Monica stirred a small saucepan of marinara sauce, happily preparing a meal for one of her customers. Head chef was a powerful and pleasing position- she reveled in it. Lowering the heat on the stove a bit, she left the sauce to simmer and turned to prepare a salad. Many of her chefs were sick today, and she had to do a lot of more work than usual. Just as she began to chop the lettuce a waitress approached her. "Ms. Geller, there's a gentleman who says he found something in his food…that wasn't food…" she trailed off, shrugging and exiting the kitchen.

"Shoot," muttered Monica, wiping her hands and watching as the door swung open to reveal the unhappy consumer. "Chandler!" she cried, surprised and embarrassed. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at work!"

"It's my lunch break," he laughed. Something was different with him, but Monica couldn't tell what. It seemed as if he was trying to hide something. They stood in silence for a moment, watching each other.

"So, um," Monica began nervously, "You found something in your food?" She chewed her lip, worrying that she had mistakenly cooked an earring into her boyfriend's lunch. Trying to be surreptitious, she grasped at her earlobes- both still bore the small silver hoops she had put on that morning.

"Monica, don't blame yourself or anything, please, you didn't do anything wrong." He seemed nervous. She watched as he took a deep breath and wondered if she should do the same. "You're a great cook, a great person, and I am so lucky to be with you." He smiled and reached into his pocket. "This is what I found in my food." He pulled out small, blue, velvet box and sunk onto one knee. "Monica Geller, will you marry me?"

She shrieked, covering her mouth with her hand and staring at the beautiful, glittering engagement ring in his hand. "Yes!" she cried, tears streaming down her face. "Yes, Chandler, yes, I'll marry you. I love you." He stood and slipped the ring onto her finger.

"I love you, too." They kissed then, and didn't break it until Monica heard the sauce bubbling over. She laughed and backed away from her new fiancé to turn off the stove. With her back to him, she wiped the tears off her face. It was certain that marinara sauce was now her favorite food.