, life after death and stuff? Well, I'm not religious, so I…." he was laughing. Again. Katrin raised an eyebrow. The guy was weird.

"No, I don't mean that type of world. I mean parallel worlds." He looked at her. "Do you?"

Katrin looked at him in disbelief. A parallel world huh? Now that would be interesting. In her mind popped Narnia, and the Golden Compass, and…. And the dam man was laughing again! He was sure reaching the first place in her top ten of the weirdest things.

"Rinauld Cost. Ring a bell?" he said, calmly.

"….Should it?"

He sighed, the smile never leaving his lips

"Come on Kat, you spent a few of your life there. At least in the world where it belongs to…." seeing that the girl wasn't getting it, he tried another approach "It's in one of your favourites games. Give it a try."

Was he mocking her? He surely had to… One of her favourites games…

Then it hit her.

"Final Fantasy VIII…. What does that have to do with anything-"

The man rose to his feet, and his arms wide open.

"It's where we are."

It took her seconds to assimilate that information.


She looked around. Sure thing, she could only see sea, and sand, and in the far, far away, a forest. Sure, they weren't in her city any-more, but that didn't mean they had landed in God-knew-where. She looked back to the man that was still looking at mher, and with his dam faint smile.

"Ok, spill it up." she crossed her arms, her stance defensive. He raised an eyebrow. "Where's the camera?"

"What camera?" he asked, now confused.

"This gotta be a TV Show. You know the ones that usually prank us, and shit." she said, now looking around. He shook his head and smiled.

"This isn't a prank, Katrin. This is reality." Again his arms opened, gesturing for their surroundings. She looked at him for a second.

"You are kidding right?" Katrin asked. He chuckled, approached, and grabbed the girls hand. For the first time in her life, Katrin didn't pull away. Somehow, it seemed like she knew him for ages. He tugged a little.

"Come on." He said in a cheerful tone. Katrin, bewildered as she was, just followed.

She had the perfect notion that her mouth was opened, eyes widened, and that she just stood there stunned by that vision. On her left, the man from before was looking at Katrin, smiling, and still holding the girls hand. It had taken almost three hours through green grass to reach where they were. And seeing the enormous building she was seeing, Katrin had only one desire.

To pinch herself. To hit my head in wall. To do something that could tell her she wasn't dreaming and that what she was seeing was real.

Balamb Garden stood magnificent in front of the young girl.


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Next in "The Lionheart": Katrin reaches Balamb and meets up with the main characters living in there…..