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"Yes?" Sasuke was passing by the door of his four year daughter's room, when she called out to him; making him halt on his previous mission.

"Why I the only girl!"

"E-Excuse me?" Sasuke didn't quite understand what she was saying, and he was trying to depict what she asked by the time he reached her bed.

"Dere is Setoru, Shiori, and me... why I the only girl? Michie-chan has a little sister, why I the only girl?"

"Um..." Sasuke couldn't believe his little girl was asking this sort of question at such a young age. He didn't feel comfortable talking of such things, so he did what any father did in this situation... avoided the question. "Why don't we go get ice cream?"

"You don't like ice cream daddy."

"Yes, but you do."

"No! Answer my question, why no little sister?"

"If you did have a little sister, then you wouldn't be the baby any longer... could you live with that?"

"It unfair! To many boys in the family... need more girls!" Setsumi threw her arms in a tantrum fit. And Sasuke seeing the signs of another break down coming on, and not really wanting to see her cry right now; he tried to comfort her.

"You do realize momma is a girl right?"

"Little sister!"

'Why did she have to have Sakura's emotional out bursts?' And it just so happens that the mother of the crying toddler was out of the house right now, having a spa day with Hinata. Normally she was able to say the right things to calm her daughter down in no time. "It is not as easy to have a little sister Setsumi."

"Shiori said it was," having cried now for a couple minutes, tired the child out.

"What did he say?" Sasuke could wait to hear what his second son filled her mind with this time. She was at that impressionable age where everything anyone said she would believe.

"Shiori said that aunt Tenten gots Michie-chan and Kino-chan at the baby store."

"The... baby... store?" Now this one was something he just couldn't believe, one person being a witness to at least one of his children's births... he knew that wasn't true.

"Yup, so can you and momma go and get me a sister?"

Not wishing to upset her again and causing tears, he simply nodded, "I will talk to your momma, when she returns later, eh?"


"Now... time for a nap," he stood from her bed and helped her in, tucking her under the sheets.

"Night daddy!"

"Night Setsumi."

Once he left her room, and continued down the hall to the master bedroom to retrieve what he had come up here for; he was quite surprised to see his wife had returned early. "Sakura?"

"I heard what your daughter was asking for... a little sister huh?"

"She thinks we can go to the store and buy one, like her aunt did." Sasuke smirked, hearing the playfulness laced into her voice.

"Well I don't know about the store part... but I'm quite sure we can work on it before your next mission."

'Got to love those little talks.'

Note: Okay this one turned out way different then I first thought it would, but that's okay. And by the way, Michie and Kino are the daughters of Tenten and Neji(if you didn't figure that out). I finally got a name for their first daughter! yay.

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