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This was the largest book store ever! We could be here forever but I knew that we still needed to go to a guitar shop and be gone by noon. So I started to look around and Jasper went his own way to look at books too.

I found a few novels by Jane Austin and other stories about people who were forced together but found out they were soul mates. Isn't that romantic? Then I turned now this one isle and I knew that I needed to find Jasper, he would love this.

I was thinking about going to find him and then I remembered that he is a vampire and it would be easier to just call his name. "Jasper," within the next few minutes I saw him walking towards me, he still hadn't seen what I found. "Look at this." I pointed to the section.

In this corner of the book store, the entire section was in honor to the Confederate Army. The poster before the section read 'Many people believed the Confederates were horrible people but in reality they had some of the best minds and were only trying to defend their rights. This is to honor all those who've fallen during that war.' There were millions of books and Jasper immediately went through them and soon I was too.

I looked at this really big red book titled 'Confederate Majors' and flipped it to the back and there I found what I was looking for; 'Jasper Whitlock,' I showed it to Jasper and he smiled but he knew that it wasn't smart for his picture to be there so he ripped it out and I kept it. I bought several books here, of course using that stupid plastic thing that Jasper forced me to use. But, when I saw the name on the receipt I grew in anger and immediately felt calm waves. When we got in the car I took action; "Stop trying to calm me down, I want to be angry at him. He couldn't by me gifts so he resorted into making me buy things with his money. Stupid money loving vampires." He chuckled and we were off.

We were driving a long and I just couldn't stop feeling angry and Jasper just keep laughing at me until his phone buzzed and he looked at it and had to pull over he was laughing so hard. I just glared at him and mixed my emotions until he finally stopped and narrowed his eyes at me but they still help humor. "Stop it, Edward had just sent me a text that sent me off laughing, here." Then he went off laughing while I read his phone.

Bella, I can explain. You won't accept any gifts from me so I thought you can just use my card when you want something and it can be a replacement of the no gifts thing. It's driving me insane!! Tell Jasper I said to stop laughing and see you soon love.

Don't be mad at me! E!

Okay, it was funny enough to calm my angry, and Jasper noticed that too, "You have to admit, he is trying very hard to get you to accept our money. Sooner or later you will have to accept our money as yours and start spending it. Now, I'm not saying you have to go as far as Alice does, but you have to actually use it or have Edward use it for you. Not trying to convince you or anything, but Edward would be much happier with the later." He smiled at me and I finally gave in, how could you not with 7 vampires breathing down your neck begging you to use their money!

"Fine, there are you happy! I'll use the damn card when I buy something and I'll let Edward buy me things as long as it's no more than $100 per gift. Is that better?" I said annoyingly, I mean seriously they weren't going to give up! While I was saying that, his phone vibrated in my hands and I checked it before he did.

Thank you love, tell Jasper he'll have a new phone when he gets back


I knew exactly why Jasper will be getting a new phone when we get home. "Jasper, can you please roll down the window for a second?" He was confused at first but he did what I asked and the moment it was down I chucked the phone out the window as hard as I could and I watch it shatter since we were sitting in a parking lot. I got quite a few stares from people passing us but I just smiled at Jasper who was shocked.

"Why did…What did he…how could you…MY PHONE!" I guess he really liked his phone, oh well it deserved it. (In case you didn't know the end of those phrases; Why did you just throw my phone out the window; What did he say to make you so mad; How could you just toss my phone like that; and MY PHONE!)

"Don't worry, you'll get a new one, Alice has seen that." I felt calmness hit my anger, but only a little bit. I guess it was his way of asking and I knew I needed it so I closed my eyes and took a deep breath telling him to get me with your best shot and then it hit me like a huge wave in an ocean.

"Better?" I nodded and started laughing and pretty soon he did too. After our laughing spell he stepped out and I didn't understand what he was doing until I looked at the building in front of us. I swear guitars had to be invented here or something, I've heard of guitar stores but this was guitar world! I was reaching for the door handle when it was pulled out in front of me and I saw Jasper holding my door for me. "Edward isn't the only gentleman in the family you know." I just rolled my eyes and got out as he closed the door and we made our way into the store. (Okay, I have no clue about guitars are what anything is called; sorry but if someone wants to write a paragraph skit that's funny with Bella and Jasper in the review box I'll put it in here and give you credit for it! Thanks)

So after about 2 hours I had all the beginning lesson books and even a few blank ones; Jasper said they were for songs that I wanted to write. We also got a new guitar; he got one that looks like his so we could practice together with the same strings and all that. He convinced that I need several expensive picks because they matter a lot and the more they were the better were. While he was paying for everything I went ahead outside and started walking slowly back towards the car.

I heard this wolf whistle (He he…wolf. No it's not Jacob!) I saw a few drunken guys walking behind me. It was creepy and I had to keep reminding myself that Jasper would be out here any second and that I would be safe. But, I didn't want a vampire to keep saving me; I wanted to prove that I could take care of myself. So I turned around to face those two, three, four! Well…okay then…I turned around to face those four drunken men. "Would you stop following weirdoes?" Maybe I shouldn't have yelled. Two of them grabbed me from either side and the third went behind me while I guess the boss started creeping toward me.

"Oh come on, we ain't going to hurt ya. We just wanted to give you a swell time with some real men, sweetie. Now, it sure is a hot day, why don't you take off that thick shirt. We won't let anybody see." I gulped, I was in deeeep dodo.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll leave her alone and go back to where your pathetic souls came from before I do it for you." They all turned to glare at Jasper while I breathed a sigh of relief; four humans against a vampire, they don't stand a chance; but of course they don't know that. They let go of me to try and gain up on him, they should have listened, never challenge a vampire when you're breakable. Jasper took a step towards them and growled and when I looked into his face, the phrase if looks could kill came to mind. They apparently saw it too.

"Hey man, she's all yours. Let's go get some other bimbo." Then they ran off, I'm so glad I know vampires. Jasper ran to me and put me on his back then retrieved our belongings and started to return to the car.

"Um Jasper, I can walk you know." I think he's going to become overprotective.

"I know, but I need to protect you and you're standing next to me until we're home." He put me in the passenger seat and got into the driver seat and we were headed off to the air port. Once there he took my hand to make sure he was near me while he got one of those carrier things for our stuff. Once it was boarded we went through security and waited for our plane and he near let go of my hand.

"Jasper, I can take care of myself." I tried to tug on my hand but he wouldn't let go.

"Stop struggling, I'm not going to lose you again." His eyes grew wide with admittances, I guess he hadn't plan on saying the truth so quickly. What did me mean he didn't want to lose me again?

"Jasper, I'm not going anywhere; you won't lose…" He sighed and cut me off while dropping my hand on putting his head in his hands.

"I know Bella; it's just that when we left you. My family broke apart and was crushed. Not even Emmett smiled when we were away. Then Alice leaves and then I hear that you went to Italy afterwards and I thought we had lost all three of you for good. I don't want to lose Alice or Edward or you. I have to keep you safe; you're the glue to keep the puzzle pieces of our family together. I cannot and will not lose you. I'm sorry, I know I'm being a jerk, but…I just can't take that risk. Please understand." I smiled, you would too if you were being told how much someone loves you. I just placed my hand back in his and laid back to wait for the plane. He smiled at me, "Thank you." (This will not be the only time he gets this way and don't worry it's not one of those story were they fall in love, I hate those! ExB belong together and AxJ are perfect for each other don't yea think?)

They announced that our plane was boarding and we sat down in first class of course with me in the aisle seat. But a waiter came past us and tried to flirt and touch me but Jasper just growled and sent him running off. I just starting laughing at him, my life was insane, "What's so funny Bella?" He really didn't know did he?

"I have an insane life, a pack of werewolves as friends and 7 vampires willing to protect me. With that, one of them is my way overprotect boyfriend and now I just gain an overprotective brother too." I started giggled and he joined. When we were up in the air they gave everyone a free bag of pretzels and a small can of coke. Jasper just frowned out his, "What's wrong, not hungry are you." I downed mine but it didn't fill me up and my stomach growled at me sending Jasper in a laughing fit.

"No, but according to your stomach you are." I pouted at him, so what I'm still human I can get emotional. That's when I remembered what he can do. I suddenly forced myself to be really happy, then after 10 seconds I became angry. Then I became depressed, then greedy, then evil, then happy again and then "Alright, stop! What do you want?" I stole his snack and drink and put my trash on his side, "You really thought I was going to eat those?" I shrugged, I could make him eat these if I wanted to but I wanted them.

After I was finished the same waiter from before stop next to me to take my trash and as he leaned over to get Jaspers his arm brushed me causing Jasper to get angry and growl again. When the waiter scurried off Jasper stood up and placed me in the window seat and sat were I was. Of course, I just giggled and whispered, 'overprotective' he glared at me.

"Shut up," Then I felt waves of sleep come over me and I knew where they were coming from I glared at Jasper and judging by his smirk he knew that I knew what he was doing.

"This…means…war." I said between yawns and fell asleep for the rest of the trip.

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