Chapter 13

"It's not snake all that slithers"

Epilogue -

As Castiel watched Dean rake leaves across the moist green grass and gather them in a colorful heap under the tree in the garden, he felt something soft and invisible press against his lips. For a moment it lingered, before fading into words that followed the breeze around him. Wake up, Snow white.

His blue eyes narrowed and creases appeared over his brow.

Crowley appeared behind him and the snarky voice almost infuriated the angel. The deal was tempting. He needed help.

Looking back at Dean he remembered the fleeting sensation on his lips. He wasn't infallible and he couldn't do this without help, but the hunter deserved a normal life after all the sacrifices he had made.

Wake up

There it was again. Castiel blinked as he realized he couldn't do it. He couldn't make a deal with this demon after everything he had learned. He couldn't do this alone, but if he asked Dean for help, he knew he would receive it. Taking a closer look he saw it in the green eyes that the man wasn't happy. After everything they had gone through together, he knew that Dean would drop anything to help him. The war in heaven wouldn't just affect the angels. It could destroy everything. Maybe if he told him he'd try to get his brother back, they could do this together.

He turned to the calculating King of Hell.


Crowley threw his hands.

"Castiel ..."

"I said no. If you ever go near this house again, I will smite you."

There was a blink as Crowley disappeared with a frustrated scowl.

Castiel shifted and turned back to see Dean slamming the lid back on the overfilled garbage bin. The former hunter brushed dirt roughly off his jeans, but stopped when he noticed the angel walking towards him.



From the other side of the street, a very solid-looking Lucifer watched them talk. As a yellow truck came down the street and cruised past him, the man changed to reveal a smiling Chuck. After a few moments he turned around and strolled away, whistling a joyful tune as he looked up into the blue skies.